A Simple Arsty Lenormand Project to Get Your Own FREE Lenormand Deck!

The Magickal-Musings of Nefer Khepri, PhD

Pepi Valderrama, self-publisher of her own Indie Lenormand decks, shared about her FREE Lenormand deck (click here to check it out & download).  You can print out the Vintage Poster Lenormand images & then the necessary pages of card backs required in order to create this as your own free Lenormand deck.  

NOTE:  Pepi is in Spain & is probably using size A4 paper popular in Europe.  If you are using 8 1/2 X 11″ paper, as I am here in the States, the card images and back will print out a bit truncated because you will have to choose the “fit to page” option when you print.  Never fear.  It will still work out, it just takes a bit more itme as I explain below. 

Anyone else thinking of doing this, this is what I did in a few simple steps:



 110 lb…

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