30 Day Lenormand Challenge – Day 5

Vintage Lenormand, by RootweaverCard 26 - Book

Vintage Lenormand, by Rootweaver
Card 26 – Book

Today’s question is:

How long have you been reading the Lenormand?

I was introduced to Lenormand by Tali Goodwin of Tarot Professionals, about a year ago. Until then I was blissfully unaware of this fascinating salon-style system of fortune-telling. From day one I was smitten with Lenormand, it was SO different to tarot, and so fascinatingly direct!

Like a junkie I had to have more, and whilst it appears to be very simple to learn, unlike the multi-layered system of tarot, it soon became apparent that it would take time to learn to use the Lenormand well enough to offer as an additional service in my coffee/tarot-reading shop.

I have enrolled in Tali Goodwin’s ‘Learning Lenormand’ course, a 10-week course that commences tomorrow (Sunday 27th.) By the time I have completed her course I hope to be a more confident reader of Lenormand.

With learning to read Lenormand, like learning to make a good latte, practice makes perfect!

See ya tomorrow for day 6 of the 30 Day Lenormand Challenge.


  1. Rootweaver says:

    Having just completed lesson one of Tali Goodwin & Marcus Katz’s course ‘Learning Lenormand’ I am SO impressed with it! I can highly recommend this course to anyone who would like to learn Lenormand, it is mind-blowing! Scroll down for details: http://www.tarotprofessionals.com/courses.html

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