Kindergarten Lenormand, the Review & Interview


The Review

Have you ever considered to use a Lenormand deck to trigger wonderful moments from your childhood? If not, or if not yet, you should highly consider Chloe McCracken‘s Kindergarten Lenormand. It is a sweet, simple and inspiring deck that clearly helps you making the Lenormand yours. I got a sample deck with extra blank cards (so I decided to draw on some of them and get my own extra cards, you can see those below).

Very simple drawings that are like those of a kid, which help you grasp the Lenormand at first sight. But there’s more. You can use it to teach Lenormand to your kids, or use it for meditation or self-study. Their simplicity is the key that opens the gates of the Lenormand. This simple and cute deck is good for starting your journey with the Lenormand, or enjoy yourself while feeding your inner child. Plus, it gives you powerful sense of trust to yourself when you use this deck for reading!


It has 2 riders (male rider and female rider), two snakes, two trees, 3 bird cards, 2 children, a dog and a cat, 2 male consultants and 2 female consultants). I got the sample deck with blank extra cards, for my creative delight! Why? Because I could draw some extra cards by myself and get a very personalized Lenormand! (I loved that!)

This is a Lenormand that enhances both your imagination and creativity. It encourages you to go beyond the images, to draw something yourself, to overcome fears, to trust yourself, to have self-esteem, to feed your inner child, to play with children, to be yourself. That’s why I loved it so much.

It has Printerstudio’s paper stock quality. It shuffles really well, and cards are strong. Perfect to use them on a daily basis. The backs are flashy: red and blue, with “Kindergarten Lenormand” printed on them.


I spent several days thinking about my extra cards. What could I fill in the blank cards that I got? (Or, at least in some?) Well, I finally decided to add 4 cards: 37. the Mirror (for inner study, self-reliance, responsibility), 38. the Cauldron (for magic, believes and the unknown), 39. the Mask (not true self, social self, the face we show to others), and 40. the Totem (for our Totem, animal relationship, inner animal, instincts). I used a permanent black pen. The results are very cute and match easily the spirit of the Kindergarten Lenormand. Easy, simple, funny, creative. This Lenormand made me feel good!

Note that this is a deck which is “hard to get”, unless you go to one of Chloe’s workshops. But, if we get a re-edition, we can get it from home! Read the interview and know how to get your copy 🙂

The Interview

Pepi: Where did the idea of the Kindergarten Lenormand come from?

Chloe: The Kindergarten Lenormand came about in 2012 when I decided to run workshops to teach the Lenormand reading system. I didn’t want to worry about copyright issues, so I thought “why not draw my own deck?” Despite my partner objecting that “You can’t draw!” I went for it, and had a lot of fun in the process. There were a few cards that were tough – coffins are harder to draw than you might think, hence why card 8 is titled Grave 😉

P: Are you planning to leave the extra white cards for us to play with those?

C: The extra white cards just happened because I wasn’t intending this as a commercial deck, and because of using to add the playing card associations onto the cards. If I ever re-edit this deck for sale, I had thought to change the playing card associations on the extra cards. I also intended to include a few cards with card meanings if I re-edit, but I guess I could still leave in a few blanks, for you creative types!

P: I think this is a very good deck to teach children and encourage them to follow the steps of their mothers or grandmothers. How do you think it could be best used for that?

C: I suppose it could be a good deck for kids, showing them that you don’t need huge skills to create your own deck. And it is nice and simple, too. If I used it with kids, I’d encourage them to see a story in the lines of cards…

P:How do you think your deck takes out our inner child?

C: Hmm, does this deck bring out people’s inner child? Possibly. The images look child-like, encouraging us to access the side of ourselves which resonates with images of this simplicity and low skill level. Might encourage us to keep our readings simple, too, which fits well with the Lenormand style.

P:How can we get a copy?

C: I have a very few copies of this deck available at the moment – I’ve been using them in my workshops, so I only have about 5 unopened. If anyone is interested, they can email me at As I say, I may re-edit these at some point, it’ll depend on my time commitments and the level of interest.

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Mini Postmark Lenormand, the Review & Interview

Mini Postmark Lenormand

The Review

You might already know this gorgeous deck: the Postmark Lenormand. However, do you know the Mini Postmark Lenormand by the Sassy Sibyl? I must admit that I’m in love with mini decks, but this one stands over others by far. Why? It’s elegant simplicity.

The mini Postmark Lenormand is elegant, simple, compelling, stunning. And yet, has all that a Lenormand requires. And more, because it has a double couple of consultants (two men and two women), and two extra cards: the happy squirrel and the cat.

This deck has no numbers on it. Just the simple images, and elegant backs with blue/purple dot patterns. The vintage images are well chosen, colors are well found and the general atmosphere is just perfect. You just need to read a GT to get all the power from this tiny deck. Its simplicity demands your soul, its elegance demands your attention.

One of my favorite cards is the cat. Maybe because I love cats, but this one in particular remembers me of one cat that I had as a Kid. Maybe that’s why I love it so much. The Sun is also a very funny card. It makes me smile. So, if it comes out in a reading it just makes me giggle. I adore it! Another card that I love is the letter. The unknown hand that puts the letter on the mailbox is really descriptive of the card. Thus, this is one of my favorites.

The cards are strong and very easy to shuffle. I’ve used the cards quite a lot, and they really seems like new. They are perfect to combine with another deck if you are using Houses to read the cards. Plus, being mini they are also candidates to be kept in small tins. (My mini lives in a tiny chocolate tin).

This is a must-have by far. You do not want to miss either the Mini deck or the normal one (which has more cards and comes with a tin!) I do believe this is one of the most elegant decks on the market right now. It’s simple, and yet it has a lot of depth. Elegant and simple Sassy Vintage.

The Interview

Pepi: How did you come up with the idea of the Postmark Lenormand? And the Mini?

Melissa: After the special edition Melissa Lenormand came out, I was set to present a study group on the Lenormand at Readers Studio. But the Melissa Lenormand sold out and I wanted to have decks available for my group to use in the workshop. I started creating a study Lenormand using a collection of old black and white etchings I have from the Victorian era. I got halfway through the deck, printed some test copies and thought it just looked SO dreary. So I went back through my ephemera collection and started to see the Postmark emerge.

I had a mini set of cards printed from my Modern Minimalist deck (for personal use, I never made it available for sale). I had the mini Postmark printed on a lark, really. I didn’t realize it would be so popular. I assumed it would remain a novelty collector’s item.

P: From where do you grab inspiration?

M: Color, texture, line. I love fabric and quilting and see the cards in a similar way as I see quilt blocks on a design board.

P: Which is the most gratifying thing/emotion you got from creating this gorgeous deck?

M: The ability to teach Lenormand method with a deck that is modern and accessible has been the best part of the Postmark experience for me. I’m amazed by how popular it is. It’s always exciting to send cards to the far reaches of the world.

P: Which layout do you think will fit best your deck?

M: I like the Grand Tableau and blocks of nine.

P: Any tips for the readers?

M: Just breathe and let it flow. Tell your story. Trust your story. Trust your gut.

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Shaheen’s Tattered Nomad Oracle, the Review & Interview

The Review

I love to be spoiled, specially when someone is spoiling me with cute decks! The first impression I had of Shaheen’s Tattered Nomad Oracle was of delight and surprise. Why? He spoiled the little girl in me with a double effect. A gorgeous deck signed by its author and with a small butterfly postcard with a simple note in it. This was the wrapping of the deck, the delight, the surprise. But, was it going to be as good as it promised its wrapping?

Oh! Yes!

This is a deck with double effect. (Let me stress that again: double effect.) You can stare at the pics on your screen during hours and feel they are great. But this is nothing compared to the effect when you first see them live! If you like collages, and if you like intuitive imagery collages, this is your deck. This is a two sided deck which will give you a great pool of meanings for your readings.

shaheen oracle

This is a Lenormand that asks you to “look beyond” what you might see at first sight. Thus cards can be used both for a traditional Lenormand, or for a totally different oracle. This means, that reading these cards requires a lit bit more time, if you use them beyond the traditional scope of the Lenormand. And this is good news for those who wish to go beyond, to read beyond, to explore beyond.

The deck has 41 cards. You have 2 extra consultants (a total of 2 women and 2 men), and extra cards: 37. the Seer (visionary, prophecies, creative thinking), 38. the Bat (rebirth, change, shamanism), 39. the Umbrella (optimism, triumph), 40. the Aura (energy, Qi, karmic connections), and 41. the Familiar (spiritual guide, soul connection, warning). Collages are refined and deeply labored mixing the layers and the images as if they were just one. Paper stock is strong and easy to shuffle. You can use this cards as many times as you want, enjoying them for a long time.

shaheen oracle

The best part of this deck is that it is two decks in one, a door that invites you to go beyond or invites you to let it closed. It is a Lenormand and yet an Oracle. You can use it in a traditional way, or a totally different personalized way if you want. In short, this deck is a good option for anyone who likes to begin with traditional meanings and books, but might want to play going beyond that.

This is a must-have deck in your collection. It is very refined, it has gorgeous collages, and it’s two decks in one. Just dare to be curious and go beyond 🙂

The Interview

Pepi: Why the “oracle” and not “lenormand”?

Shaheen: The soul of the deck is Lenormand, but in my opinion the cards are so much more than that. They were channeled from this empowering time in my life when I decided to let me intuition and creativity work through me. I set out to create a personal deck that translated the traditional Lenormand system into images that spoke to my intuition and worked with my symbolic vocabulary.

This project was addicting. The images just came through me. Each card was a personal discovery that lead me closer to understanding Lenormand, and my own intuition. As the deck began to form, it seemed to have a life of its own… and who am I to dictate!

So because the deck didn’t seem to fit the Traditional bill, and people outside of Lenormand seemed to gravitate toward it… I decided that Oracle was a great umbrella term. Let me be clear that this is a Lenormand deck… it has all the parts. It works perfectly with traditional reading! But it isn’t bound to anything.

P: From where did you get the inspiration?

S: The deck’s life began as a project of self-discovery. I needed an escape from everything. I needed to explore my own inner world by putting something on the page. The Lenormand images intrigued me, and I knew I had to marry them to my own symbology.

The true inspiration was just curiosity itself. I wanted to create a deck that spoke to my bohemian sensibility, and went beyond the deck’s that I had already encountered. The cards are rich with images that support the basic meaning of the symbol, but hidden throughout the cards are keys that active your intuition and help you tell the story laid out in front of you.

Because I see myself as a bit of a nomad, and a storyteller these cards needed to have the same aesthetic. This is the Tattered Nomad Oracle…. Its soul has been all over the world; it’s the accumulation of my story and a million other people’s stories. It changes with the wind, it’s worn with wisdom, and it can give you insight into anything!

P: Which is the most gratifying thing/emotion you got from creating this wonderful deck?

S: Honestly the most gratifying thing about this project has been creating it! It was a truly alchemical experience that enlightened me in so many ways. It revealed parts of myself I never knew. To hold this in my hand, and touch it and work with it is surreal!

Beyond anything else, knowing that this little sparkle of inspiration has become a shooting start to so many other people’s dreams is amazing! People all over the world have fallen in love with this deck. It’s absolutely humbling, and inspiriting. It let’s me know that love creates more love.

P: Which layouts do you think will fit best your deck?

S: I personally love to thumb through the cards and treasure hunt for an answer. I have a personal method of reading that I call, “Wondering for Wanderers”. This is basically a process of using significators to seek out an answer within the deck. You don’t lay the cards out; you look for them in the deck.

If you have a question about love, your significator could be The Heart. Shuffle the deck, then flip it over and sort through until you find The Heart… look at the 3 cards before, and the 3 cards after!

P: Any tips for readers?

S: Regardless of how you approach Lenormand this deck will work for you. That’s something I want people to understand. This deck has all the working components of Lenormand, with a few added touches… such as my beautiful additional cards. But the most importantly, this deck is meant to speak to your intuition. Regardless of what the traditionalist say, I believe that intuition is the thread that pulls everything together…and these cards are keys to unlock your own symbolic and intuitive nature.

Just remember to approach the deck with reverence and curiosity… you never know where it’s going to take you!

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The Lenormand Revolution, the Review & Interview

Lenormand Revolution

Mais je le vois, tu me méprises comme un insensé, parce que ma raison s’égare au sein des délices : mes emportements t’effrayent, mon délire te fait pitié, et tu ne sens pas que toute la force humaine ne peut suffire à des félicités sans bornes.” (Julie ou La nouvelle Héloïse (1761), Jean-Jacques Rousseau)


The Review


Being in love is like being into a Revolution. Your normal state changes to one of excitement, to one of wanting to free yourself from society rules and jump into the sweet pool of love. These feelings can be found into The Lenormand Revolution of Carrie Paris and Roz Foster. One of the best decks ever! If you are to madly fall in love with one deck, this is the one.


If you like classic art, vintage art and elegant collages, this is the perfect deck for you! Colors are soft, and yet, powerful and inspiring. New as it is, you can feel the Revolution through your fingers. Compelling, frightening, revolutionary… its art brings you to a time in which liberty of thought, liberty of any kind was asked by women and men alike. You can feel romance, power, energy and the will of living a revolution yourself. This deck is perfect for self discovery, guidance and meditation. If you seek to be free, soul free, from anything that might be bothering you, but aren’t still sure of what it is, a good way to discover it is using this deck.


It’s a great tool for both “tradition” lovers and “revolutionary” lovers. Each card has included the correct amount of tradition and revolution so that anyone can use them feeling attached to them. The art is amazing, sweet but strong, romantic but sharp. Antagonism in love in each card. You are going to love the backs of the cards too. The patterns are soft, the colors are vintage perfect, and they keep the atmosphere of the general artwork.


The card stock of the first edition (the one I have between my hands) is a little bit thinner than the decks I normally use, but strong enough to be able to use the deck. The third edition has The Game Crafter paper stock. I know this paper stock well, since my decks are published by them as well. You can expect a stronger paper stock, perfect to use it for as long as you want 🙂 The third edition comes with an extra female child and three additional card surprises for customizing your readings.


Lenormand Revolution

It comes with two “dames” and two “monsieurs”. For me the best ones are Napoleon and Joséphine. But, you might want the revolutionary counterparts as well. Call me romantic, or chic, or catastrophic… but for me, the Empereur et son Imperátrice are the most compelling Consultants of the deck.


In short, this is a must-have-at-all-costs deck. Its art refinement, combination of vintage colors, atmosphere, deep meaning, elegant collage, wonderful backs and great information booklet by Carrie Paris makes of this deck a treasure to use, touch and admire.


Interview with Carrie Paris

I must admit that I’ve enjoyed this interview a lot. I love Japan, and when I discovered that Carrie had discovered the Lenormand in Japan I gasped and felt into a deep trance while I was reading her words. Can you image my excitement? Two of my geeky weaknesses found into the same deck: French style, with all the French language attached to the titles which I love so much, and Japan hidden within its story! I just want to transmit to you the excitement I experienced while I was into the Interview. I hope that you enjoy it as I did, and I hope that you enjoy this fin jeu de cartes.


Pepi: Why the Lenormand Revolution? From where did you get the inspiration?


Carrie: The Lenormand revolution started over 25 years ago when I moved to Japan. Just before takeoff a friend, who knew I read tarot, gave me a “used tarot deck” held together by a rubber band. Without giving it much thought I thanked my friend and added it in my luggage. I recall sitting on my apartment floor in Kyoto, divining with my new “tarot” deck and thinking how simple it looked and that there must be cards missing. It wasn’t until years later that I discovered it to be a Lenormand. Unfortunately it didn’t come with a LWB and at the time the one English bookstore available to me didn’t carry material on the topic of cartomancy. This was also pre-Internet which limited my research. Despite this lack of information, I did the next best thing— improvised! On more than one occasion I would shuffle my Lenormand cards in with my Thoth or Rider, Waite, Smith decks. I can hear the gasps from here! Oddly enough, they actually worked beautifully together. I was in an environment where anything was possible and my philosophy has always been; given a new tool, adopt shoshin, the Zen concept of the beginner’s mind, which usually sees more possibilities than less.


Jump ahead to winter of 2009. At that time I was living in Santa Fe and on a six week retreat in the hills of northern California to work on a tarot project with web designers Roz Foster and Gabe Marihugh of I brought with me only the essentials—you know, computer, warm clothes, toothbrush and a few decks. One of the decks that made it into my suitcase was a Blue Owl Lenormand, which I had for a number of years but only seem to use whenever I’m on the road. Before starting each day I would pull three cards from both my Blue Owl and a Thoth decks (yes, I still use the two together) and it was during one of these pulls that I became more infatuated by the simplicity of Lenormand readings. While the Thoth deck certainly spoke to me, it was more on a soul level and less practical an adviser than my Lenormand. For example on any given day the Thoth deck could tell me how I might “feel” about my day ahead while my Lenormand would tell me who, where, how and at what time I might be experiencing those feelings. I think it was about half way into my retreat that I connected Roz Foster with Lenormand.


I’m a big fan of Roz Foster’s art and it was during a Skype meeting I mentioned Lenormand cards to her and how I thought she would make a beautiful deck. This turned out to be a passing conversation that went on a back burner. However as time progressed the idea would not leave me alone. I think I mentioned it to Roz a few more times before making a few cards myself, sending them to Roz and Gabe and asking what it would take to create a Lenormand deck, website and iOS app. Long story short, and a couple of days later they got back to me and away we went!


While researching Lenormand as a divination system I came across bits of history about Mlle Lenormand and how she was Josephine Bonaparte’s diviner. This lead to a gathering of images of Josephine followed by Napoleon, which as a couple became the parent’s to our deck’s imagery, theme and atmosphere. Both made a strong Lady and Gentleman card and were not only part of the French revolution, but the Lenormand Revolution. In 2012 we started working on the deck’s design and came to realize that the overall theme of revolution was very much in the air. Wall Street, the Arab Spring and the Occupy movement—all where in full swing as was a Lenormand revolution. Lenormand decks were taking up the US tarot community by storm and causing a great upheaval in this traditional divination system. It was only natural that we follow suit and go with the revolution theme.


P: Was it difficult to work with another author?


C: You might want to ask Gabe and Roz that question. I think I may have overwhelmed Roz with imagery and Gabe with information and was fortunate to be working with uncomplaining professionals. Roz is a delight to work with and is incredibly talented in creating atmosphere and mood. Her eye for detail is impeccable. Each card delivers a sense of era and place and as I’ve shared with Roz, makes me feel as if I’m time traveling. Gabe is amazing and is putting the finishing touches on the Lenormand Revolution app which is just gorgeous. He’s also a gifted diviner and visionary artist/musician, so has approached the app with a diviner’s mind and needs. I have the beta version and love how easy it is to navigate. Inside the app is a built-in study guide that we will be adding material to via updates. Much of the material was overseen by Lenormand professional, Stella Waldvogel. The app itself is not only a go-to divination deck on your device, but also a learning tool for all levels. It features traditional spreads including two versions of a Grand Tableau plus much more. Gabe has done a fabulous job and we can’t wait to launch this part of the Lenormand Revolution!


P: Which layouts do you think will fit best your deck?


C: All traditional spreads work with the Lenormand Revolution—there’s really no limit. We also encourage people to create their own and this has become evident as more people feature their discoveries on blogs and websites. There are some really creative juices flowing out there in Lenormand Land! Right now we’re interested in non-traditional spreads and our reason for this is that we feel there are already a number of great resources for traditional teachings. We are currently working with video to introduce modern concepts. You can find an example of our first video spread that features the Scythe card as a tool for personal clearings. We have a new spread coming for Valentine’s Day and another that explains how people can use the three additional cards that are included in the third edition of the Lenormand Revolution deck. They are stunning!


P: Which is the most gratifying thing/emotion you got from creating this wonderful deck?


C: Thank you, Pepi . For one, I got to meet you and other wonderful indie deck designers. And oh my how the community is growing! I enjoy watching how the Lenromand Revolution has activated the non-conforming rebel in all who divine with it and for this we are very happy It also shows what a group of friend’s can do when they follow the call of creativity and for this we are in total gratitude. The Lenormand community has supported this project from the first day we introduced an image of Josephine on Facebook. From there it has been overwhelming and again, we joyfully find ourselves in heartfelt gratitude to those who encouraged us to publish the Lenormand Revolution.


P: Any tips for readers?


C: Know thyself and then let the revolution begin!

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The Dust Bunny Lenormand, the Review & Interview

The Dust Bunny Lenormand

The Review

I’d like to begin 2013 with a gorgeous Lenormand Deck: the Dust Bunny Lenormand, a creation of Marcia McCord.

This is a simple and yet powerful Lenormand. If you love Vintage as I do, this is a must-have in your collection. Its whimsical images and powerful attraction makes it a great tool for Lenormand readers. The paper quality of the deck is great, and it’s very easy to shuffle. Cards are thin but strong enough to be shuffled as many times as you want. Colors are just shinny and very appealing, while keeping the vintage atmosphere to the whole deck, making it totally consistent and delightful. Its Vintage composition is a delight for the eyes (I’d say that’s perfect). Some of the cards are very powerful, because of the images chosen.

The Deck came with a wonderful handmade envelope made by its author. Not all envelopes were exactly the same (the 2nd edition). It seems that envelopes were different, or slightly different, from deck copy to deck copy, which made the deck you got unique! My envelope is grey and blue, and I can say it’s gorgeous!

One of my favorite cards is the Rider, which brings news. There’s a giant Newspaper behind him (the Courier Journal), which makes it easier to be read (at least for me). I also love the card of the Key and the Star, which just pop out fiercely. All cards have images that show the central element of the card at first sight. Even though this is not a “traditional” Lenormand, you can use it without any problems. If you are a fan of intuition, it will help you as well. The result is staggering: this is a great deck for all publics, traditions, new age readers.

The Deck brings you to other times, it makes you travel and discover new horizons. It’s dreaming, whimsical and astounding! The personality of Marcia can be found in each of the cards, even in the cover card that accompanies the deck! It’s just amazing how choosing vintage images can be so difficult, specially if you have to leave your personality in them. Marcia just did so in a natural way.

The Interview

Pepi: Why the Dust Bunny?

Marcia: I get a lot of my inspiration from visual stimuli around me… and I’m a terrible housekeeper! My cat Tony had recently pulled a dust bunny from under a bookcase that was heroic in size. Since I talk to all my cats as if they were people—they are people, aren’t they? —I told Tony, “We could knit a whole new cat from that!” And suddenly the Dust Bunny Lenormand started to come to life.

P: From where did you get the inspiration?

M: I had leftover images from other efforts which triggered that Lenormand “spark” in my mind. Someone on Facebook had suggested that I do one when we were talking about my tarot decks and it seemed like the next natural thing to do.

P: Which layouts do you think will fit best your deck?

M: I feel I’m still learning the different layouts for Lenormand myself, so I’m thrilled when I see people doing readings with The Dust Bunny. I’m comfortable with pairs, a 5-card layout, a 3×3 and I’m getting deeper into a Grand Tableau with more advanced concepts like mirroring, knighting and houses. The Dust Bunny Lenormand is what I consider a “warm” deck that invites the reader to come closer and interact and perhaps share a story or a laugh. It’s intimate and therefore well-suited to the kind of readings Lenormand is known for.

P: Which is the most gratifying thing/emotion you got from creating this wonderful deck?

M: I love my own in-jokes with my decks and I’m always pleased (like a naughty child) when others get them too. The cover card has been noted to look a bit like me and for those who know me well, they know the role of cleaning girl is not my forte! I may have all the tools but like my little Dust Bunny girl, perhaps not all the skills, strength or attention span to catch every speckle of dust. The back of the cards in this deck shows the grown-up me, not given to the industry of cleaning up so vigorously but much more suited to leisure and perhaps a little disobedience!

P: Any tips for the readers?

M: I agree that the Lenormand should not be filled to the brim with additional symbolism designed to stimulate your deepest subconscious. But there’s intuition on the surface of things too and the Dust Bunny, while not being that typical Lenormand showing the image with a stark background, does focus your eye on the important topic of the card. The Child has a slate and is learning. The Dog’s mission is to be the loyal friend to man and protect those who, perhaps in a past stage of evolution, might have been prey. The Coffin is clearly The End. Let these images focus your eyes and mind on the meaning of the cards and let the keywords pop out naturally as you read. Best wishes!

Yuletide Lenormand, the Review & Interview

The Review

I’m glad to begin with one of the sweetest Lenormands: the Yuletide Lenormand, a wonderful creation of Kendra Hurteau and Katrina Hill. This is an excellent option for Yule (Xmas), since that is precisely, its main topic.

The Yuletide Lenormand is a very sweet Lenormand deck which introduces you into the Lenormand while enjoying your Winter Holidays. A perfect deck to enjoy with your family and friends while being around a Xmas Tree, enjoying some Xmas cakes or just while enjoying the idea of snowing outside while being warm at home.

The paper quality of the deck is gorgeous, and it’s very easy to shuffle. Easy to shuffle and long-lasting are a plus to get your hands on this deck (if you shuffle the cards in a correct way, obviously). It comes with a clear case where you can keep it safe, plus a red bag to keep everything in order.

The design of the deck it’s just perfect. The soft colors, and the traditional Xmas colors makes of it a perfect choice for Winter Holidays. You’ll find 10 explanation cards about the Yuletide Lenormand: a wish message on the first card, some basics in the second, 3 cards with layouts, and 5 cards with some explanations about each of the cards.

The deck includes 36 Lenormand cards plus 5 extra cards you can exchange for other more traditional cards in the deck. For example: the puppy for the kitten, the Ring for the Wreath, the Gentleman for the Snowman, the Lady for the Snowlady, or the broken Candy Cane for the Cross. Some of the 36 traditional cards have been changed into Yule characters to keep with the main topic of the deck- Yule. You will find a cool Reindeer in the place of the Rider, Acorns instead of Clovers, a Sleigh for a Ship, the Humbug instead of a Snake, the Yule Log instead of the Coffin, the Stocking instead of the Bouquet, Father Time with a Scythe in the place of the Scythe, some Gingerbread in the place of the Garden, a North Pole direction Sign for the crossroads, Mistletoe with a Heart in the place of the Heart, the Greeting Card instead of a Letter, Poinsettias instead of Lilies, and the Fireplace instead of the Sun. I personally think that these changes are well thought since all the meanings of the Lenormand are perfectly kept. Thus, the deck is consistent both with the topic and the Lenormand itself.

The deck is sweet, so sweet, that some of the “bad” cards are too cute to stand. However its cuteness, meanings are kept. Thus, both tradition lovers and new age followers will find a good deck to read with.

The Interview

Kendra Hurteau has kindly answered a small interview. I hope you can enjoy some of the insights of creating a Lenormand deck. It might be challenging at times, and somewhat too much work when you’re in the middle of your creation process. But, at the end is gratifing. I hope you enjoy this deck as much as I do!

Pepi: Why Yuletide?

Kendra: The holidays have played a large part in our family and the traditions we create. Stockings, evergreens, swaths of pine and twinkling lights always lift our hearts. That, naturally, inspired us to share that experience. Yuletide Lenormand is not specific to one particular winter holiday and is a bit universal. However, I have no doubt that it has symbols that everyone can relate to.

P: Was it difficult to design it being a team of 2 people?

K: Some of the hardest images to design were those first two Under the Roses Lenormand images we call “Concept Art.” Once we were past that our communication about the designs and theme became much clearer. By the time we were working on Yuletide Lenormand we were pretty clear with each other. Some cards are difficult to create together in every deck, such as the mountain and the whip. In the case of Yuletide Lenormand this was also the case and we did take some time with the back.
Katrina and I have a good relationship and are very fortunate to experience very little tension between us. In addition, we kept a schedule and each had our roles so that kept things clear and moving.
The most difficult thing we experienced with Yuletide Lenormand was the time restraint. We had the ideas in the works for months but many of the images had to be done in a short amount of time. We sometimes worked until 10, 11, or 12 o’clock at night in our effort to get it finished.
All-in-all working as a team has been a good experience. Because we did so we were able to produce the project in half the time.

P: Which layouts do you think will fit best your deck?

K: Included in the deck is a Wreath layout that uses all 36 cards to lay out a year’s reading. Because this time of year is a turning point we thought this would be an excellent time to do this type of reading. Three cards are pulled for each month that follows the holiday you celebrate. In addition, we’ve included a “Create-A-Story” card. This is not a reading at all but an opportunity to use one’s imagination. Have fun with it!

P: Which is the most gratifying thing/emotion you got from creating this wonderful deck?

K: The most amazing thing about Yuletide Lenormand is the response from people who see or buy it. Their eyes light up or their typed response is that of delight. It is very rewarding to create a project simply out of our love for the season and then find that others love it too!

P: Any tips for readers?

K: Some tips for Yuletide Lenormand:

  • Have fun with it! One of the magical things about Lenormand is that it can be used for both the serious and the mundane.
  • Take liberties with the keywords. If the keywords included don’t work for you simply decide what each card means to you. Then, use your own keywords and it will work wonderfully.
  • Trust yourself and your instincts. YOU are capable of deciding how you will read the cards. I recommend that you avoid reading the 3 D’s (Death, Disease and Disaster) but outside of that you know how to combine two keywords and make something of it. There are no wrong ways to read cards, especially this one themed for the holidays.
  • And lastly, have fun! I know, I know, I said that. Now you know I really mean it. Bring some life into those cards readings, get-togethers, and parties. It will really enhance your experience.