Prompted by a few cartomancers in the Lenormand Cards Study Group on Facebook to write something about my method of reading the Lenormand Grand Tableau, here’s a sample reading I did recently (if you read the text make sure that you also read the comments at the end. There’s some method theory there inspired by the questions people have been asking – thanks all for your interest).

Now, the reason why I was asked to write about it in the first place was because of my claim that it’s possible to read all 36 cards, including their houses, in 1 minute and 30 seconds. What follows here is a demonstration of that. My argument for how I go about each card may seem longish in written form, but I maintain that in the course of verbal transmission it takes me no more than that to say what I need to say.


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Prompted by the inspiring questions formulated also as a way of very positive feedback to my sample reading of the Grand Tableau done recently, here are a few ideas about how to use the houses, not only in the Grand Tableau, but also for smaller spreads.

At the bottom of the post you find a list for house, health, and time associations.

My primary sources come from the French and Romanian contexts of fortunetelling. Colette Silvestre of France has written numerous books on fortunetelling, which I warmly recommend. She is a no-nonsense woman who doesn’t ‘invent’ things.

In my own readings I’m inspired to do what she does: Trust the creative impulse, but also develop it the rational way – that is to say, develop it according to my own god given common sense.

If we can agree that we are here to serve, then we can also agree that…

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When teaching reading with the Lenormand cards, I often hear students express apprehension about using the playing card insets.

I make an effort to instantly demystify the idea that one has to know everything about Etteilla or French cartomancy in order to make head or tails of it. Here’s a simple rule I apply.

For me, in the context of reading a grand tableau with the Lenormand cards in a snap, something like 2 minutes, thinking about the primary function of the suits helps. I hate dragging something that is not nearly as complicated as some make it out to be.

So, for a snappy and precise reading here’s what I do. I read first the grand tableau as I always do. Formulate a master sentence that gives me my answer, and then proceed to see how ALL the cards in the tableau support it.

The reason why I…

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In the various online groups where people learn how to read the Lenormand cards there seems to be some controversy about how to read a two-card line. And is a two-card line suitable for yes/no questions?

There also seems to be some disagreement as to the extent to which one should disregard the images on the Lenormand cards, insofar as these may interfere with the otherwise straightforward answer that one expects from a two-card line.

The argument here is that it is better to just stick to a method and use the keywords that each individual card is provided with by the said method, rather than consider the card’s iconography or symbolic pattern. Some readers are actually quite keen to distance themselves from reading the image as this activity smells too much of tarot.

To counter this limited view, I have offered a few suggestions in various places, which I’ll briefly…

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25 May 2013 – 30 Day Tarot Challenge!



What are you going to do this year to celebrate National Tarot Day?? Some of us will go out and buy a new deck of cards. Some will offer free readings. Or our friend, Rootweaver here, will be releasing her new Lenormand deck !! How cool is that ?

I have decided that my personal celebration will be to educate those who know little about Tarot, or those who want to learn more intuitive style reading, by offering my very own 30 Day Tarot Challenge! 

I am in the midst of preparing it right now. It is taking a bit of work, and much typing, but I am sure that it will be of great value to all those interested, and best of all anyone can join, and it’s FREE!

I challenge you to give yourself to me, and the Tarot for 30 days – deck, pen and journal in hand, and a commitment to dedicate yourself to the challenge. :)

I will give all those wanting to join in on the fun more information on May 25, 2013 – in honor of National Tarot Day. So keep your ears open, and your eyes on The Tarot Taxi.

Let’s create a wonderful environment of like minded people and get to know each other a bit while completing a really cool challenge. Those who participate the most will be entered into a drawing for my own creation of the Lenormand deck – Vibrant Visions. 

Spread the word folks, and don’t forget a bottle of wine.

Talk soon ….. STAY TUNED. x Bridgett