Let the 30 day Tarot Challenge begin

Let the 30 day Tarot Challenge bein

Today is National Tarot Day ! Let us celebrate by taking the 30 day Tarot Challenge ! Please click the link for details. I hope that you find it fun, challenging, and intuitive. There will be a drawing for my vibrant visions oracle deck to conclude the challenge. So participants can gain an abundance of knowledge and a new deck !! One name, drawn randomly to win, plus hidden surprises waiting inside a couple of the lessons. x Bridgett

Any question? ask here or on my blog.

25 May 2013 – 30 Day Tarot Challenge!



What are you going to do this year to celebrate National Tarot Day?? Some of us will go out and buy a new deck of cards. Some will offer free readings. Or our friend, Rootweaver here, will be releasing her new Lenormand deck !! How cool is that ?

I have decided that my personal celebration will be to educate those who know little about Tarot, or those who want to learn more intuitive style reading, by offering my very own 30 Day Tarot Challenge! 

I am in the midst of preparing it right now. It is taking a bit of work, and much typing, but I am sure that it will be of great value to all those interested, and best of all anyone can join, and it’s FREE!

I challenge you to give yourself to me, and the Tarot for 30 days – deck, pen and journal in hand, and a commitment to dedicate yourself to the challenge. :)

I will give all those wanting to join in on the fun more information on May 25, 2013 – in honor of National Tarot Day. So keep your ears open, and your eyes on The Tarot Taxi.

Let’s create a wonderful environment of like minded people and get to know each other a bit while completing a really cool challenge. Those who participate the most will be entered into a drawing for my own creation of the Lenormand deck – Vibrant Visions. 

Spread the word folks, and don’t forget a bottle of wine.

Talk soon ….. STAY TUNED. x Bridgett

30 Day Lenormand Challenge – Day 30

Vintage Lenormand by Rootweaver

Vintage Lenormand by Rootweaver

Finally we reach the end of this 30 Day Lenormand Challenge, inspired and created by the beautiful Pepi. Today’s question is:

Do you have a Lenormand mentor? How does this mentor inspire you?

I do have a Lenormand mentor. Two in fact. Tali Goodwin and Marcus Katz from Tarot Professionals. They first introduced me to Lenormand some time ago during a free beginners course that Tali offered on Tarot Town. Since then I have gone on to create and publish my own Lenormand deck. I am currently studying Lenormand with Tali & Marcus in a 10 week course called ‘Learning Lenormand’ that has already proved to be incredibly enlightening. What they are teaching me is enabling me to set myself up to eventually become a proficient Lenormand reader which I want to do so that I can offer Lenormand readings to my tarot clientele as well.

Just before I wrap-up this 30 Day Challenge, Pepi has posed a bonus question too:

If you had to create a Lenormand deck, and could add or change cards, which cards would you change? Which cards would you add? Which meanings would they have? Why would you do so?

When I created the Vintage Lenormand I opted not to add any extra cards, and chose not to change any cards either. This is partly due to my inexperience in the field of Lenormand (I’d like to know more before I ‘change’ anything) and partly because I wanted to stick with tradition.

Symbology however does fascinate me, it has for the longest time. I can quite easily see myself creating an oracle deck (which in all fairness would not be a Lenormand deck) based on several symbols that are not currently in use in Lenormand. Until I do this however I cannot (should not) spill the beans.


Thanks for following my daily blogs during the 30 Day Challenge.



30 Day Lenormand Challenge – Day 29

Vintage Lenormand by RootweaverCard #11 - Whip

Vintage Lenormand by Rootweaver
Card #11 – Whip

Pepi’s question today is:

Does anyone that you know not agree with you reading the Lenormand?

I can honestly say that nobody who matters in my life gives a fig whether I read Lenormand or not. My nearest and dearest always support me in my ventures and interests, my husband and children in particular are very proud of me publishing my first Lenormand deck for example, and have been very encouraging with regard my Lenormand studies.

I guess it’s a case of those who matter don’t criticise and those who criticise don’t matter


30 Day Lenormand Challenge – Day 28

Vintage Lenormand by RootweaverCard #24 - Heart (showing the back of the 1st edition cards too)

Vintage Lenormand by Rootweaver
Card #24 – Heart (showing the back of the 1st edition cards too)

Today’s question from Pepi’s blog is:

Have you ever done/ attended a Webinar /Workshop/ gathering with friends using the Lenormand? What did you learn doing that?

I am currently studying ‘Learning Lenormand’ through Tarot Professionals with Marcus Katz and Tali Goodwin. These weekly classes are conducted via live Webinar sessions, and truly have become the highlight of my week!

With every lesson we learn so much more about Lenormand than I thought was possible in a short 1-hour class, and the weekly assignments and practices are astonishingly revealing.

After trying to learn Lenormand from various online sources before this I can now say that I am truly beginning to grasp this system of fortune telling, thanks to the groundbreaking lessons that I attend online every week.

As is typical of Tarot Professionals in their courses they get to the heart of the matter in no time at all and build on our knowledge from the ground up. I cannot praise this course enough!

30 Day Lenormand Challenge – Day 27

Vintage Lenormand by Rootweaver

Vintage Lenormand by Rootweaver

Today’s question from Pepi’s blog is:

Do you have a special spot (at home, outside, etc) to read the Lenormand? Why?

I have an especially designated space at work (tarot/coffee shop) to read tarot from, and when I am proficient at Lenormand I’ll be reading these cards from there too. Until such time I do my practice readings, mostly from home.

Reading from a space that has been specially prepared for readings has the advantage that it acts as a trigger each time we enter the space for readings. Just as a favourite incense acts as a trigger to enter a meditative space.

30 Day Lenormand Challenge – Day 26

Vintage Lenormand by RootweaverPhoto by Bobbie Jo Drake

Vintage Lenormand by Rootweaver
Photo by Bobbie Jo Drake

Today’s question from Pepi’s blog is:

Have you ever regretted a reading? Was it annoying for you? Deceitful? Hard?

I suppose this is a very real possibility, but fortunately I have not experienced such a situation yet and hopefully I won’t ever have to.

It is probably for this reason that I do not yet offer Lenormand readings at my tarot practice. I read tarot professionally and am reasonably well versed in tarot. I am however not a professional Lenormand reader yet, and until I am I won’t be reading for the public using this form of fortune telling.

As readers we have a responsibility towards our clients, words can hurt and shape a person’s future choices. Until I am confident that the words I speak as a Lenormand reader are true and accurate I would not risk informing someone with my readings.

30 Day Lenormand Challenge – Day 25

Vintage Lenormand by RootweaverCard #34 - Fish

Vintage Lenormand by Rootweaver
Card #34 – Fish

Today’s question is:

Do you believe your readings are accurate with the Lenormand? Why?

Lenormand is accurate. Readers like me who are still new at Lenormand might have to hone our skills to understand and correctly interpret the cards, but that does not detract from the accuracy of the oracle (whether we recognise this or not.)

Yes, I am getting better at it though, and on a few recent occasions I have accurately interpreted the cards. The proof of course is in the eating of the pudding. Nothing says ‘accurate’ quite as well as confirmation and positive feedback, something that is happening more and more frequently for me now with Lenormand.


30 Day Lenormand Challenge – Day 24

Vintage Lenormand by RootweaverCard #7 - Snake

Vintage Lenormand by Rootweaver
Card #7 – Snake

Today’s question from Pepi’s blog is:

Which is the origin of the Lenormand that you like the most? The historical (Hetchel), or the Mystical (Mlle. Lenormand)? Why?

I am not entirely certain that I understand this question correctly… Is Pepi asking whether I prefer the historical or mystical aspect of Lenormand? If so I would have to say that I currently am enjoying the historical aspect more, but only because that is where I’m at in my Lenormand studies at the moment.




30 Day Lenormand Challenge – Day 23

Vintage Lenormand FB Page cover

Today’s question (from Pepi’s blog) is:

 Which is the most dramatic reading that you have ever made with the Lenormand? Or the one that has more meaning to you?

I think it was one of my very first readings, in which the Scythe card made its appearance. It was a 3-card reading and the question concerned a new business venture where 5 individual business owners agreed to share a terrific new shop/building. At the time of the reading we were all still bright-eyed-and-bushy-tailed about the joined venture.

I should have known that there would be a sudden end…

Within 3 days of the reading, three of the businesses pulled out, leaving only two of us to carry the weight of the financial commitments on our own. The rent was not cheap, we were in a prime position.

The good news is that the remaining business person and I formed a partnership, pooled our resources, and today we are the proud owners of a fabulous little coffee shop with added services, namely massage therapies from the consulting rooms at the back of the shop and tarot readings around the tables in the coffee shop.

All’s well that ends well.