Joie de vivre: blog hop ‘new deck’

joie de vivre ˌʒwɑː də ˈviːvr(ə),French ʒwad vivʀ/ 
noun: exuberant enjoyment of life.

What better way to start off 2016 than with a new deck! Hop along in this Tarot Professionals Blog-Hop by following the links below: Thanks to Fiona Benjamin for  organising the TP blog-hop, hopefully the first of many monthly hops to come.

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I am a deck creator, my latest deck is a fun Retro Lenormand. In the spirit of this blog-hop theme (new deck) I will share a bit of my creative process. For me it goes something like this:

  • Choose a theme to work in: This is an important step as it adds continuity throughout the deck
  • Create the artwork: I like to create my own either traditionally or digitally
  • Find the right typography to compliment the theme for the overlay of card numbers etc: This is another important aspect to consider in the overall design of the deck. The wrong font can ruin an otherwise perfectly good looking deck
  • Use Photoshop (or similar software) to put it all together
  • Print the deck & make it available for purchase once done
  • Tell everyone about it!

It was probably while watching Mad Men (TV series) that the idea to create a retro deck was born. I love the colour schemes, the bold patterning and sassy attitude of all things retro which led to an enjoyable creative process. A deck with joie de vivre!

Without any further ado, allow me to introduce you to some of the cards in this new deck, but be warned, they have attitude!

She is a sophisticated woman of the times.

She is smart and sophisticated

Suave and successful, this retro man is

He is suave and successful


And if things don't work out for them there's plenty fish in the sea (plus and extra gentleman & woman card in the deck)

They like each other but if all else fails there’s plenty fish in the sea

They are sexy and they know it



Guided by style and panache

Guided by style and panache

Even when faced with adversity

Even when faced with adversity


Nothing separates them from their stylish enjoyment of life

Nothing separates them from their stylish enjoyment of life

Because a little bit of retro goes a long way...

Because a little bit of retro goes a long way…



Add a bit of joie de vivre to your 2016 readings today. 😉

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What You Already Know.

The Tarot is good at confirming what your already know. It’s also goods at telling you what you don’t want to hear, or acknowledge.

This is my first post with Tarot Taxi, so, please allow me to introduced myself. My name is Louise and I am the lady behind the Priestess Tarot website. Every month I help run a meet up in my local area and as part of evening, we play a Tarot game and through that, draw 3 cards.

This last month, the Tarot told me what I a) already knew and b) what I didn’t want to acknowledge and c) what to do about it. Everyone thinks you “get rich quick” being your own boss. Everyone will come to you for a reading, won’t they? Well, no and no. It’s hard work building up a business, a good & honest reputation. It takes time and effort, all the while the cash may or may not be flowing in. In my case, not as readily as I’d like, but I do okay. However, like most folk, the money goes to paying bills, something for the kids to do with school or something they need, or straight into the back account. Very little of it gets put to my own use. However, this is what the Tarot advised. I pulled the cards from the Buckland Romani deck app, produced by Fools Dog.

imageThe Issue: Nine of Bolers: I’m comfortably well off, I need to remember to be happy as I am, where I am. This image shows an older lady. Is she happy with her lot? Well, are we ever, these days? We always want more. New phone, new this, new that. Do we really need it? The issue I feel, is that I’m not counting my blessings and being happy in general. Bolers are wheels, which look like coins, so think money, job, house, finances in general.

wpid-wp-1400792095562.jpegAction to Avoid: Page of Koshes. Like the Page of Wands, the time to be impulsive, flippant, arrogant isn’t now. Being a cocky person with less money than sense isn’t a wise idea. So, lets be avoiding those impulse buys.  Yes, those shoes do look good, but do you really need another pair to match what you already have? That bag looks great! But couldn’t you use that money for something else? Something more necessary?

wpid-wp-1400792102682.jpegAction to Take: Four of Bolers. I’ve come to trade, here’s what I have. Take it or leave it, but I’m not here to pander to whims and don’t be wasting my time. Here, this man is being honest and up front. He’s comfortable with what he has to sell and the price he’s selling at. There’s little (or no) room for negotiation. What’s his is his, end of. There’s no “well, maybe” with this guy.  If you don’t buy these wheels, he’ll still have to them to sell at the same price later on.

The basic advise I gleamed here, is keep what money you have, don’t squander it, don’t splash out with it, don’t fritter it away. What’s yours is yours to keep, until you decide to sell it, but don’t let another take it from you below cost.

Don’t you just love it when the Tarot is literal, full of advice and really, tells it to you like it is? Sometimes, we readers don’t want to hear the message the Tarot has. If you don’t want to know the answer, don’t ask the question. I’m glad life can be that simple!

I’d love to have some comments in reply, so go ahead. I’m a big chatter box, really!

Buccaneer Lenormand by Rootweaver – Arrrr!

Albatross feature on the Bird card. Sailors have long held a deep superstition about these birds!

Albatross feature on the Bird card. Sailors have long held a deep superstition about these birds!

Shiver me timbers! A pirate-themed deck, inspired by Black Sails and Pirates of the Caribbean. This is the latest offering from Rootweaver’s creative basket. Digitally rendered sketches with bursts of colour to bring this appropriately ‘dark’ deck to life and to delight fans of all-things-pirate.

Featuring our matey captain Jack Sparrow and a pretty lass at his side who looks a little lily-livered but she’s a tough lass who’s not afraid to use a cat o’ nine tails on a scallywag if provoked.

Don’t pay doubloons, save your pieces o’ eight by taking advantage of the pre-order price and beat the sprogs at it. Save a whole $6.00 – that be a mighty fine discount! So, beat ‘em scallywags to the booty and order your copy today directly from Rootweaver’s site for the discounted pre-order price of $22.95.

(This deck is already at the printer and is expected to arrive within 10 days.) Arrrr!

Crossroads - where will they lead you?

Crossroads – where will they lead you?

Product description:

A 36-card  lenormand deck that has been slightly modified to a pirate theme. These modifications include replacing the traditional Scythe (card 10) with a Sword, replacing the Coffin (card 8) with a pirate’s Grave,  the Whip (card 11) features a cat o’ nine tails, we have the Albatross featured in the Birds card (card 12), Rats instead of Mice for card 23, a Scroll instead of a Letter (card 27) and both the Bouquet (card 9) and Lily (card 30) feature ‘dark’ flowers.

These cards are 2.5 inches x 3.5 inches in size (standard poker size) and are printed on premium linen card stock by Printers Studio,  shrink wrapped and will be shipped in a luxurious velvet drawstring pouch.

A lighthouse Tower to lead the way. It's a dangerous place for pirates!

A lighthouse Tower to lead the way. It’s a dangerous place for pirates!

FREE Lenormand deck!

9 BOUQUET miniSince originally blogging about this free (public domain) deck, I have cleaned it up somewhat by created ‘uniformity’ – resizing all the cards to just a little smaller than a standard ‘mini’ sized deck. Most of the images weren’t available in high resolution, which is why I opted to resize them all to this size. Download and print these cards for personal use. It’s a beautiful deck, and perfect for newcomers to Lenormand who do not yet own a deck, or for those of us who want something a little more old world.

There are many other valuable resources available in my study group on Facebook where Lenormand enthusiasts gather to learn & teach all things Lenormand. Join here: Lenormand Toolbox

Lenormand 1892-1931 Altenburger Spielkarten & Co

1 Rider

2 Clover

3 Ship

4 House

5 Tree

6 Clouds

7 Snake

8 Coffin

9 Bouquet

10 Scythe

11 Whip

12 Birds

13 Child

14 Fox

15 Bear

16 Stars

17 Stork

18 Dog

19 Tower

20 Garden

21 Mountain

22 Crossroad

23 Mice

24 Heart

25 Ring

26 Book

27 Letter

28 Man

29 Woman

30 Lilies

31 Sun

32 Moon

33 Key

34 Fish

35 Anchor

36 Cross

LeNewbie Lenormand, the Review


If you are starting with the Lenormand, or if you like to read some of the meanings, the LeNewbie Lenormand is the perfect deck for you! Jera-Babylon Rootweaver created a gorgeous deck. What seems a simple deck at first sight, hides a complicated and elaborate one.

In the center of each card you will find the silhouette of the card’s character (an anchor, a star, a woman, a man, etc) done with the meanings of the card. Words that compose the image are combined in bigger and smaller fonts, different fonts, and with different colors. Plus, it has a shadow that makes these wordy silhouettes to pop up. The effect is astounding: a silhouette which is composed by hundreds of words (depending on the image), that form a whole shape. Which is exactly what a Lenormand is: an apparent shape or character in middle of a card, hiding in plain sight its meanings! If you were searching for the deck of the poets, this is it! Poetry in plain sight!

The borders have, what I call, cheat words. If you are beginning with the Lenormand, these come in handy. You have written in the black borders, some of the possible meanings of the card, which makes it very easy to grasp the meaning of each card when combined with others. Plus, you get the cartomancy at the top right of the card (ace of hearts, 10 of diamonds, etc).

This Lenormand is a huge metaphor for what a Lenormand is: you get cards, with shapes drawn on them, like a kid, and this has a hidden meaning. I love the idea of creating silhouettes with the meanings inside, small in a way that seem hidden, but clear enough to be open to the naked eye. When you start diving inside the Lenormand, you will realize that the cards are doing exactly that! The borders help you in memorizing the meanings of the cards, which make it easy to remember those meanings.

This is not only a deck for beginners, but also for pros. It is a good idea to use this deck when you are reading the cards to someone who might be willing to know more, or to ask about the cards. I am not talking only to use the deck in classes, but also with clients who are more open to discuss the cards. This makes the conversation much easier than using traditional cards.


Let’s take a look to the Anchor (I chose a card randomly). Can you see the shape in the middle, the silhouette? It is composed by lots of words: the card meanings, and possible meanings when combined with other cards. These look tiny, but you can still read them if you focus on them or want to do so. The shape tells to your brain that this is an anchor, but your eyes record more than the shape: the card meanings! Plus, the borders are sending to your brain even clearer messages: the card meanings are written on them!

Shuffle the cards and take one by one: which is the first word that you notice on them? If you do this, you can notice how up or down your mood is! I noticed “joy” in the bouquet, “love” in the heart, “class” in the park, “success” in the anchor”, “solid” in the mountain, and so on. You can use these cards as “mood barometers” too. When we are happy, we tend to notice positive stuff around us. If we are not-so-happy, we tend to notice just the negative. Most of times, we are not aware of our own moods. Using this cards for daily reagins, makes it easier to know how positively tuned we are.

This is a limited edition. It comes signed and numbered, and with a cool bag to keep your cards. The linen card-stock is strong and easy to shuffle (Printer Studio quality).

This is a great deck to begin learning the Lenormand, to teach the Lenormand and to read the cards with very curious clients. It is also a must in your collection. And I repeat: it is a limited edition! Are you going to miss it?

Find the original post here.

Halloween Lenormand, the review


I love Halloween! I started to celebrate it in Japan, and I cannot get enough of it. So, when Kendra Hurteau and Katrina Hill decided to produce this gorgeous lenormand I was incredibly happy! This is the first Halloween Lenormand of the market (EVER!). When it came out it was a sensation and it started a small revolution. The Spooky Cute had arrived! The Halloween Lenormand is a cute, and yet spooky lenormand deck, perfect to be used during Halloween (or whenever you want) by the whole family. Your kids are going to love it, your grannies are going to steal it from you!

It fits perfectly into Halloween fashion: gray and black colors all around, and pumpkins, lots of pumpkins! You get the huge pumpkin instead of a clover, and the man and woman cards are pumpkin headed people. The flowers are candy, the lilies are deadly flowers, the dog is a black cat, the garden is a bloody fountain (cute one), the crossroads are a creepy trail… All the cards are perfectly fashioned for a cute and gorgeous Halloween. Characters in this deck are spookily cute.

One of my favorite cards is the purple heart (the dark heart). It is cool how it is drawn, and I also love the small poisonous green stuff that pops out from it. I love it! I also love the candy! It is the sort of candy you would get during Halloween, but they are adorable! And the cat is both spooky and cute. You are going to love this deck, all its theme characters and its spooky cuteness.

It is a sweet deck to use during Halloween. It’s colors and its drawings are a perfect match for the festivity. So, if you are planning a party, this is the deck to use!

The card-stock is strong (printerstudio card-stock), which is good for heavy use. It shuffles perfectly and it is smooth, as expected from Printer Studio quality.


It is children safe. It is not “really really spooky”, it is spooky in a sweet and cute way, perfect to play along with children. So it is perfect to be used while playing with the whole family. You can also use it to play further with it. Do you know any spooky stories to explain to your family? Shuffle the deck, take one of the cards, and start the game!

So, this deck has really more than meets the eye. You decide what you want: the trick or the treat! Now, seriously, what do you want? The trick or the treat! How to get this deck is both the trick and the treat, since it is out of print right now (but this might change… soon!) What to do? To spookily convince the author (Kendra) to re-print it again. You can find more about the deck and the contact to get the author to print more of these cuties here.

You can find the original post here.

Massive Clearance Sale! 4 decks for $49.99

Sale 2

Save $71.96 and get 4 (four) Rootweaver decks for the insanely low price of just $49.99. This is a clearance sale, stocks are limited to 50 packages. Available on a first-come-first-served basis. The clearance sale package consists of:

1 x Vintage Lenormand. Value $28.95

1 x Mini Vintage Lenormand. Value $18.00

1 x LeNewbie Lenormand (signed & numbered limited edition.) Value $30.00

1 x BYO Lenormand (cards will be randomly selected). Value $45.00

TOTAL Value: $121.95

Discount: $71.96

Package Sale Price: ONLY $49.99 

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Zingdoodle Lenormand, by Rootweaver – pre-order now!

Rootweaver’s latest deck-in-progress is almost complete. Each card is hand-drawn, boldly coloured and embellished with intricate doodles in a ‘Zentangle’ style.

Pre-orders now open on at $25.00 (plus postage), a special pre-order price just in time for Christmas. Save $5.00 on the regular price of $30.00 (plus postage.)

This is Rootweaver’s fifth Lenormand deck that proudly takes its place with her other available decks; the Vintage Lenormand, BYO Lenormand, LeNewbie Lenormand and Micro Lenormand.

Card 3, Ship. Zingdoodle Lenormand by Rootweaver 2013

Card 3, Ship. Zingdoodle Lenormand by Rootweaver 2013

5 Tree

Card 5, Tree. Zingdoodle Lenormand by Rootweaver. 2013

15 Bear

Card 15, Bear. Zingdoodle Lenormand by Rootweaver. 2013

12 Birds

Card 12, Birds. Zingdoodle Lenormand by Rootweaver. 2013

14 Fox

Card 14, Fox. Zingdoodle Lenormand by Rootweaver. 2013

18 Dog

Card 18, Dog. Zingdoodle Lenormand by Rootweaver. 2013

28 Man

Card 28, Man. Zingdoodle Lenormand by Rootweaver. 2013

29 Woman

Card 29, Woman. Zingdoodle Lenormand by Rootweaver. 2013

33 Key

Card 33, Key. Zingdoodle Lenormand by Rootweaver. 2013

34 Fish

Card 34, Fish. Zingdoodle Lenormand by Rootweaver. 2013

LeNewbie Lenormand, a learning & teaching tool


LeNewbie Lenormand, by Rootweaver

Lenormand has taken the card-reading world by storm. However, as more and more readers try their hand at this fascinating system of European fortune-telling, it becomes clear that it’s not as easy to learn as it first appears to be.

The system depends on traditional keyword meanings for each card, used in combination with one another to make accurate revelations. It is imperative that newcomers first learn these keywords before they can successfully start using the cards. In comes the LeNewbie Lenormand to the rescue; a deck designed with the beginner in mind.

Each of the images on the 36 cards that make up this deck are compiled of their relevant keywords, doing away with the immediate need to memorise the Lenormand keywords because they are right in front of the reader! Now anyone can read Lenormand.

30. LILY aThe brain works in a strange way. When the image becomes the words these words seem to somehow stick in the memory, without any effort. Thus killing two birds with one stone, the immediate ability to read Lenormand and the subtle manner in which one remembers keywords without really trying.

This is a limited edition deck, only 250 copies – signed and numbered. A powerful learning and teaching tool, a must-have for anyone interested in learning or teaching the fascinating Lenormand.

Order directly from Rootweaver’s site at

Do you think that seeing the keywords on each card, represented as an image would help you to learn or teach Lenormand? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

BYO Lenormand: Carrie Paris endorsement


My cartomantic fascination started with tarot and over the years I’ve acquired a large number of decks. All have given me cause to take a favorite card from each pack in order to assemble a master deck filled only with the cream of the crop. Since entering the Lenormand world, I’ve again found myself with a fast growing collection of “Lennies”. There are favorite cards that stand out in each Lenormand I own and like my “greatest hits” tarot pack, I fantasize about assembling a master Lenormand deck. However my desire to keep my decks intact far overrides my desire to break them up. I know I’m not alone here.

In comes Andi (Rootweaver) Graf, who has heeded the call of my plight with a brilliant solution. Gone are the days of purchasing duplicate packs, deck dissection, and the predicament of not playing with a full deck. Andi, creatix of the beautiful Vintage Lenormand, has designed a build-your-own (BYO) Lenormand using the same vintage style her initial deck is known and loved for. Here’s how it works:

In this first ever opportunity to BYO Lenormand, Andi provides 180 wonderful choices—five variations for each of the 36 standard Lenormand cards. She has set it up for the site visitor to hand select the cards they want to create a customized master deck that speaks to their needs. This intelligent and thoughtful concept will no doubt launch other cartomantic traditions to follow suite as the combinations are endless.

My BYO Lenormand is filled with my favorite flowers for the Bouquet, I selected not one but two Riders (because I could)—one representing a peaceful delivery while the other is more action oriented. I also went with two moon cards both a full and crescent. Again, the groupings are infinite and that’s what makes the BYO Lenormand and the readings it produces so interesting.

Rootweaver is a pioneer in the Lenormand community. Keep an eye on her site. You’ll be glad you did!