What happened to Madeleine McCann?

What happened to Madeleine McCann? A reading by JbR Deck: Zingdoodle Lenormand © Rootweaver 2013 www.rootweaver.com

What happened to Madeleine McCann? A reading by JbR
Deck: Zingdoodle Lenormand © Rootweaver 2013 http://www.rootweaver.com

Little Madeleine McCann, eldest daughter of a British couple, disappeared days before her fourth birthday on May 3rd 2007, from a holiday resort in Portugal. Her parents and their friends were enjoying dinner at a nearby tapas bar while the children slept, during which time Madeleine disappeared. I did a Grand Tableau to find more information surrounding her disappearance.

*Disclaimer: Nothing here is presented or intended as fact or actual knowledge of what happened, it is merely how I interpreted the cards in the spread above.

Method: Grand Tableau using a Chaining/Linking technique.

The Child was told that her parents reputedly ‘gifted’ her to them by invitation, and possibly for financial reasons, when she was stolen by a repeat offender, a man who was part of a circle that pretended to be her extended family. There were discussions to confine her under lock and key until the dust had settled. The network (syndicate) responsible for her abduction operated under obscurity and secrecy to finalise the kidnapping. Under the guise of ‘caring relatives’ they took her (relocated her) to a woman, transporting her by sea, and delivered her disguised as a boy with forged documents to be passed off as someone else’s child.

The abduction was premeditated as it happened after repeated discussions with a man, connected to a human trafficking ring that has been in existence for many years. They have an extensive communications network that is tightly contained, accessible only through a deep underground movement where such abductions are plotted. Shrouded in obscurity and with the aid of secret documents they were able to see the abduction through to its conclusion, ensuring no trail was left. This abduction was emotionally motivated by ‘family connections’ ensuring the child was delivered to a woman abroad who then transported her by car to a hidden location where they wouldn’t be exposed. Documents were exchanged regarding ‘parental’ rights (possibly with inside help from some official) ensuring the child would not be recognised. This child was specifically chosen for her appearance (beauty) and money was exchanged for the abduction.

It appears as if they kept the child in a fortress that had several exit routes to make their quick escape if necessary. The venue is possibly in a mountainous terrain or near a large mountain range, and/or behind high walls.

If you’d like to know how I saw what I did in the cards, or if you’d like to learn to read the cards too; join me at my free lenormand study group Lenormand Toolbox on Facebook. A group for beginners and advanced students of Lenormand.

JbR’s Lenormand Journal: Combinations (Clouds + 1)

6 clouds

CLOUDS card. Deck: Zingdoodle Lenormand © Rootweaver 2013. Available at http://www.rootweaver.com

In today’s post I create combinations with the Clouds card.

Combinations: Clouds + 1

Cloud + Rider = A message from your ex
Cloud + Clover = ‘Storm in a teacup’
Cloud + Ship = An ‘international incident’ / Rough journey ahead
Cloud + House = Domestic troubles
Cloud + Tree = Illness
Cloud + Snake = Psychopath / Politician
Cloud + Coffin = Dark clouds
Cloud + Bouquet = ‘Sweet evil’ (someone who comes across as sweet with hidden intentions to harm you) / A gift from your ex
Cloud + Scythe = Censorship & misinformation
Cloud + Whip = Brainwashing / Indoctrination
Cloud + Birds = Anxiety & confusion / Panic
Cloud + Child = Small doubt / Ex-partner’s child / Morbid curiosity
Cloud + Fox = Spy / Liar / Diversion tactics
Cloud + Bear = Bully
Cloud + Stars = Lucid moments (in e.g. amnesia)
Cloud + Stork = Confusing changes 
Cloud + Dog = Questionable breed
Cloud + Tower = Intelligence agency (e.g. CIA)
Cloud + Garden = Mass panic / Mob mentality
Cloud + Mountain = Dangerous obstacle intended to confuse / Check-mate
Cloud + Crossroad = Diversion / Confusing choices
Cloud + Mice = Memory loss
Cloud + Heart = Falling out of love / ex-lover
Cloud + Ring = Previous marriage (marriage to ex)
Cloud + Book = Writer’s block / Propaganda
Cloud + Letter = Unpaid bills
Cloud + Man = Ex-husband
Cloud + Woman = Ex-husband’s new partner
Cloud + Lily = Alzheimers
Cloud + Sun = Conspiracy theory / Breakthrough / Sauna
Cloud + Moon = Psychic block
Cloud + Key = Uncovering the truth / Verdict
Cloud + Fish = Risky investment
Cloud + Anchor = ‘Ball & chain’
Cloud + Cross = Recession / Depression

JbR’s Lenormand Journal: Combinations (Tree + 1)

TREE card. Deck: Zingdoodle Lenormand © Rootweaver 2013 Available on www.rootweaver.com

TREE card. Deck: Zingdoodle Lenormand © Rootweaver 2013
Available on http://www.rootweaver.com

For a more complete list of the Tree card’s keywords please refer to this post on Card Keywords. In this list, adding the remaining 35 cards to the Tree card for a combined meaning, I have primarily focussed on the ‘health’ meaning of the Tree card. This is what happened when I started combining the cards:

Combinations: Tree + 1

Tree + Rider = Prognosis / Diagnosis
Tree + Clover = Herbalism
Tree + Ship = Foreign ancestry / Hospital ship
Tree + House = Family tree (genealogy)
Tree + Cloud = Emphysema / Dementia / Troubled health / Mental health
Tree + Snake = Underlying health concerns /  Varicose veins
Tree + Coffin =  Very poor health / Terminal
Tree + Bouquet = Clean bill of health
Tree + Scythe = Surgery / Accelerating ill health
Tree + Whip = Reoccurring illness / Sexual health
Tree + Birds =Counselling / 2nd opinion / Anxiety
Tree + Child = Paediatrics
Tree + Fox = Incorrect diagnosis / Masked symptoms
Tree + Bear = Doctor / Gynaecology / Strong health / Obesity
Tree + Stars = Vertigo / On-the-mend / Recovery
Tree + Stork = Obstetrics
Tree + Dog =  Veterinarian
Tree + Tower = Hospital
Tree + Garden = Public Health
Tree + Mountain = Tumour / Slow recovery / Persistent illness / Constipation
Tree + Crossroad = Alternative medicine / 2nd opinion / Secondary illness
Tree + Mice = Virus / Weight loss / Cancer / Oncologist / Dentist
Tree + Heart = Cardiology / Emotional health
Tree + Ring = Continuous health / Commitment to good health / Ringworm
Tree + Book = Medical Journal / Hidden condition
Tree + Letter = Health record / Medical results
Tree + Man = Urologist
Tree + Woman = Gynaecologist
Tree + Lily = Sex therapist / Geriatrician
Tree + Sun = Heat therapy / Excellent health
Tree + Moon = Hormone replacement therapy / Menopause
Tree + Key = Cure / Complete recovery / Remission
Tree + Fish = Urologist / Alcoholism
Tree + Anchor = Stable (health) condition
Tree + Cross = Suffering from ill health / Terminal / Grief therapy

JbR’s Lenormand Journal: Combinations (House +1)

HOUSE card. Deck: Zingdoodle Lenormand © Rootweaver 2013 Available at www.rootweaver.com

HOUSE card. Deck: Zingdoodle Lenormand © Rootweaver 2013
Available at http://www.rootweaver.com

We know that House means: Home, Family, Security, Possessions, Comfort, Property, Real estate, Small building. What happens when we combine it with each of the other 35 cards in the deck?

Combinations: House + 1

House + Rider = Newspaper delivery
House + Clover = Poker game at home
House + Ship = Mobile home / Transfer of property deed
House + Tree = Family home / Health clinic
House +  Clouds = Ex’s house / Cabin fever
House +  Snake = Plumbing or electrical wiring problems
House +  Coffin = Foreclosure / Death in the family
House +  Bouquet = Beautiful home
House +  Scythe = Hostile neighbours / Abuse in the home / ‘House of horrors’
House +  Whip = Domestic arguments / Brothel
House +  Birds = Gossiping housemates
House +  Child = First home / New house
House +  Fox = Self employement / Home based business
House +  Bear = Stay-at-home mum / Property manager
House +  Stars = Home ADSL modem
House +  Stork = Home birth / Relocation
House +  Dog = Family pet / Family friend
House +  Tower = House rules / Separate houses (living apart)
House +  Garden = Commune / Boarding house / Public housing
House +  Mountain =Eviction / Declined Mortgage application
House +  Crossroad = Double storey house / Duplex
House +  Mice = Home invasion / Theft at home
House +  Heart =’Home is where the heart is’ / Loving family
House +  Ring = Mortgage contract / Tenancy contract
House +  Book = Homeowner’s manual / Property portfolio
House +  Letter = Property deed / Tenancy agreement
House +  Man = Male tenant
House +  Woman = Housewife
House +  Lily = Retirement home
House +  Sun = Sun room / Holiday home
House +  Moon = Dream house
House +  Key = Home security / Approved Mortgage application
House +  Fish = Investment property
House +  Anchor = Beach house
House +  Cross =  Religious family / Moving out of home
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These are suggested combinations. Try to come up with your own, then share them in the comments section. Each one teach one. 👍

JbR’s Lenormand Journal: Combinations (Ship + 1)

SHIP card. Deck: Zingdoodle Lenormand © Rootweaver 2013 Available on www.rootweaver.com

SHIP card. Deck: Zingdoodle Lenormand © Rootweaver 2013
Available on http://www.rootweaver.com

The Ship card often refers to travel (amongst other things.) In this list of combinations I had fun listing various travel scenarios to add to my directory of card combinations.

Combinations: Ship + 1

Ship + Rider = Mail from abroad
Ship + Clover = Small vehicle
Ship + House = Comfortable travel
Ship + Tree = (to keep a) Healthy distance
Ship + Clouds = Mechanical problems
Ship + Snake = Dangerously unreliable vehicle
Ship + Coffin = Airplane/flight (box) travel. Dying
Ship + Bouquet = Surprise holiday (vacation) trip
Ship + Scythe = Hostile takeover / Hijack
Ship + Whip = Frequent flyer
Ship + Birds = Nervous traveller / Noisy flight
Ship + Child = First flight
Ship + Fox = Wrong flight / Business trip
Ship + Bear = Flight captain
Ship + Stars = Flight navigational system
Ship + Stork = Flight arrival
Ship + Dog = Friendly flight assistant
Ship + Tower = Airline
Ship + Garden = Public transport
Ship + Mountain = Delayed flight
Ship + Crossroad = Connecting flight
Ship + Mice = Stressful flight
Ship + Heart = The love of travel / Honeymoon
Ship + Ring = Boarding pass
Ship + Book = Passport
Ship + Letter = Visa
Ship + Man = Male passenger
Ship + Woman = Female passenger
Ship + Lily = Seasoned traveller
Ship + Sun = Trouble-free travel
Ship + Moon = Flight confirmation (recognised flight)
Ship + Key = 1st Class / Flight has landed
Ship + Fish = Business class
Ship + Anchor = Ocean liner
Ship + Cross = Cancelled flight

I’d welcome your suggested combinations in the comments section! 😃

JbR’s Lenormand Journal: Combinations (Clover +1)

CLOVER Card. Deck: Zingdoodle Lenormand © Rootweaver 2013 Available at www.rootweaver.com

CLOVER Card. Deck: Zingdoodle Lenormand © Rootweaver 2013
Available at http://www.rootweaver.com

We already know that Clover means:  Luck, Small, Quick, Optimistic, Easy going, Carefree, a Risk taker, willing to take a Gamble. What happens when we read it in combination with the other 35 cards in the deck? The focus in this list is on Clover, the other cards amend or influence its meaning (rather than the other way around.)

Combinations: Clover + 1

Clover + Rider = Fast luck

Clover + Ship = Nomad / Travelling Gypsy

Clover + House = Young tenant (as opposed to home owner)

Clover + Tree = Calculated (grounded) risk

Clover + Clouds = Bad luck

Clover + Snake = A snake in the ‘grass’

Clover + Coffin = Putting a ‘lid on it’ / Reigning in an adolescent

Clover + Bouquet = Happy Hippy

Clover + Scythe = Losing a bet, Mowing the lawn

Clover + Whip = Promiscuity / Compulsive gambler

Clover + Birds = Annoyingly optimistic

Clover + Child = Small risks / Foolish (The Fool)

Clover + Fox = False optimism

Clover + Bear = Powerful motivator

Clover + Stars = Inspirational

Clover + Stork = Persuasive (leading to a change of position)

Clover + Dog = Acceptable risk

Clover + Tower = Grounding a teenager

Clover + Garden = Gardening / Horticulturist, Public raffle

Clover + Mountain = Pessimist

Clover + Crossroad = The odds are 50/50, ‘Double your bet’

Clover + Mice = Lost chance, Lose a gamble

Clover + Heart = Polygamist (carefree in love), Love to take risks

Clover + Ring = Eternal optimist

Clover + Book = Self-help manual

Clover + Letter = Menu (Clover being herbs/veg), SWOT analysis

Clover + Man = Male gambler

Clover + Woman = Female gambler

Clover + Lily = Old hippy, New-Age Guru

Clover + Sun = Jackpot winnings! (Big winnings), the ‘Midas’ touch

Clover + Moon = Meditation, Recognised winner, Acknowledged gambler, Famous comedian

Clover + Key = Winning Lotto numbers, Double confirmation: Yes! Yes!

Clover + Fish = Financial winnings

Clover + Anchor = Persistently lucky, Ocean breeze

Clover + Cross = Sad luck

These are my interpretations. I’d welcome discussions, questions & suggestions as well as your own combinations (in the comments section.) The best ones will be added.

Ideally this series will become a valuable resource for learners of Lenormand; if anything your input & experience would contribute additional value to this growing list.

JbR’s Lenormand Journal: Card Keywords

Card 11, Whip. Deck Zingdoodle Lenormand by Rootweaver © 2013

Card 11, Whip. KEYWORDS: Sex, Repetition, Quarrel / Strife, Decision. Deck: Zingdoodle Lenormand by Rootweaver © 2013

When I started learning Lenormand the first thing I was taught was that I would need to decide on the keywords (card meanings) for each of the 36 cards in the deck. As someone relatively new to this journey I have settled on a few basic keywords from which I can begin.

My keywords are derived from traditional meanings, and in some cases I have opted to go with the ‘French tradition’ rather than the German (eg: I use Fox to mean employment and Whip to mean sex.) My list is very minimalistic, but for now this is all I will need to begin reading Lenormand. (I suggest you decide on your own meanings for the cards.)

Updated: I will keep adding keywords to the list so that it becomes a valuable resource for anyone learning Lenormand. (Source: Lenormand Cards Study Group on Facebook)


1. Rider – Messenger, News, Visitor, Speed, A mode of transport, Physically fit, Athletic, Forward motion (moving forward), Delivery

2. Clover – Luck, Small, Quick, Optimistic, Easy going, Carefree, A risk taker, willing to take a Gamble, Herbs, Grass, Serendipity

3. Ship – Travel, Adventure, International, Long-distance, Foreign, mode of Transportation, Movement, Transition, Transfer, Distant

4. House – Home, People in immediate environment, Security, Possessions, Comfort, Property, Real estate, Small building, Environment, Householder, Landlord/Realtor, Ownership

5. Tree – Health, Ancestry, Grounding, Enduring, Boredom

6. Clouds – Uncertainty, Doubt, Troubles, Ambiguity, Ex-partner, Confusion, Negativity, Bad Weather, Depression,

7. Snake – Deception, Libido, Betrayal, Duplicity, Spiteful, Treachery, A rival, Twisted roads and paths, Detours, a River, a Woman, sometimes an Older Woman, Plot, hidden Poison, Venomous, Hypocrisy, Lesbian partner, Complications, Wise Woman

8. Coffin – Death, Confinement, Box, Endings, Sickness, Bankruptcy, a bad Scare, Grief, Transformations and new beginnings, Black

9. Bouquet – Gift, Appreciation, Beauty, Charm, Pleasant, A nice surprise, A likeable woman, Female relatives esp. beautiful, gracious, artistic women. Invitation, Pleasure

10. Scythe – Sharp, Cutting, Sudden, Danger, Aggression, Cruelty, Pain, Sharp objects, Accidents, Surgery, Division, Accelerating, Hostile, Harvest (away from the blade), Big Peril, Sudden decisions, Severance, Unpleasant surprise, Critical

11. Whip – ‘Athletic’ Sex, Repetition, Quarrel, Strife, Decision, Speech and language, Controversy, Heated discussions, Arguments, Separation, The number 2 – or 2 of something, Chronics pains, Threats, Abuse, Sports, Physical attraction, Addiction, Passion, Competition, Stimulated, Agitated, Disrupted, Activities, Discord, Any repetitive action e.g: Dance, Exercise, Handwriting

12. Birds – Conversation, A couple, Phone calls, Communication, Gossip, Stress, Nerves, Anxiety, Worries, Annoyance, 2 of something, Siblings, Sales, Negotiation, Interview, date, Wifi, Therapy,  Counselling, Buzz

13. Child – Innocence, Beginning, Trust, Friendliness, A little bit of something, a Child, Immature, Small

14. Fox – Employment, Shrewd, Clever, Wrong, Deceitful, Treachery (often in the workplace,) Fraud (or theft,) Quickness, Quick witted, Dishonest, Intelligent, Smart, Red, Strawberry blonde, Slippery, Slick, Trickery, Mask, Undercover, Sly, Fast-thinking, Camouflaged, Trouble-maker, Employee, A detective, A spy, A con artist, Witty, Street smart, (could be a) Police station, Cunning, Sexy (foxy), Resourceful, Hunt, False

15. Bear – Boss, Maternal, Weighty, Power, Strength, Force, An official (judge, customs officer, police officer, boss, etc.) Management, Nutrition & diet, Protection, Salary, Large, Parental, Envious, Jealous, Overbearing

16. Stars – Internet, Wishes/Desires, Spirituality, Navigation, Reach-for-the-skies, Clarity, Astuteness, Hopes, (can sometimes refer to) Psychic talents, Night, Cold places, North, A new path, GPS system, Guiding, Healing, Cosmic, Intuition

17. Stork – Delivery, Change, Pregnancy/Birth (Midwife,) Relocation, Movement, Moving house, A nice woman (with a child), Renovation, Delivery of something concrete (as a opposed to a message or news), Return, Improvement, Promotion, Tall & thin

18. Dog – Loyal, Friend, Companion, Friendship, Trust, (usually, but not always) a Man, a Dog or other pet, Devotion, Acceptance, Playfulness, Unconditional, Fidelity, Lover/Soulmate

19. Tower – Authority, Rules, Bureaucracy, Dogma, Official, Limitations, Borders, Loneliness, Arrogance, A tall building, A tall person, Separation and divorce, Independence, Ambition, Government, The civil service, A large corporation, Isolation, Ego, Confinement, Imprisonment, Guidance, Protection, Schools, Law, Higher education, High self esteem, Conglomeration, Chain stores, Franchises

20. Garden – Public, Gathering, Networking, Public places, Society, Entertainment, Meetings, Parties, Outdoors, Facebook(ing), Marketing, Public Relations, Audience, Publicity, the Masses

21. Mountain – Obstacle, Enemy, Challenge, Delays, Barriers, Blockages, Coldness A formidable enemy, (can refer to) actual Mountains and mountainous terrain, Resistance, Loneliness, Restriction, Procrastination, Slow, Stubborn, Stagnant, Far and remote

22. Crossroad – Choice, Decision, Two-faced, Split, Forked, Dual, Alternatives, 2 of something,  (sometimes a) Female rival/friend, Dual personality, (leading a) Double life, Infidelity, Back-and-forth, Quandary, Multiple, Escape

23. Mice – Vermin, Loss, Theft, Waste, Erosion, Parasites, Infectious illnesses, Worry, Stress, (sometimes) Teamwork (or working in a systematic product line i.e: the treadmill), Gnawing, (can be) Chemo in cases of illness (i.e: Mice + Tree)

24. Heart – Love, Passion, Courage, Love affairs, Affection, Relationships, Feelings/Emotions, (sometimes) Flirtation, Joy, Attraction

25. Ring – Commitment, Eternal, Cyclical, Contract, Promise, Relationships, Connections, Partnerships, Business contracts, Marriage, Engagement (or other partnership of long duration,) A never-ending situation, (an actual) Ring or other jewellery

26. Book – Knowledge, Study, Secrets, Education, (an actual) Book, Documents & paperwork, Writing and publishing, a Project, Research, Investigation, Esoteric mysteries

27. Letter – Written communication, Record, Messages, Documents, Certificate, Report card, Medical results (esp with Tree), a Cheque (esp with Fish), a Bill or an invoice, a Menu (esp with Fish or Clover)

28. Man – Male querent, Spouse, Masculinity, Analytical

29. Woman – Female querent, Spouse, Femininity

30. Lily – Maturity, Purity, Ageing, Quiet, Sexuality, Harmony, the Family, A man – often older & of stable temperament, The Father, (sometimes a) Patron, Doctor, Relative, Support, Socialism and social welfare, (an older) Lover, Snow, Frost, Winter, White, Peace, Wisdom, Grandparents, Aunts or uncles, Salt-and-pepper hair, (something that takes a) Long time, Gestation period, Investment, Contentment, Retirement, Morality, Making love (familiar, every-day sex), Serenity

31. Sun – Success, Illuminating, Exposure, Luck, Good fortune, Warmth, Confidence, Brilliance, Energy, Security, Light, Electricity, Heat (and hot places,) South

32. Moon – Fame, Recognition, Dreams, Reflective, Emotions, Creativity, Fame, Honour, (sometimes) talent in Esoteric fields, Evening, Dark places, Romance, Intimate situations, Psychic ability, Advertising, the Reproductive system, the Womb, Intuition, Reputation

33. Key – Solution, Yes, Access, Security, Mastery, Certainty, Great talent

34. Fish – Money, Flow, Resources, Prosperity, Abundance, Financial matters, a Businessman, Water, Alcohol (and other liquid substances,) (sometimes actual) Fish, and those who work on or near the sea, Food, ‘Liquid’ assets, Self-employed, Entrepreneur, Fertility, Addiction

35. Anchor – Stability, Grounded, Fixed, Commitment, (can be) Work/Career, the Seaside, reaching your Destination, reaching your Goal, Persistence, Reliable, Strong support, Beach, Port

36. Cross – End, Sorrow, Karma, Religion, Burden, Hardship, Suffering, Grief, Pain, a Test or Challenge, Destiny, (can be a) Religious person (esp if before Man/Woman card)

Follow my adventures as I journal about the process of learning Lenormand. A system of fortune-telling that has confused me for long enough. I am determined to consolidate what I have learnt and to push the boundaries further in this new series on Tarot Taxi, JbR’s Lenormand Journal.

Let’s learn together, I welcome your comments, questions and experience.

Onward and upward! JbR xxx

Grey’s Anatomy Tarot Reflections


(Fenestra Tarot Deck – by Chatriya – Oct 31, 2006)

One of my daily routines is to turn on netflix and watch Grey’s Anatomy while sipping my coffee. Today I was watching Season 7, Episode 2 and the scene was where a flag football team came into the ER with wounds after being struck by lightning. I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to write a short article about it.

Each of the boys from the football team had a huge crush on the only girl on the team. Lucky her right?

After being struck by lightning each boy felt compelled to tell her about their love for her and asked her to marry them.

So here’s this poor girl, sitting in a hospital bed crying her eyes out because the one guy that she actually liked in return was injured so much that he needed surgery, and she was unable to tell him she cared for him. So here she is, blubbering, and there are two boys in the room apologizing for making her cry. They were asking her what they did, and how they could make her feel better.

Holy emotions people !! No wonder why I love this show. It’s full of crazy drama, and I am a woman.🙂

Anyhow, Lexi Grey, one of the surgical residents spoke up and said, “The poor girl was struck by lightning today! She’s crying because everything changed now. She was just part of the team and everyone was friends, now all the sudden, lightning strikes and her whole world changed as she knew it.” (Well not the exact words, but similar)

What a perfect scene to go along with the spread above. We have the six of cups, representing the team mates as friends. Everything seemed perfect, and everyone was having a good time playing football together. The girl on the team was just one of the “guys.” Then suddenly lightning strikes and everything changes; the tower card. Because of the tower, this girl is now crying in a bed, wishing for everything to go back the way it was before.

In conclusion, Tarot can be read quite easily if one can link time and events to the cards while studying them. Now each time I do a reading, and I see these cards, my memory will be jogged, and I will be able to find meaning in the cards more quickly than if I hadn’t associated these cards with the Grey’s Anatomy scene above.🙂

Learning Lenormand – Legal Lenormand

Vintage Lenormand by RootweaverCard #19 - Tower

Vintage Lenormand by Rootweaver
Card #19 – Tower

From the groundbreaking Learning Lenormand course by Tarot Professions, and shared with kind permission from Marcus Katz.

While it is tempting to learn as many card combinations as possible, it is not practical or even possible if truth be told. Instead it is far more effective to learn the card keywords and to then combine these into meanings that suit every situation for readings.

That said, here is a wonderfully insightful list of card combinations about legal matters. Enjoy!

Tower + Book = Law (private)

Tower + Park = Law (public, common)

Tower + Rider = Legal Precedent

Tower + Tree = Existing Statutes

Tower + Bouquet = Appeal

Tower + Birds = Class Act Litigation

Tower + Book + Snake = Slander (Libel)

Tower + Birds + Snake = Slander (Defamation, particularly if the Moon card is troubled)

Tower + Child = Minors

Tower + Bear + Bouquet + Birds = Court of Appeal

Tower + Snake (if not troubled) = Arbitration

Tower + Ring = Contract Law

Tower + Mice + Snake = Fraud

Tower + Book (troubled) + Letter = Misrepresentation

Tower + Heart + Ring = Marriage Law

Rider + Key = New Evidence

Rider + Key + Ship = New Witness

Bear = Judge, Official of Authority

Tower + Mountain = Adjournment of Case

Tower + House = Domestic Law or Local Action (a ruling only applying in one place)

Snake + Moon = Unreliable Witness

Dog + Moon = Reliable Witness

Tower + Ways = Open Verdict

Tower + Bear + Fish = Financial Settlement Imposed

Tower + Bouquet + Fish = Financial Settlement (see also Tower + Bouquet, if Garden close, then out-of-court settlement, if House, then in-court).

Further to this depends so much on cards, layout, question …

Fie…! Fie…! Oh, wait a minute… I meant, Five!

The number Five in the Minor Arcana….

Of course, it is a struggle with the fives…!

(And the fives would be happy I said that!)

But then, again, it is the fives that are something, if anything is anything at all…

(Now the fives are happier you have agreed!)

You see, the universe is always moving towards balancing, and so it is imperative that there be chaos, else the universe would have to retire itself. Yet, perpetrating disbalance is not a portfolio that anybody would pick up willingly. So, smack bang in the middle of everything, there is Five.

When you have worked and learnt and gathered and made everything just so, along comes a time which is upsetting in nature, challenging in appearance, and calling itself an opportunity. These are your number cards Five in a Tarot Deck. And if you want to regain your equilibrium, and enjoy happy, stress-free days again, you must pass through this portal.
Indeed, the number Five in the Tarot Deck, especially in the Minor Arcana, represents a portal.

FIVE of SWORDS: Complete disruption in all the ways you have engaged your intellect, up until now. You can argue and be clever all you want, but you have just now alienated your whole friend-list.

FIVE of WANDS: Complete disruption at play, where you engage your patterned reactions… and it is not even evident at first.

FIVE of CUPS: Complete disruption of emotional stability…. The immediate pangs of “Why me?” And, it is also debilitating… you can’t move…

FIVE of PENTACLES: Complete disruption of material stability. Not a penny left, robbed clean of even your hope… Penury at its worst.

Here, I spy, is the key!

FIVE is Mercury, the trickster… the fox who rampages through traps set in the forest so that all animals can become alert to their vulnerability, and empower themselves. Thus, the Fives crash through precisely that trait in us which is causing us to lose our grip on the bigger picture.
Thus, Five of Swords really occurs when you have had a spate of being proved right, and you are creeping up on the idea that you are infallible. Five of Wands happens upon you when you become so steeped in your importance that you get mixed up between playing at competing, and warfare. Five of Cups throws your expectations right back at your face, asking you what gave you the right to put your loved ones to test, when you don’t come up to scratch, yourself. And Five of Pentacles robs you of what you hold most dear, and forces you to face living without it.
Yet, we need to turn the key another notch….
Mercury is also the divine messenger, and the number five is the fulcrum in the march of numbers….

So, we need to look at the enemy to solve our enmity with ourselves… poke out the thorn with a needle, so to speak…

FIVE of SWORDS… bring in earth. Look at what stabilizes the frightened man, as fright exists in the head. Hand him that. Show him the way home, where he can eat a full meal, and sleep on a peaceful bed.
It certainly follows that FIVE of PENTACLES can thus be calmed by air… by reasoning and analyzing the situation. Show the querent where in his circumstances are his resources still available.
For FIVE of WANDS, a cool draught to calm down the striving arms by giving them something to hug. Invariably, it is something within the querent that he would find loving/lovable… thus, justifying his stepping back from the fray.
And for the FIVE of CUPS, summon fire. Stir up passion. Dig out the creative spark and stoke it into a bonfire.

It behooves us to remember at this point that Mercury is a neutral planet… with neither a masculine, nor a feminine disposition. This makes it uniquely placed to show us a mirror of what we are missing….

When at a reading, a Five shows up, I have learnt to identify potential greatness. It has entered the picture to show us the possibility of a seed in the fruit, the promise of a whole orchard! Your querent may not be a willing party to disruption.. in fact, he may view it as a downright threat… but that is why you are here, grinning at your loopy high-fives!