Tarotelic series: 6 of Cups

This week I examine the Six of Cups in my current Tarotelic series; focussing on the playful element of the card as well as the slightly more sinister aspect of the card, namely issues from the past.

True to the Tarotelic style of weaving relevant tales from history and myth into the card of the week, today’s offering is no exception. If you’d like to read my approach to the Six of Cups presented in this particular style, I invite you to visit the Tarotelic blog on the following link: Tarotelic with Rootweaver

Health Issue Indicators – Part 2

*Please note: These indicators were intuited using the ‘Voice in the Card’ method in which I ignored all other (relevant) interpretations and card-meanings. I am more than happy to share what I received, but I strongly suggest that readers who find this list helpful rather intuit their own list of health indicators before attempting to use them in readings.

Minor Arcana – Cups

Ace of Cups – Incontinence, weepy

2 of Cups– 2nd medical opinion needed

3 of Cups– Foot issues, eg athletes foot, flat-foot, etc

4 of Cups– Incorrect medication/dosage administered, body rejects transplant

5 of Cups– Underactive thyroid, low body temperature

6 of Cups– Ear-nose-throat

7 of Cups– Lack of concentration, day-dreaming, autism

8 of Cups– Limp (any other condition that requires the use of a walking stick)

9 of Cups– Overweight, alcoholism

10 of Cups– Pleurisy

Page of Cups– Halitosis

Knight of Cups– Stiff back & neck, light-headed

Queen of Cups– Headache, tight shoulder muscles

King of Cups– Chesty, bronchial

*Disclaimer. I am not a health professional, and this is not meant to be a diagnostic exercise, merely clues to possible underlying conditions that querents should consult their medical professionals about rather than ‘taking my word’ for it.