‘Tis the Season – 2014 Yule TarotBlogHop

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5-Card Yuletide Spread

In the Yule BlogHop we were asked to do a 5-card spread for the following questions:

1) What gift would you give the world if you could?  The Lovers

The Gypsy Palace Tarot by  Nøra Huszka

The Gypsy Palace Tarot by Nøra Huszka

Love remains the greatest power of all. With loving comes forgiveness and acceptance of one another’s differences. If our world leaders could operate from love and acceptance rather than greed and blood-thirst this would be a much better world to live in.

2) What gift would you want from the world?  Page of Pentacles

The Gypsy Palace Tarot by  Nøra Huszka

The Gypsy Palace Tarot by Nøra Huszka

The Page of Pentacles represents the student to me. This is very fitting as I see myself as a perpetual student learning from the world at all times.

3) What gift have you gotten that has brought you joy? 2 of Cups

The Gypsy Palace Tarot by  Nøra Huszka

The Gypsy Palace Tarot by Nøra Huszka

For me the Two of Cups speaks of equality and mutual respect. I have finally honoured my inner artist, the intuitively creative me that is well represented by the Cups suit, by enrolling at Art School at the mature age of 51. I’ve loved art since I was a little girl, and I’ve wanted to ‘do’ good art since just about forever. It is never too late to honour oneself and to treat ourselves as deserving equals. With Art I can express myself.

4) What gift have you given that has brought you joy? Queen of Swords

The Gypsy Palace Tarot by  Nøra Huszka

The Gypsy Palace Tarot by Nøra Huszka

The written and spoken word. I’ve been fortunate that I had a very busy tarot practice until quite recently. It brought me great joy to witness the healing and peace that my readings often brought others. I’ve also just completed my first contracted book for publication by Schiffer Publishers, a how-to manual for my LeNewbie Lenormand deck. Hopefully my written words in this publication will be a gift for those who are new to the oracle.

5) What is the last thing that you would like to share about this season?  Knight of Pentacles

The Gypsy Palace Tarot by  Nøra Huszka

The Gypsy Palace Tarot by Nøra Huszka

For me, this card is all about responsibility and planning ahead. I guess I’d say that good planning and foresight will assist each of us to meet our responsibilities toward ourselves and others; not only over the season, but into 2015 too.

Happy holidays to us & ours, including all our fur (and feathered) babies.

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  1. María Luisa says:

    Great blog, it is awesome to have the power of the Queen of Swords.

  2. Congratulations on going back “to school” and studying what it is you wish to! As you say, it’s NEVER too late, so enjoy the journey of 2015 and all that you may learn! Liking the deck you’ve chosen too 🙂

  3. I love your story of going back to school at the age of 51. I know many people who say things like…”it’s too late…” or “I’m too old” or “I missed my chance.” It’s inspiring to see how you reclaimed your passions!

  4. chloetarot says:

    I love that you have followed your artistic dreams. You were already a creative artist, now you’ll have even more ways to express that! And congratulations on the LeNewbie – lovely news 🙂

  5. Oh I love that deck! Such great things to look forward to with your book and also with Art School

  6. alisoncross says:

    Congratulations on enrolling for art school!!!! That’s so brilliant!

  7. It’s interesting how often court cards are coming up in these readings. It seems like people are really taking the positive aspects of the elements and personality types to draw out the gifts that individuality can lend to the world. Beautiful reading!

  8. fionamorris1234 says:

    Wish you all the best with your book publication! Lovely cards 🙂

  9. I love that you are working on a book!

  10. Really enjoyed your post and how you express that it’s never too late 🙂

  11. I am so impressed with your commitment to art school. It just goes to show how much more fulfilling life can be when you put courage, effort and determination behind that passion. I identify with this:)

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