R.I.P Nelson Mandela (1918-2013)

Something I wrote in 1998 for Nelson Mandela. Hamba kahle, Tata Madiba.

Nelson Mandela, artist rendition. Source: http://guardianlv.com

Nelson Mandela, artist rendition. Source: http://guardianlv.com

In the Land of his birth and destiny
an ordinary man was fighting to be free
from segregation
of the black nation, for humanity.
He was the symbol of justice in white courts
the paradigm of freedom for this he had fought
he would not bend
until the end, was what he taught.

The strength of this cause would see him through
the aspirations of his people was enough, he knew,
to fill his soul
while in the gaol. The time was due.
The father of the nation when at last released,
his people adored him, their self-esteem increased
and he was proud
to hear the crowd sing out aloud.

Here my children is the land of our birth
which was gone for too long,
yet, with courage, faith and song
we have won.
Thus with pride and dignity and worth
we can honour this land
for together we must stand,
no longer banned,
sing with pride and merriment and mirth.

Hate not your enemies, is what he told to all,
for they too were prisoners inside their very soul
and now are free,
like you and me, our common goal.
We’ll cultivate a nation of which we can be proud
the voices of our people will all sing out aloud
and start anew
this is our cue, this is the hour.

Our valleys will echo the voices of all man
our dreams will be carried on the wind across the sand,
for we are free
with dignity, in this our land.
African children, people of all tribes,
we have taken back our country and taken back our lives
so with respect
we shall protect, grow and thrive.

Here my children is the land of our birth
which was gone for too long
yet with courage, faith and song
we have won.
Thus with pride and dignity and worth
we can honour this land
for together we must stand
no longer banned.
Sing with pride and merriment and mirth.

We’ll educate our children, off the land they’ll feed,
we’ll honour our country and never let it bleed,
for it is here
in Africa that we are freed.

Rootweaver © 1998-2013


NEW Rootweaver Lenormand deck

andi profile 5

JbR, a bird of the feathered kind

Rootweaver (JbR,) the creator of the Vintage Lenormand deck, was making mental notes of requests and comments made by Lenormand readers. These inspired her to create yet another Lenormand deck that promises to excite and thrill the card-reading community.

While details of this new deck cannot yet be revealed it will almost certainly address what has been asked for by numerous voices in the Lenormand world, and may possibly set a new bar for fellow deck creators to aspire to.

The deck will be launched on World Tarot Day (May 25th 2013,) and will be available for purchase directly from Rootweaver’s site www.rootweaver.com from May 25th onward.

When pressed to reveal more about her new deck Rootweaver had only this to say:

I have been working on this new deck for the past few months and promise that Lenormand readers will not be disappointed.

My esteemed fellow deck-creators on the other hand might want to throw rocks at me after this, but I sincerely hope not! 😀

This new deck will appeal to traditionalists and non-traditionalists alike. I am thoroughly looking forward to unveiling it in a few days time, but until then start raiding your piggy banks you’re probably going to want a copy of your own.


Only 9 days to go, and counting…

TarotCon Australia: 16-17 March (Sydney)

Rootweaver (Vintage Lenormand 'Garden' card)Garden = Public gathering

Rootweaver (Vintage Lenormand ‘Garden’ card)
Garden = Public gathering

TarotCon (Tarosophy Tarot Convention) is almost upon us! If you have not yet reserved your seat to this historical (first) event, do so now without further delay. I want to meet you!

International Presenters: Marcus Katz (UK), Tali Goodwin (UK) and Carrie Paris (US), National Presenters: Russell Sturgess (Aus), Biddy Tarot (Aus)

Meet your Tarot Tribe face-to-face, learn groundbreaking Tarot and Lenormand reading techniques, and experience beautiful Sydney at its very best.

Hope to see you there!

Vintage Lenormand 2nd ed – 90% sold out!

Vintage Lenormand by RootweaverImage by Pepi Valderrama

Vintage Lenormand by Rootweaver
Image by Pepi Valderrama

The Vintage Lenormand (2nd edition) is 90% sold out! There is still a chance to get a copy before going to print – if you hurry.

Contact me via private message on Facebook, either on the Vintage Lenormand page or my private FB page (Jera-babylon Rootweaver). Alternatively send me an email to aussie.graf@gmail.com requesting a copy. Please be sure to include your email address when ordering your copy to that I can send an invoice via Paypal.

Vintage Lenormand by RootweaverPhoto by Bobbie Jo Drake

Vintage Lenormand by Rootweaver
Photo by Bobbie Jo Drake

The final product is available in a poker-sized deck, snugly nestled in a hard, transparent box. Each deck comes with a beautifully batik-lined, hand-made ‘kangaroo pouch’ and includes an ‘LWB’ containing clear and unambiguous card-keywords as well as a signed card.

Every pouch makes its way to its new owner with exotic twin incense cones to ensure a fragrant journey from Australia, and to transport my love to recipients on a happy aromatic note. I can only hope that this deck brings as much joy to the card-reading community as what I have had, creating it.

Thank you so much cartomancy community for the overwhelming support!


TarotCon Australia – March 16th & 17th (Sydney)


If you want to use Tarot to totally change your life, or read for others, or just as an enthusiast, this is a unique chance to be at the first Tarot Convention in Sydney with Tarot Professionals on March 16th-17th. We have international speakers and workshop hosts from the US, UK and Australia in a prestigious venue, the Australian Museum. Make new friends and colleagues and share the adventure! Details and booking at http://www.tarotconvention.com/.

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