R.I.P Nelson Mandela (1918-2013)

Something I wrote in 1998 for Nelson Mandela. Hamba kahle, Tata Madiba.

Nelson Mandela, artist rendition. Source: http://guardianlv.com

Nelson Mandela, artist rendition. Source: http://guardianlv.com

In the Land of his birth and destiny
an ordinary man was fighting to be free
from segregation
of the black nation, for humanity.
He was the symbol of justice in white courts
the paradigm of freedom for this he had fought
he would not bend
until the end, was what he taught.

The strength of this cause would see him through
the aspirations of his people was enough, he knew,
to fill his soul
while in the gaol. The time was due.
The father of the nation when at last released,
his people adored him, their self-esteem increased
and he was proud
to hear the crowd sing out aloud.

Here my children is the land of our birth
which was gone for too long,
yet, with courage, faith and song
we have won.
Thus with pride and dignity and worth
we can honour this land
for together we must stand,
no longer banned,
sing with pride and merriment and mirth.

Hate not your enemies, is what he told to all,
for they too were prisoners inside their very soul
and now are free,
like you and me, our common goal.
We’ll cultivate a nation of which we can be proud
the voices of our people will all sing out aloud
and start anew
this is our cue, this is the hour.

Our valleys will echo the voices of all man
our dreams will be carried on the wind across the sand,
for we are free
with dignity, in this our land.
African children, people of all tribes,
we have taken back our country and taken back our lives
so with respect
we shall protect, grow and thrive.

Here my children is the land of our birth
which was gone for too long
yet with courage, faith and song
we have won.
Thus with pride and dignity and worth
we can honour this land
for together we must stand
no longer banned.
Sing with pride and merriment and mirth.

We’ll educate our children, off the land they’ll feed,
we’ll honour our country and never let it bleed,
for it is here
in Africa that we are freed.

Rootweaver © 1998-2013


Lenormand in 5 easy steps

Something exciting is afoot. After 18 months of treading water, trying to come to grips with how to read Lenormand, I finally experienced my big lightbulb moment! In that moment of clarity everything I had learnt about Lenormand suddenly slotted perfectly into place. I am so excited to share what I have learnt that I started a study group on Facebook called Lenormand Toolbox. If you’re still treading water on your Lennie journey, or if you’re totally new to Lenormand and would like to learn more about it, or even if you’re an ‘old hand’ at it; come join me and a great community of other like-minded Lenormand enthusiasts where you can learn to read Lenormand in 5 EASY STEPS. Absolutely free of charge!

One of the Group Activities available on the Lenormand Toolbox Facebook group. Deck: Zingdoodle Lenormand © Rootweaver 2013, available at www.rootweaver.com

One of the Group Activities available on the Lenormand Toolbox Facebook group. Deck: Zingdoodle Lenormand © Rootweaver 2013, available at http://www.rootweaver.com

I know what it’s like to stumble and fall, over and over again while trying to learn this fascinating system of European fortune telling. Therefore, if I can share even one little thing with you to make your learning experience easier or less frustrating, I’d happily do it.

For this awakening I credit Mary K. Greer, she was the right teacher at the right time for me. I had enrolled and participated in many Lenormand courses before signing up for her fabulous Le Petit Lenormand Course. All of them were good, yet it was in Mary’s class that the penny finally dropped for me, and now I want to share my insights!

If you would like to learn to read your own cards, or if you’d like to add Lenormand readings as an extra service to your existing tarot practice, hop on over to the Lenormand Toolbox. Looking forward to seeing you there!

JbR xxx

Samhain Blog-Hop: How do I love myself?

Thoughts on love. The most complex relationship most of us will have is the relationship we have with ourselves. It is little wonder then that the issue at hand in many readings I do for querents comes back to this question: ‘How do I love myself?’

I am honoured to be part of the Samhain blog-hop, the theme this time is LOVE. My post links here to Ethony (the blogger before me;) and here to Sun Goddess Tarot (the blogger after me.) Continue to read each of our thoughts on love by clicking on these links. From their blogs they will direct you to the next blogs in the Samhain blog-hop. If however Mercury Retrograde decides to play havoc with any of the links in the chain, fear not, here is the Master List.

How do I love myself? Knowing that the relationship we have with ourselves will colour the relationships we have with everyone and everything around us, I thought it a good opportunity to address this question. I consulted the Lenormand, a European system of fortune-telling. Card combinations are numbered and listed at the end. What follows is a dialogue, a heart-to-heart with ourselves about self-love, derived from a Square of Nine reading I did on this subject. In this reading the conversation might go something like this:

Square of Nine - Samhain Bloghop. Deck: Zingdoodle Lenormand © Rootweaver www.rootweaver.com

Square of Nine – Samhain Bloghop. Deck: Zingdoodle Lenormand © Rootweaver 2013. Available at http://www.rootweaver.com

“Dear Self,

(1) I acknowledge that my relationship with you has been riddled with disease, crippling me to believe that I am not as worthy as another. Confining me to that stuck place where I am confronted with my imperfections. A tomb that whispers ‘if I can see how unworthy you are, surely everybody else sees this too?’ I fear these thoughts that weigh me down seem utterly beyond my control.

(2) But… I acknowledge too that I am in partnership with myself, however I approach this we’re in it together. I may as well stop the merry-go-round for long enough to make a promise to me; a promise of commitment – come what may.  (3) In doing so, what may come is a new message of love. A renewal of my core relationship; a relationship that touches and colours all other relationships in my life. (4) I accept the invitation to seek the beauty and value in me. I know it has always been there even if I’ve temporarily lost sight of it.

(5) I acknowledge that my issues of low self esteem are deeply rooted. It seems I’ve carried the weight of this through generations almost as if my imperfections are imprinted on the DNA of my psyche. (6) But, I also acknowledge that I need to make an effort to be truer to me, the real me, and to trust myself to be a loyal companion who can see beyond the genetic imprints until I remember that I have always been my own soul-mate, even before I chose this life, these generational lessons.

(7) It is then that I will be free to enjoy the abundance of who I am. To frolic again in the flow and to see hurtful experiences and perceptions as nothing more than yet another resource, one of many to add to my coffer. (8) For, wherever I travel, whatever distance I cover in this life or another on these or other foreign shores, I know that I am the rightful heir to my unique connection to Source – my own spark of divinity. It is my inheritance.

(9) I will travel beyond the shores of my physical experiences, I will heal my sense of discomfort and ill-worth, and I will recognise myself as one who has been on this journey a long time, much longer than my physical age. From this day on I will be my own champion, my own best friend. I will endeavour to remain in the flow of abundance from which I was conceived.

(10) Dear Self, my journey has not stalled, I am merely setting down roots for a while as I learn about love and relationships in this physical world. I allow the roots of my tree to dip deeply into the flow of consciousness, and I pause often to quench my thirst.

(11) I have me, my best friend, to face the rest of this journey with. As long as I trust that I am exactly where I need to be and that soon enough my ship will sail on to new shores, we might as well enjoy the process together.

(12) I can only love another in so much as I have learnt to love myself. I no longer struggle to swim upstream, I surrender to the flow. Suddenly I find I no longer need permission to love because this love doesn’t come with a price tag that says ‘you’ve gotta love me back.’ I’ve let go of the notion that I am any less deserving than another because I know this is not true. We’re all cut from the same cloth, fishing from the same pond.

I think I’ll spread a picnic blanket now, catch some sun rays and allow myself to feel totally at one with all I am, all I ever have been and all that I am becoming.

I am loved.”

  1. Heart+Coffin
  2. Heart+Ring
  3. Heart+Rider
  4. Heart+Bouquet
  5. Heart+Tree
  6. Heart+Dog
  7. Heart+Fish
  8. Heart+Ship
  9. Tree+Ship
  10. Tree+Fish
  11. Dog+Ship
  12. Dog+Fish

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INVITATION: Bloggers and tarot/lenormand lovers, reviewers, teachers/students and cartomancy enthusiasts. Become a contributing author on Tarot Taxi, a popular cartomancy blog with over 1,900 subscribers. Send me an email (aussie.graf@gmail.com) to express your interest. Use GUEST BLOGGER in the subject line. https://tarottaxi.com/

Rootweaver’s new BYO Lenormand deck: LAUNCH

Build-Your-Own (BYO) Lenormand Deck, by Rootweaver

BYO-Promo736 cards, 5 variations of each. The total deck consists of 180 cards. Printed on premium 310gsm card stock with a luxurious linen finish.

My new deck, the Build-Your-Own Lenormand is exactly what the name suggests. It is the first ever Lenormand deck that gives readers the opportunity to construct their own customized deck from 180 different cards. Five variations for each of the standard 36 Lenormand cards are available from which readers can hand-pick the ones they want in order to assemble a deck of their choice. For the first time on offer Lenormand readers can now purchase loose cards ranging from one single card to as many as they want or need. The BYO Lenormand offers so many potential combinations for readers to assemble a complete new deck, with or without additional alternatives, that there is almost no chance at all that any two buyers will end up with the same deck. The odds are better to win the Lotto twice in a row than to end up with the same deck as anyone else who assembles theirs from the BYO Lenormand.

Because the BYO Lenormand deck is created in the same style as my Vintage Lenormand deck any of these 180 BYO cards can be added to the Vintage Lenormand deck without  it looking as if they have been added on as an after-thought. They will seamlessly and perfectly blend in. This of course means that buyers can expand their existing Vintage Lenormand decks to include as many additional cards as they want, and they can hand-select these to their  taste and liking or to reflect their reading style.

With more and more new Lenormand decks becoming available deck creators are finding innovative and exciting approaches to attract the attention of potential buyers. In an attempt to give Lenormand readers exactly what they want I tried to become more alert to their needs. Lenormand readers & collectors have become increasingly vocal about what they’d like to see in future decks, it was therefore only a matter of time before a deck creator heard them and started addressing these needs. Through attentive observation and with an ear close to the ground I soon realized that a BYO deck would address many of the requests and suggestions made by readers. This is how the idea to create a Build-Your-Own Lenormand deck developed.

After the cards were completed I approached Stella Waldvogel, a respected veteran of Lenormand, to examine the BYO deck with a critical eye. I thought if I could get Stella’s ‘stamp of approval’ it might go a long way toward gaining the confidence of potential buyers to invest in this new concept deck, particularly readers who adopt a traditional style of reading as Stella is an outspoken ‘traditionalist’ in Lenormand circles. Stella made a few valuable suggestions and recommendations which I took onboard to further perfect the deck as best possible. In her review of the deck Stella said There’s good news for traditional readers, check this out! To be honest, I was expecting yet more “new” Lenormand, so I put these images to the acid test. I gathered my notes on details, orientation and semi-obscure Lenormand lore, and set to work trying to build the most traditional deck possible from the 180 images. I was deliberately over-picky, and I was actually able to find more of the folkloric bells and whistles than you normally see in a single deck, even the classics.”

BYO-Promo6 A dear friend and fellow Lenormand reader in Australia, Lynne McGee whom I had also approached to critique the deck before it was released made a wonderful suggestion to include an African man, woman and child as options for readers to choose from. This was a very welcome last-minute adjustment and the results were simply fabulous. In response to the African addition Stella Waldvogel added “The people cards are expressive and culturally diverse, and range from boho to blue collar to metropolitan. In the end, I chose the African couple. The Man appears to be gazing benevolently at someone out of the frame, and the Woman looks happy and bubbly. They lend a friendly, open vibe to the deck. And since they face different directions, the way they fall in a spread gives extra clues about relationship readings since they can face each other, or away.”

It is with pride and joy that I offer this unique first-of-a-kind deck to the  Lenormand community. I invite my fellow deck creators to embrace this opportunity to give Lenormand readers more flexibility and control in the selection and assembly of their future decks, and I look forward to seeing other deck creators following suit with more options from which readers can choose.

This deck is dedicated to the Lenormand community, in particular to the readers and collectors of Lenormand without whom this project would not have been conceived. It is with gratitude too that I wish to acknowledge the following individuals for their encouragement, motivation, guidance, contributions and suggestions during the creation of the BYO Lenormand deck:BYO-promo1

Carrie Paris for her unconditional love and encouragement, Lynne McGee for her unwavering faith in me and in the deck itself, Stella Waldvogel for her critically important evaluation of the deck before it was launched and for her encouragement and guidance, Marcus Katz and Tali Goodwin for their support and for the opportunity to launch the BYO Lenormand on the World Tarot Day platform. Ray Theron, Ryan Joffe, Stacey Elk, Elle Theron and numerous artists on Deviantart for permitting me to use and manipulate their sublime photography for this project, and last but not least my loving husband Gunther Graf who selflessly holds the energy of our lives together while I surrender myself to the creative flow.

The BYO Lenormand can be purchased directly from my website at  www.rootweaver.com where each of the 36 cards are listed as separate products, each with options A,B,C,D & E to choose from. Here’s hoping that this deck brings you at least as much enjoyment in its selection and use as what I have had creating it.

And now (finally) I can breathe a sigh of relief because I don’t have to hold onto this ‘secret’ anymore, the cat is out of the bag. Thanks for ‘playing’ with me in the build-up and anticipation of this deck.

With love: Rootweaver

xx JbR xx

TarotCon Australia: 16-17 March (Sydney)

Rootweaver (Vintage Lenormand 'Garden' card)Garden = Public gathering

Rootweaver (Vintage Lenormand ‘Garden’ card)
Garden = Public gathering

TarotCon (Tarosophy Tarot Convention) is almost upon us! If you have not yet reserved your seat to this historical (first) event, do so now without further delay. I want to meet you!

International Presenters: Marcus Katz (UK), Tali Goodwin (UK) and Carrie Paris (US), National Presenters: Russell Sturgess (Aus), Biddy Tarot (Aus)

Meet your Tarot Tribe face-to-face, learn groundbreaking Tarot and Lenormand reading techniques, and experience beautiful Sydney at its very best.

Hope to see you there!

TarotCon Australia – March 16th & 17th (Sydney)


If you want to use Tarot to totally change your life, or read for others, or just as an enthusiast, this is a unique chance to be at the first Tarot Convention in Sydney with Tarot Professionals on March 16th-17th. We have international speakers and workshop hosts from the US, UK and Australia in a prestigious venue, the Australian Museum. Make new friends and colleagues and share the adventure! Details and booking at http://www.tarotconvention.com/.

Lammas TarotBlogHop – fruit of the harvest

the blog before me

Just as the wheat must end its growth cycle and ultimately be crushed and ground to bake the Lammas bread, so too does all physical life eventually end, releasing us so that we may transition to the next state.

When I began to channel in the garden, Michael laughed and said “you’re not gardening you’re God-ning.”

The Pentacles suit in tarot governs over the physical world, addressing matters relating to our physical lives. Universally we instinctively cling to physical life, so that when death visits it is almost always accompanied by shock, sadness and loss for those left behind. Death it would seem, is something that most of us resist and fear, yet it is the one thing that we all know we are unquestionably moving towards, one way or another. I am curious as to why we fear death when we accept that it is the ultimate initiation to reunite us with our natural form, spirit. As a tarot reader who opens herself to channeling during readings I frequently receive messages from deceased loved ones for my sitters. On the experience of dying and the fear of death they describe how exquisite the transition is; saying we are so focussed on prolonging physical life that we have ‘forgotten how to die.’ The experience is described as a rush of joy and liberation in which we become reacquainted with  how very wide our horizons are. Freedom from restriction. A welcome homecoming.

As we cast off the suit of Pentacles to re-enter the world of spirit upon our deaths so that we may enjoy the fruit of our harvest, the most we can hope for is a life well lived that touched and inspired others.

In loving memory of my friend, Michael Copley. Until we meet again…

Beltane TarotBlogHop: The Fire Tends to All

Previous Beltane blog: Before me

Please follow the link above to the wonderful blog of Matt Williams, as he too shares his thoughts on this Beltane TarotBlogHop.

“The fire tends to all” is the subject of this TarotBlogHop in which you can hop from one blog to the next, a bit like wildfire.

Like wildfire… That’s how fast a tarot reader’s reputation spreads amongst her community.

Armed only with a fiery passion for the cards and a creative approach that the element of fire promises, I gave up my private home-based tarot practice, taking the plunge to expose tarot in a very public environment to the ‘masses’ instead.

When I moved to regional Victoria two and a bit years ago I immediately fell in love with an old, unused historical building. The Cobb & Co Stables dates back to the 1870’s when the growing town needed a coach link to Melbourne. Located in a prime position in the main street of our town, I often used to peep through holes in the heavy locked wooden doors, trying to get a glimpse of what used to be the old stables inside. If I had half a million dollars to spare I would almost certainly have bought this old building to open it as an indoors undercover market instead, the building lends itself to exactly this.

It seems someone else shared my vision. About 6 weeks ago it was opened to the public as – believe it or not – an undercover market! It now proudly hosts weekend markets and over 20 permanent mini-shops, of which my new tarot parlour is one.

I have enjoyed unexpected success and support from the public since opening my salon which got me thinking about what happened and why this is proving to be so successful. Undoubtedly the location plays a large role but why, I wondered, is the public so generously supporting a tarot reader in what is considered to be a relatively conservative country town?

Being stables back in the day, none of the mini-shops have doors. With no doors to ‘hide behind’ and nothing to conceal what I do, I have completely exposed myself, coming across as the very ordinary girl-next-door that I am, who reads tarot. My tarot deck lies on my reading table, open, friendly, non-threatening and welcoming to all passer-by’s. There is no air of mystery surrounding me, what you see is what you get. Every day I hear words like “I’ve never had a reading done before, but I’ve always been rather curious.” which leads me to believe that people, once they see that there is nothing to fear, are willing to explore this unknown. I have concluded that it is not the reader with the biggest pentagram, or blackest robe, neither the one with hundreds of certificates on her walls or the largest collection of tarot decks who attracts the interest of the public. Well, certainly not in my case as I have none of the above. It is most likely my ‘ordinaryness’  that ordinary people, with ordinary issues can relate to. “She’s one of us, so she’s gotta be okay” you can almost hear them thinking.

Like wildfire on the proverbial grapevine the word has quickly spread that affordable and accurate readings can be obtained from a professional tarot reader (accredited by the Tarot Guild of Australia) between shopping sprees or at lunch breaks in a non-threatening environment and approach. Here are a few things I’ve learnt since opening the salon:

  • Find the right setting
  • Dominate your niche market, come to an arrangement with management that you will be the only tarot reader in the market
  • Print lots of business cards, ask customers to refer you to their friends if they are confident in your abilities as a top tarot reader
  • Keep an appointment book available so that interested customers can book a time-slot for readings if you are in session when they visit
  • Seek complimentary services out amongst other shopkeepers, and come to a referrals agreement with them
  • Do not engage in gossip with other shopkeepers, focussing instead on building your business with a positive attitude
  • Offer a guarantee to your customers; mine goes something like this: “If your reading does not resonate with you on any level, you don’t pay for it.” This demonstrates a level of confidence in yourself as a reader
  • Approach each new day at your reading salon with an attitude of gratitude, exactly as you would the potential parking space that you just KNOW will be available for you in the busy city when you need to park your vehicle. Simply rest in the knowledge that spirit will send the right people to you and that you, in turn, will channel the messages that your potential customers are ready to receive

When we are authentically ourselves and offer our readings from a place of service rather than insecurity or uncertainty, the Universe will comply. What’s more, the public will champion our cause as word of our readings spread like wildfire.

Here’s wishing all readers more quality readings and referrals in your own practices.

Please continue hopping blog to blog by visiting the talented Arwen Lynch‘s blog next to see where ‘the fire tends to all’ takes her, on the following link:

Next Beltane blog: After me

Should you find a broken link, you can access the master list of blogs in this Beltane BlogHop here

Tarot Town – Important Message!

I am reposting this message from Tarot Town as it may be of interest to many of our blog-readers:

On May 25th, Tarot-Town will be revamped and only accessible thereafter to Citizens/Patrons at a new rate of $5/month. If you wish to upgrade your membership prior to May 25th, you will gain the the current rate of $1/month.

All current Citizens & Patrons, who have supported Tarot-Town so brilliantly, need do nothing!

As in our newsletter, we believe this is a fair rate to ensure the viability of offering quality Tarot courses and material in Town.

To upgrade, simply click MY HOME in the tab bar in Tarot Town, then select the EDIT ACCOUNT button. Select Citizen ($1/month) or Patron ($12/year) and then click CHANGE LEVEL.

If you wish to stay connected with our work outside of Tarot-Town, we invite you to join our free Facebook discussion group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/tarotprofessionals

Thank you,

Marcus & Tali