Timing in Lenormand, a new approach

If you are anything like me, you too have been wondering how to predict timing, using Lenormand. I may have good news. While this suggested timing method has not yet been tested, it seems to deserve some mention, at least worthy of trying out.

Several highly respected Lenormand readers have ascribed timing to some of the cards, but the problem I have with some of these is (at best) there seems to be a lack of consistency, and (at worst) the information is often conflicting. Flechter for example suggests that the Tree card indicates a period of one year, yet Channah suggests five years for the same card. Besides, I have come to realise that Lenormand rarely looks at events that far into the future; if these were months instead of years I’d probably be more inclined to adopt one of their approaches to timing. Another conflicting timing card is the Coffin; Kirsch says it means ‘forever,’ Flechter says it means ‘eternity’ yet Channah & Treppner suggest that events will take place ‘immediately.’ There are a number of examples where currently available information is either conflicting, confusing (for me) or set in terms of unrealistically long periods of time. I deeply respect their work, and I’m sure that many have been able to use their timing suggestions successfully; sadly I have not yet had the same success. However, timing is always a tricky thing in divination. I do recommend that you examine their timing methods thoroughly though, perhaps you will have more success with these than I have had.

In trying to get a grip on predicting timing in Lenormand, I devised a simple-to-use timing ‘board’ or spread to help me determine the potential timing of an event. This is how it works:

JbR's Timing Method © Rootweaver 2013 www.tarottaxi.com

JbR’s Timing Method © Rootweaver 2013 http://www.tarottaxi.com

(Click on image for a larger view.)

Remove the following 3 cards from your standard 36-card Lennie deck; Clover, Bouquet and Lily. I chose Clover to represent hours as it traditionally indicates a quick event, quick opportunities that end quickly. I chose Bouquet to indicate the days & weeks as flowers usually blossom in a few weeks; and I chose Lily to represent the month because it indicates maturity, something that might take a little longer.

Divide the remaining deck into 3 equal piles of 11 cards each. Add the Clover card to the first pile, the Bouquet to the 2nd pile and the Lily to the 3rd pile. Shuffle each pile thoroughly. The first pile will be cast on the top row of the spread or casting sheet from 1 to 12 across. The 2nd pile on the second row and the third pile on the third row.

The first row of cards is divided into 12 hours. If Clover lands on the 6th position in that row it means 06h00 or 18h00. The second row is divided into 4 blocks of 3 spaces each, these are the days & weeks. Dates ascribed to the first 3 positions (1st ‘block’) are 1st-7th of the month. The 4th, 5th and 6th position are the second ‘week’, dates ascribed to these positions are 8th-15th of the month. Positions 7, 8 and 9 are ‘week’ three, these dates are 16th-24th of the month, and finally positions 10, 11 and 12 are ‘week’ four, the 25th to 31st of the month. (See diagram.)

If the Bouquet card lands on the 8th position in this second row, it indicates that an event will take place sometime between the 16th and 24th of the month. The fact that this 8th position is squarely in the centre of the 3rd week/block suggests that the date is probably closer to the 20th (the middle of the week.)

The final row symbolises the months of the year, beginning from the month we are currently in (start counting from the month you’re in but don’t include it.)  Therefore if the Lily lands in the fourth position of this row in a reading done today the 24th October 2013, it would indicate that the event will take place in February 2014. Being that I’m already in October I allocated the first position to November. (Does that make sense?)

If this was a real reading, the timing information obtained from this method would indicate that the event should take place at 6:00 (am/pm) on February 20th, 2014. Is it accurate? I honestly don’t yet know. I’ll have to try it in real-time situations a few times to determine that. In the meanwhile though, there is no harm in testing this timing method and having fun with it. I hope you’ll give it a try too.


  1. Hi,

    I’ve tried another timing experiment using this method. Because I did not have this post to hand I changed the way the dates are calculated with the Bouquet card. Left numbers refer to card position, and the right number corrosponds to dates/days in month. Here is the system I used:

    Card 01 = 1-3
    Card 02 = 4-5
    Card 03 = 6-8
    Card 04 = 9-11
    Card 05 = 12-14
    Card 06 = 15-17
    Card 07 = 18-19
    Card 08 = 20-21
    Card 09 = 22-24
    Card 10 = 25-26
    Card 11 = 27-28
    Card 12 = 29-31

    Here is the question I used this method on:

    Dear Sacred Council, just for a bit of fun: What will be the official release date of Pokemon Sun/Moon in the UK?

    Clover = 6:00
    Bouquet = 9-11
    Lillies = September

    For comparison, using a tarot timing method I received the answer week beginning 13th November.

    Thank you for coming up with this timing method.

  2. Hi!
    My test for this timing.
    A visit from someone…
    Last week of month
    February (though I’m being open to it being March due to Easter)

    Will let you know.

  3. Does it really works for everyone that tried this method ? I am quite skeptical to see that some of you are able to predict hours of an event…..

    • Rootweaver says:

      Messas, the best way to determine that would be to try it yourself. If you had read the article you’d see that this is a trial dependant on people like yourself to test the system. 🙂

  4. Jennish123 says:

    I have been waiting for my soulmate to return to me as we made up and said he would The lenormand has been pointing to this week and same with tarot as well as other readers. So I have narrowed down the day I believe and I tried your method.
    I got the clover at 5:00 ( I doubt 5 in am but pm is logical) earlier I had a feeling about him coming at 5:00 pm. The Bouquet landed in the first position which fits perfect.
    The Lilly landed in position 7 July which is this month. A psychic told me over a year ago he would return in a month with the letter J.
    So, I will see if the 5 pm works out. Funny as I was shuffling cards the tree fell out # 5.

  5. Tried this again with a third question! This time I also read the flanking cards of each of the timing cards to see if I could glean more information. This is what I came up with.

    26 Mar 2014

    When will the Musruck Oracle decks I ordered arrive?

    Clover = 5:00
    Bouquet = 30/31st [last card in line]
    Lily = March [last card in line] Usually I would take that to mean the following year… but that wouldn’t fit with a deck I’ve just ordered that usually takes 2 -6 weeks! So hopefully this month, which means a late birthday gift as my birthday is on 29th!

    Other Info

    Looking at the cards flanking timing card – timing card as subject:

    Rider + Clover + Woman = A small parcel delivered fast by a woman. The time of 5:00 suggests a courier delivery.

    As Bouquet was last card in line I used Stars as second flanking card as it was first in line:

    Anchor + Bouquet + Stars = The timing of receiving this gift has been fixed by the Universe.

    As Lily was last card in line I used Birds as second flanking card as it was first in line:

    Book + Lily + Birds = The deck will require me to make an investment to unlock its secrets and communicate what it reveals.

    • Stacey, thank you so much for coming back to this method as you do. These tests are so important to determine whether the system works! I love that you’re reading the flanking cards too, I especially love how you are naturally adapting it to your needs!

      You’re a star Stacey! Happy birthday for the 29th! I’m crossing fingers that your deck arrives in time for your birthday. 😀

      • staceyuk says:

        Thank you for the lovely comments and birthday wishes Much appreciated! I like doing these readings and its nice to know you find my readings useful.

      • staceyuk says:

        Decks arrived today 04 Apr 2014 at 11.30am ish. So the reading was out by 4/5 days. Still not bad as they arrived by the end of the week. I am not able to determine this, but it would be nice to know what was happening to the decks on the 31st, so I could re-examine the phrasing of my question.

  6. Hi Stacey,
    I have used this to check the timing of a specific thing that came up in a reading and it corresponds to the timing I got from using the traditional timing used in Lenormand. The date is Dec 8-15 of 2014 at 9am. It is along ways off but I will let you all know if the dates lined up. Thanks for this info I will try in more readings.

  7. An update:

    This is a quite accurate method. Saw a advert for a 3DS XL console bundle yesterday [14 Nov] which meant Santa got the console in effect for £100 after it reserved.

    In effect, it was only two days out which I think is really good margin for error. This method game me to date to focus on so I could have manifested earlier. Much more accurate than my timing attempts with tarot.

  8. Second attempt using this:

    When is the event currently scheduled to take place in my timeline?

    Clover – 12:00
    Bouquet – 16th, 17th 18th
    Lily – March

    Very interesting to see how this pans out!

  9. Oh thank you for sharing. I can’t wait to try this out!

    • You’re very welcome Stacey. Please share your findings here, as this method must be tested – the more the merrier. xxx

      • I did the timing exercise. It was a partial success. I asked: When will a brand new 3DS XL be available for £110, or under. I got:

        Clover: 12:00
        Bouquet: 16th (Exactly)
        Lily: October

        The problem I had is with the Lily falling on October as it was the first card signifying the current month. When I did the reading 16th of October had already passed. Now I’m wondering because I laid out the dates like you did that the first card in the month sequence actually signifies the next full calendar month and not the current month if days have already passed, making my my timing November 16th which would fit.

        • Hi Stacey, yes, I never count the month I’m currently in, so the first position in the third row would be November; 12:00 Nov 16th. Which is awesome because that means this method worked for you?! I’m very excited to hear this! Thank you for the feedback, I’d love to hear more if you do this again.

          • I have edited the original post and diagram to clarify what I meant by ‘begin in the month you’re currently in.’ I can see that the way I worded it might have been confusing. One never actually includes the current month in the counting, instead we use it as a starting point, allocating the *next* month to the first position. 🙂

          • Thanks for clarifying this! I will let you know what happens after Nov. 16th! I’m excited to see what happens. I’m planning on using this timing method again.

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