Lenormand Cheat Sheets in pdf eBook


Thanks to all readers who encouraged me to complete the Lenormand Cheat Sheet series, and for the suggestions to make this series available as a downloadable pdf eBook.

The appreciation for this series was ongoing. There was a cheat sheet for each card showing timing, health issues, the person in the card, actions that the card inspires and objects as well as the House that each card governs over.

I have compiled all 36 Lenormand Cheat Sheets into one downloadable pdf eBook, now available from my Etsy store.


With love

Lenormand Cheat Sheet: Cross

Cross Cheat Sheet. © Rootweaver (JbR) www.tarottaxi.com

Cross Cheat Sheet. © Rootweaver (JbR) http://www.tarottaxi.com