Tarot Symbolism: Knight of Swords – a surprising discovery

I made a revealing discovery on the Knight of Swords card yesterday, using the Universal Waite deck. A card that has ‘disturbed’ me for the longest time because something felt ‘off.’ In contrast to the other 3 knights he has always seemed less controlled somehow, as if he could easily fly off the handle. Thus the feeling that he sometimes rushes in where angels fear to tread.

The Knight of Swords has often come up in my readings when there is a volatile relationship under discussion. He has represented the abusive husband, the hot-tempered young man, and the person who leaps in before he thinks.

The discovery I made opened my eyes to the reason the Knight of Swords is often so angry and out of control of his emotions. On his horse’s bridle is a small, but clear, perfectly shaped red heart! Informing me that this Knight is led by his emotions rather than reason. It explains why he is so quick to anger and seemingly not in control of his reactions. He allows his emotions to lead him, instead of following reason. His emotional immaturity often causes him to overreact which is not really what I would have expected from a Knight in the realm of Reason (Swords.)

I feel that I understand this Knight a little better than I had before, I  feel less judgmental and  more compassionate towards him  since  making this discovery.


  1. Hi there!

    I actually got my own tarot deck however im not a tarot reader. However when i have a question I’d pull card so i can search online for the meanings.

    I have asked specially will my ex-bf contact me this month, july, hoping for a yes/no ans, and i got a knight of wands.

    A professional tarot reader have pulled a card for me for the same Q and i got knight of swords.

    I realised both are Knight cards and I checked online they are rather similar.

    Would u give your thought on whether the 2 cards above mean yes or what are the deeper meanings in it?

    Thank you 🙂

  2. Wonderful! 🙂 Just put a whole lot of things together for me!
    Thank you, Rootweaver!
    I always thought that this young man here was being a tad too hasty to go off to his left-brain! Yeah!

    • Rootweaver says:

      It’s amazing, isn’t it? Just focussing on one small detail in the card can open up a whole new layer of meaning and/or confirm what we already sensed about a card… I love tarot! LOL!

      Thanks for your kind comment 🙂 I am just loving this collective approach that we have on the blog ❤

  3. Our dear Knight of Swords is definitely “reactionary”. ‘His’ attention span is immediate; ‘he’ is in no position for “far sight”. (That is ‘his bride’.) Do not expect “much” from ‘him’. “he’ is great with “survival conditions”, and left to ‘his’ own devices, will see “the flower” for itself, without any fancy imaginations of “beautiful” or “ugly”.

  4. Cheryl Turtlemoon says:

    Brilliant!!!!! thanks for this, its really helpful!!!!!

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