Lenormand de Marseilles is here at last

Art and Workings by Edmund Zebrowski

The history of the deck: (If you know this feel free to skip this and go to the edition info.)

In tarot the traditional style deck is the Marseilles tarot in Lenormand the most go to deck that most Traditional Readers would say to reach for is the famous Blue Owl. It is these two icons of the divination world are that I hope to have brought together. Combining these two was a process unlike anything I had done before. The Blue Owl is a deck that has a life all it’s own in a reading. From ways the clouds blow to the direction of faces the deck is what is used in many of the traditional English courses out there today.  It is that tradition that I wanted this deck made in, so following the Blue Own was my guide.  If in the the Rider card of the Blue…

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