Lenormand Reader’s Flowchart

How to determine whether you're a Lenormand reader, or not. Image © Rootweaver

How to determine whether you’re a Lenormand reader, or not. Image © Rootweaver

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19 May 1536 – A Prophecy Comes True


(commissioned deck, by Philip Harris)

Today, 19 May 1536, an innocent Queen was put to death by a French swordsman, under the order of King Henry VIII. It was said through a prophecy that this would happen, and Anne lived many days in worry after she lost the love of her husband. She was said to have had sex with multiple men, including her own brother; George Boleyn. These accusations were false and there has been no proof of such, even now. Many are moved by this young woman’s short life, and mourn for her on this very day. A sadness has been coming upon my heart all month. I just wanted to pay tribute to this strong, plain, and beautiful woman whose inspiration has touched the lives of many, even after her time. Here we are, five hundred years later, and our spirits still feel her presence. She was intelligent, strong, and way beyond her time in many ways. Let us not forget her on this day, and remember her greatest love; her daughter, Queen Elizabeth I, who became a successful Queen for England and ruled for many years. She not only was the daughter of Anne, and Queen of England, but she was a female who ruled with the heart of a lion. Rest in peace Anne B. You were undeserving of your fate. In my Tarot deck, you represent the Queen of cups. My emotions run like water at the sound of your name. xo Bridgett




dePepi Magazine is here!

depepi magazine tarot lenormand

The first issue of dePepi magazine features Rootweaver’s Vintage Lenormand, one of the most beautiful and gorgeous Indie decks on the market right now.

But wait, that’s not all!

You can also find:

  • On exclussive: Celtic Lenormand (Chloe McCracken)
  • Upcoming Tarot: Keys to Creativity (Sharon Cumming)
  • Upcoming Lenormand: Mixed Media. (Pepi Valderrama)


  • On cover: Akina.
  • A Call to the Fool.(Kendra Hurteau)
  • The Egyptian Lenormand. (Nefer Khepri, PhD)
  • May I have this dance? (Penny Mason)
  • There’s always a first time. (Marina Manzano)
  • and more!

You can get your magazine HERE.

And you can get 50% on your sales of the magazine if you join the Ambassador program. 🙂

Comic: Tell the Future?

Tarot & phobias

In the shower this morning I was accosted by a large huntsman (spider) who decided to cling to my toe in an attempt to escape the water and soap suds! Crikey! I jumped about as high as the horse in the Knight of Wands and undoubtedly had a similar expression on my face! Eeeooow! [shudder] Which prompted me to find a card that would accurately reflect my experience.

Admittedly, I had not associated the Knight of Wands with phobias before this, but a closer examination of the beast’s facial expression and body posture leads me to conclude that (in light of my own experience) from this day forth it will represent phobias, for me!

Australia has spiders, lots and lots of spiders. Soon after we first moved here my youngest son (who is an arachnophobe) had his first encounter with a huntsman too. I recorded his reaction in the video attached, it is absolutely hysterical! But be warned, his *colourful* language is for a mature audience only!

Tarot & Hiccups!

You’re a new reader in town, doing tarot readings at the local market and desperate to establish yourself as a credible reader.  You check your posture, remind yourself to use your best, most enlightened voice, and hope that you’ll come across as someone who knows what she’s doing.

All seems to go well at first; your querent is sitting on the edge of her seat hanging off every word you say. Her eyes grow wider as you draw the dreaded Death card and dramatically place it on the table in front of her. “Nothing to be concerned about” is what you’re about to say to her in a soothing but knowing voice, instead a loud audible “HIC” escapes from your mouth!

Her startled eyes shoot up at you sending sharp darts into your already bruised ego, but you quickly compose yourself with a nervous twitch and try again, this time in a firmer more authoritative voice: “The Death card doesn’t necessarily mean actual… HIC you say, with utmost conviction.

“What I mean to say is that, although the Death… HIC… card, I mean… this card seems to be… HIC… ummm… it’s not always a bad… HIC… bad thing…” your voice trails off in defeat, ending in another loud “HIC just for good measure…

LOL! Has that ever happened to you? How would you deal with it if it did? Share your tips and comments here.

Bestselling Author Shares 3 Tips for Building Your Blog Audience

Bestselling Author Shares 3 Tips for Building Your Blog Audience.

via Bestselling Author Shares 3 Tips for Building Your Blog Audience.

Feet First!

That’s the thing about life, and tarot… you’ve gotta jump in feet first! Without hesitation, without reservations, just do it!

What a ride…

Here, on the tarot taxi, I’ll be visiting many worlds, mostly tarot-related in some shape or form. When I first started reading tarot I had no idea how deep it was, I jumped in, and fourteen years later I am still free-falling, gathering many treasures and tit-bits along the way.

I discovered that there are many other tarot travelers like me; probing and pushing the boundaries, finding new paths and nuances, and exploring classical ones with new eyes and minds. One thing is certain, a lifetime is simply not enough to learn it all! So here I am, still hitching an exhilarating ride through the world of tarot, and loving it!

Psssst… there’s plenty room for you too, so hop-in, let’s go for a ride shall we?