The Red Fox and Deer Lady....

What else can I say, folks, but that the Divine has surely got our back!!!  Free-Falling-4f6b73a73fafb

We put in three components into all of our engagements… thought, feeling and action. The ratios vary, with our individual and unique nature, background, context… the permutations, as you can see, are numerous. However, at any given moment, each one of us has at least one particular complete alignment, which puts in our hands the manifestation of our efforts.

This week, then, is about digging out that ratio for our own selves! Cheers!

This week will not feel good to you, be warned. However much I may natter on that there is immense good happening in the background, unless you see it upfront and staring in your face, you are mostly determined to feel uneasy. You need not, of course, but that is another matter. You see, you are going to look at…

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