JbR’s Lenormand Journal: Combinations (Rider + 1)

1 rider

Card #1 RIDER. Deck: Zingdoodle Lenormand © Rootweaver 2013
Available on http://www.rootweaver.com

To read Lenormand we need to know how to string keywords together to form a sentence or a combined meaning. We already know that Rider means: Messenger, News, Visitor, Speed; but Lenormand is best read in combinations. Here’s a list of what happens when we start adding cards to the Rider with the intention of making a sentence/combined meaning to describe what the two cards together are telling us. I welcome your interpretations in the comments! The best combos left by readers will be added to these (to make a kick-ass list!)

Sidenote: Rider is the ‘main’ card in these examples, therefore the other added cards will modify the Rider (rather than the other way around.) That is to say, the focus will be on the Rider card which will be influenced by the card used in combination with it.

Combinations: Rider + 1

Rider + Clover = Good news / Quick visit
Rider + Ship = International visitor
Rider + House = Visiting relative
Rider + Tree = News of health (i.e: lab results)
Rider + Clouds = Bad news
Rider + Snake = Hurtful message
Rider + Coffin = Restricted news (censored mail)
Rider + Bouquet = A gift in the mail
Rider + Scythe = Abrupt message
Rider + Whip = Spam (repeated mail)
Rider + Birds = Phone message
Rider + Child = Trustworthy news
Rider + Fox = News of employment
Rider + Bear = Message from the boss
Rider + Stars = Email
Rider + Stork = News of a pregnancy
Rider + Dog = A visit from a friend
Rider + Tower = Official news report
Rider +Garden = Social media / public message board
Rider + Mountain = Intercepted (blocked) mail
Rider + Crossroad = Dual message
Rider + Mice = Lost message
Rider + Heart = Visit from a lover
Rider + Ring = Wedding invitation
Rider + Book = Amazon.com (mail order books)
Rider + Letter = Mail delivery
Rider + Man = Male visitor
Rider + Woman = Female visitor
Rider + Lily = A visit from grandfather
Rider + Sun = Wikileaks (exposé)
Rider + Moon = News about a famous person
Rider + Key = Password (access)
Rider + Fish = Financial Mail
Rider + Anchor = Reliable (stable) news
Rider + Cross = Sad message

As you can see, these are only a few of many possible combinations. I look forward to seeing the combinations that you come up with; remember to post them in a comment so that we can all learn from and with one another.


  1. thank you very much 🙂 Priscilla

  2. This is so very helpful! Thank you! Priscilla

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