Where is God?

As the world seemingly becomes more troubled before our eyes some of us might be wondering, where is God? God, by any and all others names; the Creative Source. I learnt that sometimes all it takes is to ask. So I did.

“Where is God?”

God is as present in our DNA helix as in the great sand dunes and in the microscopic life beneath the ocean. In geometry, in negative space, in the thunder and in the skin of the reptile. Every fibre, every cavity, every frequency and all reflections of these is where God is.

In the pallet of the artist, the delicate balance in contrast, in science and in nothingness. In the shadows and their vacancy. In all things is the spark of divinity. It is impossible to not see God in all things. All things are a reflection of all that is. All that is exists in multiple dimensions, all at once. What is considered to be grotesque in one realm is revered in another; for all that is is divine.

We catch but fleeting glimpses of creation in our world. As divine creation expands outward so too does it contract inward, a column and circle all at once. Many and one in the same moment.

From our perspective we sometimes see God as the object, sometimes as the negative space surrounding the object. There are no mistakes or miscalculations, this is not possible in the constantly evolving dance of creation.

Where do we find God? Where our attention span takes us, for nothing is devoid of the creator. We witness its endless birth in all that is, in all that we perceive to be missing and present. Like eternally wet paint on the artist’s canvas, creation is never still or stagnant, always moving, always blending, running, smudging, creating new blends, new experiences  – all for our benefit so that we may see divinity reflected back to us and recognise ourselves in all that is divine, all that is.

We think God is only ‘good’ or ‘just.’ God is everything, everywhere. Nothing can exist without the particle we call God. When we see that there is no division, no lack, no right or wrong, we recognise the splendour of unity, the wonder of oneness. Then we begin to recognise ourselves as God. However, it is our destiny to always seek divinity just as we are divinity, therein lies the great paradox.

God is the eye that sees the object and the object that is seen. God is the reflection of the object on the optic nerve and God is the optic nerve. The space between viewer and object, the point of connection and separation, the manifest and non-manifest. The overseer in the unseen as well as the seen. The apex and the nadir. The shadow, the suggestion, the cause and the effect. The near, the far, the origin and the offshoot. All these things are one expressed in infinite ways.

Seek God in contrast. The space between spaces. Moving as one organism on its own dance, perfectly choreographed. To see God as only one thing from only one perspective limits our ability to see the dance as a whole of which we are both part and total. Eyes open or shut, nothing is not God.

An endless dance. Never the same. Always in the process of creation. That is God.

There is God.




  1. ron card says:

    What and where is God?

    Simply put, God is the energy (gestalt) source from which all existence springs; God is “All That Is.”

    We are all Gods with a lower case “g” and all together along with all creation we form God with a capital “G.” We humans are gods expressing in physical garb. We don’t have a “soul” we ARE a soul (consciousness-personality-unique identity.)

    So when I’m asked if I believe in God, I give the correct answer, “Yes and no.” What does not exist, in actuality, is the the Christian definition of God, the devil, heaven and hell–all religious creations cleverly designed to control the minds and bodies of its followers with fear-based dogma, for 1,000s of years I might add. Think. –ron

    • Hi Ron, thanks for your response. I wouldn’t go as far as to say that the Christian version of God (or the devil) does not exist. God exists in all things, even in the dark & fearful because it is the contrast that this offers that helps us recognise the dance of creation; all of which is God. But hey, this is not an exact science and I reserve the right to be completely wrong! 😀 Namaste.

      • ron card says:

        Understandably, all religion were originally created upon a pearl of wisdom. From then, distortions and misconceptions crept in and meaning was changed to suit later generations who had other ideals and definitions of what should be. Then the word of man became the convenient word of God. I am being rather simplistic here.

        Heaven and Hell are but individual creations according to one’s beliefs and exist right here on the earth plane. You see people living in their created heaven or hell or inbetween. This is to say that a person’s life can be either a heaven or a hell, depending. We get what our thoughts dwell upon. As we believe, our future unfolds. Or, simply put, we create our own reality according to our beliefs and expectations and we do so individually and en masse. There is no other law. A disbelief in such a law does not negate the law one iota.

        One can create a God or a Devil in their mind to serve some purpose, but in actuality, none such exists, as evil does not exist for the same reasons. There is only goodness, only, and the misuse of such can be called evil. There is only God, All That Is. We were never externalized from God, as many religions stress, through ignorance. God is so ingeniously part of me and me part of God, that there is no separation, no division. ron

        • Yet, if it weren’t for the ‘dark’ the light would not be seen to shine, therefore the light and dark need each other equally. I agree that all realities are of our own making, therefore I am not in a position to negate someone else’s sense of reality. There is no good vs evil in my opinion, it is all part and parcel of the same thing, the One of which we are part and total.

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