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Save $71.96 and get 4 (four) Rootweaver decks for the insanely low price of just $49.99. This is a clearance sale, stocks are limited to 50 packages. Available on a first-come-first-served basis. The clearance sale package consists of:

1 x Vintage Lenormand. Value $28.95

1 x Mini Vintage Lenormand. Value $18.00

1 x LeNewbie Lenormand (signed & numbered limited edition.) Value $30.00

1 x BYO Lenormand (cards will be randomly selected). Value $45.00

TOTAL Value: $121.95

Discount: $71.96

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Integrating Card Meanings in a Tarot Reading

Mary K. Greer's Tarot Blog

I asked a group of tarot readers on Facebook to give their top advice for how to combine and integrate card meanings in a spread. It’s one of the things that beginners find most bewildering, but we can all learn more about. Forty-nine people responded (see list of contributors at the end). I combined, edited and grouped the advice to form sets of approaches, moving roughly from the most intuitive to the most analytical. Share this material freely but please include the list of contributors and a link back to this post.

There are no rules to interpretation.


  • Be intuitive.
  • Look at the cards from an internal perspective.
  • TRUST in your intuitive awareness and reactions to the cards.
  • Go with the flow!
  • Be guided by the HOLY Spirit (The Whole (holy) Picture).

Combine right brain/left brain work: analysis and imagination/story.

  • Both the universal and the personal must be…

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Zingdoodle Lenormand, by Rootweaver – pre-order now!

Rootweaver’s latest deck-in-progress is almost complete. Each card is hand-drawn, boldly coloured and embellished with intricate doodles in a ‘Zentangle’ style.

Pre-orders now open on at $25.00 (plus postage), a special pre-order price just in time for Christmas. Save $5.00 on the regular price of $30.00 (plus postage.)

This is Rootweaver’s fifth Lenormand deck that proudly takes its place with her other available decks; the Vintage Lenormand, BYO Lenormand, LeNewbie Lenormand and Micro Lenormand.

Card 3, Ship. Zingdoodle Lenormand by Rootweaver 2013

Card 3, Ship. Zingdoodle Lenormand by Rootweaver 2013

5 Tree

Card 5, Tree. Zingdoodle Lenormand by Rootweaver. 2013

15 Bear

Card 15, Bear. Zingdoodle Lenormand by Rootweaver. 2013

12 Birds

Card 12, Birds. Zingdoodle Lenormand by Rootweaver. 2013

14 Fox

Card 14, Fox. Zingdoodle Lenormand by Rootweaver. 2013

18 Dog

Card 18, Dog. Zingdoodle Lenormand by Rootweaver. 2013

28 Man

Card 28, Man. Zingdoodle Lenormand by Rootweaver. 2013

29 Woman

Card 29, Woman. Zingdoodle Lenormand by Rootweaver. 2013

33 Key

Card 33, Key. Zingdoodle Lenormand by Rootweaver. 2013

34 Fish

Card 34, Fish. Zingdoodle Lenormand by Rootweaver. 2013


The Red Fox and Deer Lady....

What else can I say, folks, but that the Divine has surely got our back!!!  Free-Falling-4f6b73a73fafb

We put in three components into all of our engagements… thought, feeling and action. The ratios vary, with our individual and unique nature, background, context… the permutations, as you can see, are numerous. However, at any given moment, each one of us has at least one particular complete alignment, which puts in our hands the manifestation of our efforts.

This week, then, is about digging out that ratio for our own selves! Cheers!

This week will not feel good to you, be warned. However much I may natter on that there is immense good happening in the background, unless you see it upfront and staring in your face, you are mostly determined to feel uneasy. You need not, of course, but that is another matter. You see, you are going to look at…

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‘Ffrond’ – free zendoodle pattern (by JbR)

Here’s another freebie to add to your doodle directory. I have called it ‘Ffrond’ for obvious reasons. At first this pattern looks very complex, but once broken down into easy-to-follow steps it is simple to do. Just divide your circle into quarters (or thirds if you prefer) and then proceed to fill in each segment as shown in the steps below. Have fun!

Zendoodles can be used to create your own art (be that in a deck of cards or otherwise,) create greeting cards or embellish your favourite walking shoes. The applications are endless. If you use any of my patterns in your designs please remember to credit me.

To draw Ffrond follow these step-by-step instructions.

'Ffrond' by JbR

‘Ffrond’ by JbR

‘Peace knot’ – free zendoodle pattern (by JbR)

'Cross' by JbR © 2013 using the 'peace knot' doodle pattern.

‘Cross’ by JbR © 2013 using the ‘peace knot’ doodle pattern.

A little something for the deck creators, artists, zen-chasers and wanna-be artists amongst us.

Doodling is as old as the hills. People have doodled forever. But, have you wondered what might happen if you incorporated a bit more structure into your doodles? What inevitably happens is surprisingly beautiful art, and you need not be an artist to create fabulous doodles! Seriously, you need only put pen to paper and follow these easy instructions.

Zentangle ® is the art of repetitive patterns to form intricate and complex doodles. However, once we break these complex designs down to their basics, drawing fabulous looking doodles are both fun and easy, and it is addictive! It has a similar effect on us as what drawing mandalas does, it is meditative, relaxing and good for our health.

As a keen doodler myself, I have tried many of the available ‘tangles’ (doodles) as published by Zentangle and others. However, I am now ready to share my own unique (and new) doodle patterns with easy to replicate, step-by-step instructions. Anyone may freely use these patterns for non-commercial or commercial use, however I retain the copyright on the patterns themselves, and a mention might be nice if you do decide to use one or more of my patterns in your art 😉

I call the first one ‘peace knot’ because it reminds me of a piece of string knotted around a stone, a symbol of ‘tying up’ the violence in our world. This pattern is especially beautiful and striking when repeated over a larger area with a bit of shading added afterward for depth.

How to draw ‘peace knot.’

'peace knot' by JbR © 2013

‘peace knot’ by JbR © 2013

I will post these tangles separately. Please share widely with your tangle, doodle and arty friends and remember to subscribe to my blog so that you don’t miss out on any future free doodle/tangle patterns.

Kendra’s Vintage Lenormand (Upright), the Review


The Review

Time ago I reviewed the other versions of this deck. This time I want to talk about the upright version of it. This is a cool deck because you can choose those cards that you like the most. (We’ll talk about it in a moment). This is Kendra’s Vintage Lenormand (Upright version).

It is printed on 310mg Printer Studio quality card stock. This means that it is easy and cool to shuffle the deck. Cards are strong and they can last for a long time. It has 67 cards, which means you have many choices inside. You have 3 different riders to choose from, 2 clovers, 2 ships and 1 train, 3 trees, 2 bouquets, 1 whip card and 1 broom card, 1 birds card and 2 owls cards, 2 child cards, 2 bears, 2 stars and 1 fireworks card, 2 storks, 2 dogs and 1 cat, 2 towers, 2 paths, 2 mice cards, 2 hearts, 2 males, 2 females, 2 fish cards, 2 anchors and 2 crosses. As extra cards you also get: the mirror, magick, social hour and wishbone.

These options makes it possible to personalize this deck according to the seasons. For example, during Christmas you can decide to use those images that are Christmas related, choosing the correct rider, tree, etc. Also, you can personalize it for Spring and Saint Valentine’s. This is cool because, while using the same deck, you can read different cards according to the seasons.

This deck can be used as a normal regular 36 card Lenormand, or you could add some spices to it using all the cards. But for doing so, please take a look to all the cards and notice the “time markers”. Your readings will become richer and wider. Thus, when deciding to use the whole deck, and use the extra possibilities as “time markers” for your reading, you are adding extra information to your readings. For example: a Christmas tree would point at Christmas, or a tree among shadows could point at the fall, while a tree in middle of the sunlight could point at summer time. You can also find Halloween cards which would point at that time. The extra card of Fireworks (stars) would also point at July (the 4th of July), while one path card points at spring and the other path card to the fall.

Not only the “time markers” will add another sphere to this deck, but the images themselves. I give you an example with the Moon card. We can see a lady sitting on the Moon and giving her to drink some alcohol. One of the meanings of the Moon is creativity. So, just taking a look to the image you can read “feed your creativity”. Another example would be one of the fish cards. We can see a fish, relaxing on a net, reading the newspaper and with glasses. Fish means money, and thus, just taking a look to the card we could read “take a rest since money is here”.

In short, this Lenormand deck allows you to use it in a very traditional way, or in a less traditional way. You can just read the Lennies, or you can decide to transform it into a great Oracle depending on your mood of the day. It is cool, because you choose what you want to do with the choices given to you with this deck.

Give it a try. It’s awesome!

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