What Makes A Lenormand Deck Traditional?

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"fate keeps on happening"

If you hang around Lenormand discussion groups, you’ve seen the schism. There’s Lenormand readers who insist on decks that follow tradition, and some people who are primarily deck creators, who take distorting the deck to the wall and insist that tradition should be scrapped.

I never understood why anyone would want to muck up something that works so well. (Criticism leads to much protest that you can’t stifle their creativity, but if they’re truly creative, why not create an ORIGINAL deck, instead of a malformed Lenormand? They insist that warping the deck is “innovating”, but the dictionary defines “innovate” as “To begin or introduce something new”, not regurgitating an inferior version of something that already exists.)

Yesterday we were discussing the Burning Serpent Oracle, an upcoming deck by Robert Place and Rachel Pollack. It’s based on Lenormand, but it’s not a Lenormand, and they don’t title it “Lenormand”. (***EDIT, 1/7/14:…

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