30 Day Lenormand Challenge – Day 14

Vintage Lenormand by RootweaverCard #2 - Clover

Vintage Lenormand by Rootweaver
Card #2 – Clover

Today’s question is:

How much emphasis do you put to the text-book meanings/ explanations/ combinations? How much emphasis do you put to your own intuition?

With tarot I hardly ever consult the ‘text book meaning.’ I work only with what I know and with what comes to (through?) me. However, with Lenormand it is a completely different story. Here I work entirely with keywords and meanings already ascribed to the cards. The Lenormand system lends itself to this, at least in the beginning. I imagine when I become a seasoned reader of Lenormand I’ll start incorporating personal meanings to the cards too though.

At first it is necessary to learn the ‘language’ of Lenormand by adhering to the ascribed keywords and interpretations. Once the language is mastered I would be comfortable to incorporate more of an intuitive approach into my readings.

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