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Hello everyone! I apologise for being so silent on this blog lately. I enrolled in Art School to do my bachelor’s in Fine Art & Visual Culture which has been keeping me extremely busy.

But, I haven’t forgotten about you or the tarot world. 😉

One of the reasons I decided to study art formally is so that I am fully equipped to create a (hopefully) wonderful tarot deck. This is still very much on my bucket list. The attached image is one I did recently of my home studio, that’s where all the art magic happens.

If you are interested in my artistic progress I’d like to invite you to follow my art blog too, the link is, I really could use your help to get my numbers up on that blog and would very much like to share my art journey with you all.

With only a few days to go before I wrap-up my first year of study I am taking a well-deserved break for 12 weeks before beginning my second year of studies. That will give me a bit of time to catch up with my tarot/lenormand friends and to contribute to this blog again.

I hope we’ll bump into each other on my art blog too! I kinda miss you guys. 🙂

Much love: Andi/Rootweaver

What happened to Malaysian Airlines missing Flight MH370?

Like so many other people around the world I am completely confounded by the mysterious disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 that went missing without a trace 5 days ago. In an attempt to uncover what might have happened I did a lenormand reading on the topic. The conclusion I reached is merely a theory and not based on facts or knowledge of what transpired. My thoughts & prayers are with the missing and their loved ones.


The first things that stood out for me were the cards in their own houses: Dog, Tower, Sun, Letter. I also noticed Crossroads in the house of Cross, and my focus card Coffin (for the contained ‘box’ that an airplane is) in the house of Clouds. It was also interesting to note that Key landed in the house of Ring, and Ring landed in the house of Key.

The Letter card concerns me as it is flanked by Cross and Scythe and therefore speaks of painful news. I cannot imagine more excruciating agony than what the loved ones of the passengers onboard Flight MH370 are going through right now. Letter can also refer to flyers or more literally (in this case) fliers.

The very first card in the GT spread is Mice, indicating possible theft. Theft of the plane, i.e hijacking. A quick theft at that as Mice lands in the house of Rider who delivers with speed. Clouds in the house of Crossroads tells me that there was (probably deliberate) concealment of a change in direction or course that this plane took. I think the plane landed safely (Crossroads/Paths in the house of Cross) indicating the end of the journey. Also, Ship in the house of Garden indicating that the plane is now grounded/landed.  I don’t think it crashed.

I believe a large organisation (group, corporation or government) was behind the theft of this aircraft (Tower in the house of Tower) with a strong (albeit misplaced) sense of loyalty to their ‘cause,’ (Dog in the house of Dog.) 2 men onboard were responsible for the hijacking, one of them quite young still or on his first ‘mission’ (Scythe in the house of Man & Child in the house of Scythe.)



In mid flight the plane changed direction and immediately descended to below radar so that it became undetectable, landing and thereby bringing the journey to an end. The hijackers were prepared (knowledgeable) and knew exactly what they were doing, the new route had already been mapped out to bring the aircraft ‘home.’ This was carried out by a branch (Tree) of the ‘enemy’ who went to great pains to ensure that recovering the aircraft would be an insurmountable obstacle for officials who are searching for the plane.

Having plotted the new course they ‘whipped’ the communication system into submission and reverted to old (obsolete?) technology (Star in Lily) to communicate and navigate the landing. They were very careful to shroud the whole ‘operation’ in obscurity keeping it clandestine until the end for fear of exposure and to ensure their success (Sun in house of Sun.)

The ‘enemy’ is a recognisable ‘authority’ who has successfully infiltrated and blended into the general populace.

The first 3 cards, Mice+Stork+Bouquet: Speaks about a theft and the delivery of this ‘gift’ which was stolen. Bouquet – being in the house of Ship prompted me to find the Ship card in the layout, this card landed in the house of Garden (20.) Onboard were 20 employees from a company called Freescale who (amongst other) has been working on making electric cars a viable option for the public. Finding the Garden card in the layout I see it has landed in the house of Snake, implying that there is treachery and betrayal at play. Is it possible that the reason this aircraft was hijacked was to steal Freescale’s technology or to prevent it from reaching the public? The Snake itself could symbolise oil pipelines, and we all know that the one industry that does not want viable hybrid alternatives to hit the market is the oil industry. With Sun landing in it’s own house I am inclined to give more credibility to the suggestion that this whole ‘disappearing plane’ drama centres around Energy, be that oil or renewable.

It seems money was exchanged involving this well-known (recognisable) authority who presents itself in this reading as the ‘enemy’ (Mountain.) Mountain landed in the house of Coffin – the card I chose as my focus card to represent the missing aircraft.

The Key card landed in the house of Ring, and the Ring card landed in the house of Key. I therefore reached the conclusion that the ‘key’ to this mysterious disappearance lies in the agreement/contract between the ‘enemy’ who acted to ensure the good health of its own interests, and the hijacker/s who acted swiftly when the opportunity presented itself.  They were paid ‘good money’ to deliver Freescale’s employees (Anchor) who most likely have been passionate about their renewable energy project. Hijacking the plane brought an end to the project, diverting it and the employees linked to it, elsewhere. It is possible that  technology belonging to Freescale for whom the 20 employees work was used on the aircraft,  ‘cloaking’ it from detection (Clouds) so that the concealed plane could be diverted without fear of being caught. This clandestine (Fox) operation took place as a small window of opportunity (Clover) presented itself, ‘wrapped up’ in the passenger manifest of this aircraft. Cross in the house of Book informs me that the group behind this hijacking probably wanted to ‘end’ the project that these 20 employees were working on, or to prevent the technology they are developing from being used.

I am puzzled that Woman landed in the house of Mice, indicating perhaps that there was an additional hijacker – a woman – or that a ‘woman in charge’ gave the orders for the illegal interception of this aircraft, or it could simply be referring to the ‘partner’ of the hijackers, being the aforementioned group or corporation. Perhaps the corporation is named after a woman.

Whip in the house of Birds tells me that there was probably a serious argument or violent disagreement, and Rider in the house of Whip makes me wonder whether a threat was made to Freescale who is responsible for this new technology. If so, it may be a clue to who is behind the hijacking. Also it would seem that violence was threatened if any attempts at communication was made from those onboard.

Looking for patterns I decided to search for a hidden message based on the flight number, MH370.  M=Mountain, H=House, 3=Ship, 7=Snake, (1)0=Scythe. These cards landed in the following houses: Mountain(21)>Coffin(8)=29, House(4)>Tree(5)=9, Ship(3)>Garden(20)=23, Snake(7)>Stork(17)=24, Scythe(10)>Man(28)=38 (or 0>28=28.) Entirely unsure whether these numbers could mean something concrete I do wonder whether it could accurately predict (for example) the aircraft’s coordinates? I typed these numbers into Google and curiously enough the search results came up with Al Butnan, Libya: I am however not convinced and I am not suggesting that this is where the aircraft was taken, only that I was ‘playing’ with numbers and looking for patterns. Maybe if I explore more patterns I’ll find something more feasible.

Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 5.46.53 PM

Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 5.48.40 PM

What happened to Flight MH370? My best guess – based on this reading – is that the aircraft was hijacked and landed. Like the rest of the world I can only pray for the safety of all onboard and hope that they will soon be reunited with their loved ones. Sooner rather than later.

Side note: I located a news report claiming that ‘it is conceivable that the Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 is ‘cloaked,’ hiding with high-tech electronic warfare weaponry that exists and is used. In fact, this type of technology is precisely he expertise of Freescale, that has 20 employees on board the missing craft.”


R.I.P Nelson Mandela (1918-2013)

Something I wrote in 1998 for Nelson Mandela. Hamba kahle, Tata Madiba.

Nelson Mandela, artist rendition. Source:

Nelson Mandela, artist rendition. Source:

In the Land of his birth and destiny
an ordinary man was fighting to be free
from segregation
of the black nation, for humanity.
He was the symbol of justice in white courts
the paradigm of freedom for this he had fought
he would not bend
until the end, was what he taught.

The strength of this cause would see him through
the aspirations of his people was enough, he knew,
to fill his soul
while in the gaol. The time was due.
The father of the nation when at last released,
his people adored him, their self-esteem increased
and he was proud
to hear the crowd sing out aloud.

Here my children is the land of our birth
which was gone for too long,
yet, with courage, faith and song
we have won.
Thus with pride and dignity and worth
we can honour this land
for together we must stand,
no longer banned,
sing with pride and merriment and mirth.

Hate not your enemies, is what he told to all,
for they too were prisoners inside their very soul
and now are free,
like you and me, our common goal.
We’ll cultivate a nation of which we can be proud
the voices of our people will all sing out aloud
and start anew
this is our cue, this is the hour.

Our valleys will echo the voices of all man
our dreams will be carried on the wind across the sand,
for we are free
with dignity, in this our land.
African children, people of all tribes,
we have taken back our country and taken back our lives
so with respect
we shall protect, grow and thrive.

Here my children is the land of our birth
which was gone for too long
yet with courage, faith and song
we have won.
Thus with pride and dignity and worth
we can honour this land
for together we must stand
no longer banned.
Sing with pride and merriment and mirth.

We’ll educate our children, off the land they’ll feed,
we’ll honour our country and never let it bleed,
for it is here
in Africa that we are freed.

Rootweaver © 1998-2013


Lenormand in 5 easy steps

Something exciting is afoot. After 18 months of treading water, trying to come to grips with how to read Lenormand, I finally experienced my big lightbulb moment! In that moment of clarity everything I had learnt about Lenormand suddenly slotted perfectly into place. I am so excited to share what I have learnt that I started a study group on Facebook called Lenormand Toolbox. If you’re still treading water on your Lennie journey, or if you’re totally new to Lenormand and would like to learn more about it, or even if you’re an ‘old hand’ at it; come join me and a great community of other like-minded Lenormand enthusiasts where you can learn to read Lenormand in 5 EASY STEPS. Absolutely free of charge!

One of the Group Activities available on the Lenormand Toolbox Facebook group. Deck: Zingdoodle Lenormand © Rootweaver 2013, available at

One of the Group Activities available on the Lenormand Toolbox Facebook group. Deck: Zingdoodle Lenormand © Rootweaver 2013, available at

I know what it’s like to stumble and fall, over and over again while trying to learn this fascinating system of European fortune telling. Therefore, if I can share even one little thing with you to make your learning experience easier or less frustrating, I’d happily do it.

For this awakening I credit Mary K. Greer, she was the right teacher at the right time for me. I had enrolled and participated in many Lenormand courses before signing up for her fabulous Le Petit Lenormand Course. All of them were good, yet it was in Mary’s class that the penny finally dropped for me, and now I want to share my insights!

If you would like to learn to read your own cards, or if you’d like to add Lenormand readings as an extra service to your existing tarot practice, hop on over to the Lenormand Toolbox. Looking forward to seeing you there!

JbR xxx

Tarot x Lenormand Huge Give Away: the hunt begins


Have you ever played a Hunting the Treasure Game around your city? Someone puts clues online, in one or more blog, and folks go walking around the city trying to find out those clues, and compiting with others to find “the Treasure”. The Tarot x Lenormand Game is just that! But BIGGER!

I decided to take a deck, punch some star holes, decorate it, shuffle it, and send it to 10 different people to play this game. These 10 people are the key (clue) holders, that will give away those keys, either by person, in their blogs or in their Facebook pages. Those who are able to hunt more keys (tarot cards) will win the great pot.

So, the idea here is go and win as many cards as you can through the different card give aways around. When all the cards have been given away, I will make a video: I will shuffle a deck and the card I will take out will be the winner of it all.

Yup, you read it just right: only one winner will have it all!

Check blogs and Facebook pages around because right now there are some give aways!! They are giving away the keys to get the big pot.

And guess what! Jera-Babylon Rootweaver has given a BYO Lenormand for this game! Yup! You’ll be able to choose the cards!!

Do you want to know what’s in the pot at the moment?

DONATIONS! Yup, not only we have people playing and giving out keys (passports) to win the great pot! We also have gorgeous souls that are donating to make the pot a real TREASURE!

More info about the evolution of this Tarot x Lenormand Game can be found here.

Vintage Poster Lenormand: download free!

Vintage Poster Lenormand

Yay!! The Vintage Poster Lenormand is here! This is a 100% download for free deck to use it for educational, research, and entertainment purposes only. But you can also use it in your Workshops, Events, etc if you give it as a gift. (More information about this into the information file, which accompanies the deck).

The deck has a total of 40 cards. Some of the cards have different options to choose from, for example: the rider (2 riders), the ship (3 ships), the flowers (2 flowers), the anchor (2 anchors), the tree (2 trees). You can choose the ones you like the most, or you can use both (18. dog & 18. cat).

The backs are also provided. I have tried this at home, printed a deck in my Canon printer, and it worked wonderfully 🙂 If you like this deck you can like dePepi’s Facebook page or/& leave a comment here. Thank you!

Download your free Vintage Poster Lenormand here

About the images used in the collages:
I was doubtful about which images to choose. There are many around, and some are really cute. All the images can be found out there on the internet in different web sites. Please note that I do not own the copyright on any of these images. All posters, postcards, retro art prints and vintage images copyrights belong to their respective owners. According to the websites I fished from these images, these are images that “are into the public domain”, or are “believed to be so”. So, you can use them “within our rights according to the U.S. Copyright Fair Use Act (title 17, U.S. Code.)” However, if you think that any of the images is infringing your copyright, send me a message to pepi @ depepi . com with a description of the work, a link to where the image is located, and state that the use has not been authorized by you, your agent or the law. Also include your signature.

About the purpose of the deck and the information file:
Both the deck and the information file are entirely for educational, research, and entertainment purposes only. They are also free and non-commercial. While I do not own the copyright on the images used, I do on the sequence and design itself (deck), and the information file. It is my wish to create a totally free deck with its information file, for non-commercial use. Again, both files (deck & information file) are for you to enjoy the Lenormand, and educational & research purposes (the Lenormand and the artwork of the images used).

Read the original post here.

Rootweaver’s new BYO Lenormand deck: LAUNCH

Build-Your-Own (BYO) Lenormand Deck, by Rootweaver

BYO-Promo736 cards, 5 variations of each. The total deck consists of 180 cards. Printed on premium 310gsm card stock with a luxurious linen finish.

My new deck, the Build-Your-Own Lenormand is exactly what the name suggests. It is the first ever Lenormand deck that gives readers the opportunity to construct their own customized deck from 180 different cards. Five variations for each of the standard 36 Lenormand cards are available from which readers can hand-pick the ones they want in order to assemble a deck of their choice. For the first time on offer Lenormand readers can now purchase loose cards ranging from one single card to as many as they want or need. The BYO Lenormand offers so many potential combinations for readers to assemble a complete new deck, with or without additional alternatives, that there is almost no chance at all that any two buyers will end up with the same deck. The odds are better to win the Lotto twice in a row than to end up with the same deck as anyone else who assembles theirs from the BYO Lenormand.

Because the BYO Lenormand deck is created in the same style as my Vintage Lenormand deck any of these 180 BYO cards can be added to the Vintage Lenormand deck without  it looking as if they have been added on as an after-thought. They will seamlessly and perfectly blend in. This of course means that buyers can expand their existing Vintage Lenormand decks to include as many additional cards as they want, and they can hand-select these to their  taste and liking or to reflect their reading style.

With more and more new Lenormand decks becoming available deck creators are finding innovative and exciting approaches to attract the attention of potential buyers. In an attempt to give Lenormand readers exactly what they want I tried to become more alert to their needs. Lenormand readers & collectors have become increasingly vocal about what they’d like to see in future decks, it was therefore only a matter of time before a deck creator heard them and started addressing these needs. Through attentive observation and with an ear close to the ground I soon realized that a BYO deck would address many of the requests and suggestions made by readers. This is how the idea to create a Build-Your-Own Lenormand deck developed.

After the cards were completed I approached Stella Waldvogel, a respected veteran of Lenormand, to examine the BYO deck with a critical eye. I thought if I could get Stella’s ‘stamp of approval’ it might go a long way toward gaining the confidence of potential buyers to invest in this new concept deck, particularly readers who adopt a traditional style of reading as Stella is an outspoken ‘traditionalist’ in Lenormand circles. Stella made a few valuable suggestions and recommendations which I took onboard to further perfect the deck as best possible. In her review of the deck Stella said There’s good news for traditional readers, check this out! To be honest, I was expecting yet more “new” Lenormand, so I put these images to the acid test. I gathered my notes on details, orientation and semi-obscure Lenormand lore, and set to work trying to build the most traditional deck possible from the 180 images. I was deliberately over-picky, and I was actually able to find more of the folkloric bells and whistles than you normally see in a single deck, even the classics.”

BYO-Promo6 A dear friend and fellow Lenormand reader in Australia, Lynne McGee whom I had also approached to critique the deck before it was released made a wonderful suggestion to include an African man, woman and child as options for readers to choose from. This was a very welcome last-minute adjustment and the results were simply fabulous. In response to the African addition Stella Waldvogel added “The people cards are expressive and culturally diverse, and range from boho to blue collar to metropolitan. In the end, I chose the African couple. The Man appears to be gazing benevolently at someone out of the frame, and the Woman looks happy and bubbly. They lend a friendly, open vibe to the deck. And since they face different directions, the way they fall in a spread gives extra clues about relationship readings since they can face each other, or away.”

It is with pride and joy that I offer this unique first-of-a-kind deck to the  Lenormand community. I invite my fellow deck creators to embrace this opportunity to give Lenormand readers more flexibility and control in the selection and assembly of their future decks, and I look forward to seeing other deck creators following suit with more options from which readers can choose.

This deck is dedicated to the Lenormand community, in particular to the readers and collectors of Lenormand without whom this project would not have been conceived. It is with gratitude too that I wish to acknowledge the following individuals for their encouragement, motivation, guidance, contributions and suggestions during the creation of the BYO Lenormand deck:BYO-promo1

Carrie Paris for her unconditional love and encouragement, Lynne McGee for her unwavering faith in me and in the deck itself, Stella Waldvogel for her critically important evaluation of the deck before it was launched and for her encouragement and guidance, Marcus Katz and Tali Goodwin for their support and for the opportunity to launch the BYO Lenormand on the World Tarot Day platform. Ray Theron, Ryan Joffe, Stacey Elk, Elle Theron and numerous artists on Deviantart for permitting me to use and manipulate their sublime photography for this project, and last but not least my loving husband Gunther Graf who selflessly holds the energy of our lives together while I surrender myself to the creative flow.

The BYO Lenormand can be purchased directly from my website at where each of the 36 cards are listed as separate products, each with options A,B,C,D & E to choose from. Here’s hoping that this deck brings you at least as much enjoyment in its selection and use as what I have had creating it.

And now (finally) I can breathe a sigh of relief because I don’t have to hold onto this ‘secret’ anymore, the cat is out of the bag. Thanks for ‘playing’ with me in the build-up and anticipation of this deck.

With love: Rootweaver

xx JbR xx

NEW Rootweaver Lenormand deck

andi profile 5

JbR, a bird of the feathered kind

Rootweaver (JbR,) the creator of the Vintage Lenormand deck, was making mental notes of requests and comments made by Lenormand readers. These inspired her to create yet another Lenormand deck that promises to excite and thrill the card-reading community.

While details of this new deck cannot yet be revealed it will almost certainly address what has been asked for by numerous voices in the Lenormand world, and may possibly set a new bar for fellow deck creators to aspire to.

The deck will be launched on World Tarot Day (May 25th 2013,) and will be available for purchase directly from Rootweaver’s site from May 25th onward.

When pressed to reveal more about her new deck Rootweaver had only this to say:

I have been working on this new deck for the past few months and promise that Lenormand readers will not be disappointed.

My esteemed fellow deck-creators on the other hand might want to throw rocks at me after this, but I sincerely hope not! 😀

This new deck will appeal to traditionalists and non-traditionalists alike. I am thoroughly looking forward to unveiling it in a few days time, but until then start raiding your piggy banks you’re probably going to want a copy of your own.


Only 9 days to go, and counting…

TarotCon Australia: 16-17 March (Sydney)

Rootweaver (Vintage Lenormand 'Garden' card)Garden = Public gathering

Rootweaver (Vintage Lenormand ‘Garden’ card)
Garden = Public gathering

TarotCon (Tarosophy Tarot Convention) is almost upon us! If you have not yet reserved your seat to this historical (first) event, do so now without further delay. I want to meet you!

International Presenters: Marcus Katz (UK), Tali Goodwin (UK) and Carrie Paris (US), National Presenters: Russell Sturgess (Aus), Biddy Tarot (Aus)

Meet your Tarot Tribe face-to-face, learn groundbreaking Tarot and Lenormand reading techniques, and experience beautiful Sydney at its very best.

Hope to see you there!

2012 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 9,600 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 16 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.