What’s in a Name?



Hi everyone!

Today is one of those days that I am at home snuggled up in my warmest blanket, sipping a cup of tea. It is so cold out that local schools have canceled. I look forward to the time when I can move to a place that has hardly any snow, and stays warm the majority of the year. But for now, I find myself busy with all sorts of different projects that keep my mind creative. This years big project for me is a Tarot Deck. I have always wanted to make one but have felt very intimidated by it. I am 36 years old and have let so many good ideas go to the way side out of fear of failing or being judged by others. But the last couple of years I have made a vow to myself to put my thoughts into motion. By doing this, I have felt so much better about who I am as a person. It is a bit liberating to put your best foot forward and have a receptive audience of people that you have never met before. I encourage everyone to put aside your, “negative self talk” and do the same. It adds a whole new dimension to life, and brings to you many blessings and self love.

With that said, the above is a sample of the deck that I will be releasing into the world this year. I am very proud of it, and the colors really speak to me. I have been reading cards for over twenty years, and have a collection of many. Each deck is full of its own personality and character. One of my biggest challenges though, is finding a name for my deck. I never dreamed it would be so difficult for me. I thought that I’d ask for your help. If I pick your title for my deck, I will bless you with a signed copy free of charge. So if anyone has any ideas, please comment and let me know. I look forward to reading them!

Blessed Be!
x Bridgett

Hi all – I have created a one of a kind Lenormand Deck and only 100 of them will be printed ever! They will be a complete surprise to you when you get them. All I will tell you about them is that they are up to date with the traditionalist views of the cards. And, you will love them! Here’s how you can get one –

Go Here and offer a donation to help me fund a trip that I want to take next year. It is a Magickal Tour of Ireland that will take me to all the magickal places of long ago, along with some of the most spiritual places on earth. I have never been out of the USA, and I am 35. I would be so happy if you could help make my dream a reality.

And in return – you will get a stunning new Lenormand Deck.




Journals – 3 different ones to choose from!

Hi Everyone!

I have good news. If you are like me, and draw daily oracle cards and record them into notebooks for later reflection and learning, I have created the perfect Card Reader’s Journals for you. They will be available shortly on amazon.com websites, but for now I will share the links with you where you can get them before then.

I got tired of writing my readings in a notebook, and then forgetting where I put the notebook, or which color notebook I put them in when I needed to reflect on the readings in them.

There are other journals, not many, that “kind of” let me record what I need to in them, but to be honest, they were just not the exact thing I was looking for. So with that said, I thought, why not just make my own? Once I did this, I realized how much I love them, so I thought I would share them with other like minded people.

Remember the softcover workbooks at school that fold over nicely, and lay flat so you can write in them? That’s what these journals are like! Seriously, they are awesome! I have been reading cards for over twenty years, so these are actually made by someone who knows a bit about recording a reading in a journal. I do hope you like them as much as I do!

3 card readings – holds 90 of them – any oracle cards can be used. I use my for Tarot. – https://www.createspace.com/4325915

Lenormand Grand Tableaus – 9×4 – holds 60 readings in one journal! – https://www.createspace.com/4326030

Lenormand Grand Tableaus – 8×4+4 – holds 60 readings in one journal! – https://www.createspace.com/4326047

Love & Light,


(When I took the pics, I put cards on the pages to show the size of the journal, the pages are actually blank, no card images in print! )


Timing in the Cards


Tarot Timing Vs. Lenormand Timing

Nearly twenty years ago, I was a young girl picking out my very first Tarot deck. (stop thinking about how old I am now !! hehe) It was an exciting process for me. There are SO many decks available and my choices were endless.

Once I picked out my cards, I was well on my way to learning them. I was fortunate enough to be a third generation psychic, and the card meanings came to me intuitively. Even though I bought every Tarot book available to me to learn the cards, in the end, I went with what my belly told me, as far as the meanings of my readings.

One thing that truly puzzles a young girl with a new Tarot deck is how to tell time with the cards. I have done MANY readings through the years, and a client ALWAYS wants to know timing. They don’t come to you without wanting to predict what is ahead of them. Therefore timing is something that each card reader wants to learn straight away. But it is not as easy as one might think.

I am a reader of many decks, but my two main decks are Tarot & Lenormand. Each has it’s own way of telling you times. These are the differences, and this is how I have developed the use of timing in a spread. I hope that it proves helpful to you. It may not be how someone else does it, but this is how I do it, for those anxious and anticipating the useful technique.

Each Tarot suit represents an element. There are wands, swords, cups and coins.

Wands are made of wood mostly, and when one thinks about being in a forest full of wood, one of the first things taught to you as a child is to “Prevent Forest Fires!!” Remember “Smokey the bear?” If one doesn’t put out their camp fire good enough, and walk away, the whole forest can catch on fire! Therefore when I think of Wands, I think of fire, and fire spreads quickly. Wands to me represent days, or summer – the season for camping fun and smores. 🙂

When I think of Swords, I think of swinging them in little battles with my friends as a child. If one got too close to me with their play swords, I could feel the wind on my face! I always knew to back away quickly. Wind happens fast too, but wind is the element that makes fire take off even faster. So wind is not as fast as fire. I use Swords to represent weeks, or Spring. Spring is when pollen flies through the air and brings new flowers where they land. 🙂

Cups in Tarot are often seen with images of water. Water is used to represent emotions. Without wind, water is rather still in most places. So water comes “after” wind. (cups after swords.) I use cups to represent months or the season of Fall. (spilled water from your cup = a fall).

Coins in Tarot are always a nice thing to see. Everyone wants to receive money right? Unfortunately we all know money doesn’t grow on trees. Money takes a lot of hard work to earn. In order to save up to buy that house or that car, it can take a year or more. That is how I see coins. They represent a year or more, or Winter because it is the LONGEST season of the year here in NY). YUCK!

I hope some of my stories can help one remember the seasons and timing in Tarot. It is how I teach my daughter Tarot. Some use astrology for timing, but that isn’t what works best for me.

An example of Timing in Tarot is :

If I draw the “Five of wands” it would = 5 days – Summer

If I draw the “Five of swords” it would = 5 weeks – Spring

If I draw the “Five of cups” it would = 5 months – Fall

If I draw the “Five of coins” it would = 5 years – Winter

Now for those interested in Timing for Lenormand :

Cards 1 – 6 are years.

Cards 7-12 are months.

Cards 13 – 26 are weeks.

Cards 27 – 36 are days.

Timing is usually done with an additional deck of cards, than what you used in the Grand Tableau. I fan cards out and let the client draw from another deck when they want to know questions in timing. I let the card they draw represent how long it will take to manifest what they are asking about.

So if one is asking, “How long before he proposes?” She draws a “1 – Rider,” I tell her “at least a year.”

I don’t claim to know everything, and I too learn new things everyday. I just wanted to share my ideas with you, especially those new to the cards. I wish you many great readings in your future.

Love & Light,

x Bridgett


Apprentice Lenormand & Renaissance Lenormand deadlines

Attention to those wishing to order “The Renaissance Lenormand” or the one below, I am calling “The Apprentice Lenormand,” please purchase by June 25,2013. Send me a message for an invoice to : bridgettblessings@yahoo.com — Payments accepted through paypal. Here is the price list below:

Renaissance Lenormand – 25.00 USD if you live in the USA lower states.

Renaissance Lenormand – 30.00 USD if you live abroad, or in Canada, Hawaii, Alaska 

Apprentice Lenormand – 30.00 USD if you live in the USA lower states.

Apprentice Lenormand – 36.00 USD if you live abroad, or in Canada, Hawaii, Alaska.

Thanks so much!

x Bridgett


Renaissance Lenormand


Hi All ! 

I waded through many suggestions, and tried to keep everyone’s suggestions a part of this creation process. 

For those who don’t already know, I am Bridgett, an author and deck creator. I am in love with History, especially that of Tudor England. Henry VIII was very much a Renaissance man. He filled his courts with those he liked best, and tons of pretty women who no doubt captured his attentions! After all, he did share bits and pieces of his heart with six wives. Not all at once though. ha ha. 

My bookshelves are adorned with many many books about him and his wives. I have a book that will be published this summer called, “Lethal Devotion,” that is also based on one of his wives and a daughter. Even though my story doesn’t take place during that period in time, the characters will take you back to that time period through their vivid memories. 

I am a creative, artsy type person who spends many hours expressing myself. Whether it is on paper, or the computer, or through words – I feel at my best when I can share my ideas with others.

Since I have read Tarot for a bit over 15 years, I have started learning Lenormand cards. To my surprise I picked up on them quickly, and find them a bit more tender and cutsie than that of Tarot. 

I am in the process of making a Tarot deck, but since there are 78 cards it will take a great deal of time to finish them. In between bouts with my Tarot deck, I have decided to create a Lenormand deck that shares my passion for The Renaissance Era. 

I have included an extra man, woman and child in this deck. I have paid close attention to the directions things face and kept in mind all the suggestions given me during the creation process. I have poured my heart into these cards, and now I offer them to you!

I am taking pre-orders for them now. If you would like one – numbered and signed by me – please email me for an invoice. Invoices are made with paypal – and that is how you can buy your deck. If you live in the USA the cost is 25.00 USD. If you live over seas, most places are 30.00 USD, but please make sure you ask, because some places are more expensive to ship to. You are also required to pay any taxes upon arrival of your cards to your country. 

I look forward to hearing from you. The deadline for the first printed batch of cards is June 25,2013 Midnight Eastern Standard Time. — my email is bridgettblessings@yahoo.com

x Bridgett


see more pictures of the cards on my blog below. 😀


Let the 30 day Tarot Challenge begin

Let the 30 day Tarot Challenge bein

Today is National Tarot Day ! Let us celebrate by taking the 30 day Tarot Challenge ! Please click the link for details. I hope that you find it fun, challenging, and intuitive. There will be a drawing for my vibrant visions oracle deck to conclude the challenge. So participants can gain an abundance of knowledge and a new deck !! One name, drawn randomly to win, plus hidden surprises waiting inside a couple of the lessons. x Bridgett

Any question? ask here or on my blog.

25 May 2013 – 30 Day Tarot Challenge!



What are you going to do this year to celebrate National Tarot Day?? Some of us will go out and buy a new deck of cards. Some will offer free readings. Or our friend, Rootweaver here, will be releasing her new Lenormand deck !! How cool is that ?

I have decided that my personal celebration will be to educate those who know little about Tarot, or those who want to learn more intuitive style reading, by offering my very own 30 Day Tarot Challenge! 

I am in the midst of preparing it right now. It is taking a bit of work, and much typing, but I am sure that it will be of great value to all those interested, and best of all anyone can join, and it’s FREE!

I challenge you to give yourself to me, and the Tarot for 30 days – deck, pen and journal in hand, and a commitment to dedicate yourself to the challenge. :)

I will give all those wanting to join in on the fun more information on May 25, 2013 – in honor of National Tarot Day. So keep your ears open, and your eyes on The Tarot Taxi.

Let’s create a wonderful environment of like minded people and get to know each other a bit while completing a really cool challenge. Those who participate the most will be entered into a drawing for my own creation of the Lenormand deck – Vibrant Visions. 

Spread the word folks, and don’t forget a bottle of wine.

Talk soon ….. STAY TUNED. x Bridgett

A Healing Message – 3 of swords


Legacy of the Divine Tarot by Circo Marchetti

When one sees the three of swords come up in a reading, their first reaction is usually, “yikes,” or “yep, I knew that already.” This card is not to be taken lightly. Of course you knew that already!

Look at the image in this card. This sort of pain doesn’t just happen over night.

It is usually a good indication that one has been hurting for quite a while, and that they are probably in denial.

Even if it’s not what one wants to hear, they need to. You are actually doing them a favor by helping them prepare for what they already know is inevitable. Just keep your heart in hand, because your compassion as a reader will make all the difference in the world to them.

  • Legacy of the Divine Tarot, By Ciro Marchetti is a fascinating deck. It’s image in the three of swords is of a woman who is already very aware that she is hurting. She’s already gone through the majority of the grieving process, and for her, this card in the deck is sort of a card that says, “I understand. I see what you are going through. You will be ok. You’re not alone.” The good news is, after all the tears and all the pain, comes acceptance. This card is showing your client that it wasn’t all in their head, what they feel is very real, and a normal part of life.

If you turn the three of swords upside down for a moment, you will begin to almost “feel” the heart starting to heal.

The swords are heavy, and so is the grief. Soon gravity is going to release these swords from the heart, and from that moment on it can begin to recover.

It will not be easy, but if you accept that the pain is real, and that it’s going to take time to heal, you will be that much closer to feeling whole again. You have survived your own personal tragedy. No matter how big or small it is to someone else, it is your victory. See how strong you are? :D

I usually do a follow up with my client to make sure that they are doing fairly well. I don’t know about you, but I do what I do because I believe in the power of light, and love.
I take others feelings very seriously. I like to help point them to the light at the end of the tunnel. I know all too well the agonies of life.

Remember what I said before; the power of a smile is awesome! If you don’t believe me, walk into a room and smile at someone. I bet they smile back! Smiles are contagious and they somehow lift the heaviness from ones heart. Even if one can not see your face, they can hear your smile in your voice!
x- Bridgett 


Clubs, I mean …..


Tarot Quick Fact: Early card decks from Spain featured four suites: coins, cups, swords, and polo sticks. Bet you’re giggling about the polo stick huh? I did too.

When these cards turned up in Europe around 1375, Europeans, who enjoyed a good card game never heard of a polo stick. Therefore they used “wands.”

Many Tarot decks reserve these suit names. With a modern deck of regular playing cards, these suits are as follows: diamonds, hearts, spades and clubs.

Can you imagine how drunk one would get at a card game if every time someone slipped up and said clubs instead of polo sticks? Would be an interesting way to liven things up now wouldn’t it? :-)

Experiment: Does one of the trump cards in your tarot deck represent qualities you admire, but you do not see in yourself? For me it’s the self control of the “strength” card.

Make this quality that you do not see in yourself, your weekly goal. I encourage you to take that card from your deck and put it somewhere you can see it, for at least a week or so. Write down in your journal at the end of each day what you may have done to practice that skill, and by the end of the week you might surprise yourself at just how much closer to your goal you are.