The “Secret Path” technique

This technique works with associations and can add a completely new dimension to your readings. The secret path is the path that connects two or more cards to one another in any reading, and works well when more information is required than what seems to be immediately available.

To do this you should choose a card from your deck, any card will do. Find a specific feature in your chosen card, this could be an obvious feature, or something more obscure.  Then search through the rest of your deck for cards with the same or similar features; it could be that you are picking up on a similar emotional response or intuitive response, or perhaps it is a symbol, or a facial expression; in fact it could be anything that shares a connection with the original card. This second card will offer additional and clarifying messages to your reading.

In The Amberstone’s book ‘Tarot Tips,’ they further expand on this technique by suggesting that there are several secret paths to explore in this technique. One is the Visual Secret Path in which you closely examine the details of your chosen card. What grabs your attention? It might be a colour, a piece of clothing etc  [Read more…]

Close Examination: Ace of Swords

When my tarot teacher instructed me to do a ‘close examination’ of the Ace of Swords and to write an insanely long chapter on my findings, I was stumped! No interpretations were allowed at this point, only a recording of exactly what I saw. What could I possibly find in the card that could fill up all those pages I wondered?

He’s been teaching this course for many years, so when he told (a disbelieving) me to look, I looked, and this is what I found:  [Read more…]

The “Voice in the Card” technique

by Trish McKinneyYou would be in good company if you thought the many different interpretations of tarot seem to contradict one another. As a new reader the sheer volume of tarot interpretations can seem overwhelming and confusing at best, intimidating and off-putting at worst.  I am here to tell you today that tarot is so multi-layered that each of those interpretations are valid, but that you need not feel bound by any. Well, not for this exercise…

There are so many different ways to approach and read tarot, but today I’d like to discuss a profoundly simple technique that enables anyone to read tarot, even those amongst us who have never read before! The “Voice in the Card” is a tarot reading technique taught by the Amberstones from The Tarot School in New York. It is a one-card reading technique that can be performed by anyone who is able to see the imagery of the card.

The trick is to totally disregard anything and everything you have ever learnt about the interpretation of that card, not because those interpretations are invalid, but because they are irrelevant in this particular approach.  [Read more…]