Unique in SO many ways! (WIN this deck)

surprise-gift-bowIn 4 days time I reveal my new Lenormand deck. I can hardly wait! I am (still) not going to spoil the surprise, but I’ll drop a few hints, okay?

  • The deck is unique on many levels, I’m not just saying this, it actually IS unique. It will surprise and perhaps even shock you, in good ways though.
  • It will cater equally well for traditional and non-traditional readers. For veterans and newbies.
  • It is both familiar and very different, all at the same time…

It was really only a matter of time before someone thought of this… I am so glad that I was that someone (but I’ll bet you’ll wish you were! LOL!)

From 1 minute past midnight on Saturday morning 25th May  I’ll start revealing this new deck on my website www.rootweaver.com. I’ll also post a press release right here on the blog, to announce it.

WIN!  In celebration of the launch, I’ll be giving one deck away to one of the lucky Tarot Taxi blog subscribers on May 25th (World Tarot Day.) In order to be entered into the draw you must do the following:

  1. Follow/Subscribe to this blog
  2. Leave a comment on this post
  3. Share this post, either by reblogging to your website or posting a link to this blog post on Facebook.This contest ends at midnight on May 24th. The winner will be announced here, on Tarot Taxi on May 25th. This contest is open to international subscribers & followers, the cost of shipping to the winner is included in the prize.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Love: Rootweaver, xxx

Clubs, I mean …..


Tarot Quick Fact: Early card decks from Spain featured four suites: coins, cups, swords, and polo sticks. Bet you’re giggling about the polo stick huh? I did too.

When these cards turned up in Europe around 1375, Europeans, who enjoyed a good card game never heard of a polo stick. Therefore they used “wands.”

Many Tarot decks reserve these suit names. With a modern deck of regular playing cards, these suits are as follows: diamonds, hearts, spades and clubs.

Can you imagine how drunk one would get at a card game if every time someone slipped up and said clubs instead of polo sticks? Would be an interesting way to liven things up now wouldn’t it? :-)

Experiment: Does one of the trump cards in your tarot deck represent qualities you admire, but you do not see in yourself? For me it’s the self control of the “strength” card.

Make this quality that you do not see in yourself, your weekly goal. I encourage you to take that card from your deck and put it somewhere you can see it, for at least a week or so. Write down in your journal at the end of each day what you may have done to practice that skill, and by the end of the week you might surprise yourself at just how much closer to your goal you are.

Grey’s Anatomy Tarot Reflections


(Fenestra Tarot Deck – by Chatriya – Oct 31, 2006)

One of my daily routines is to turn on netflix and watch Grey’s Anatomy while sipping my coffee. Today I was watching Season 7, Episode 2 and the scene was where a flag football team came into the ER with wounds after being struck by lightning. I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to write a short article about it.

Each of the boys from the football team had a huge crush on the only girl on the team. Lucky her right?

After being struck by lightning each boy felt compelled to tell her about their love for her and asked her to marry them.

So here’s this poor girl, sitting in a hospital bed crying her eyes out because the one guy that she actually liked in return was injured so much that he needed surgery, and she was unable to tell him she cared for him. So here she is, blubbering, and there are two boys in the room apologizing for making her cry. They were asking her what they did, and how they could make her feel better.

Holy emotions people !! No wonder why I love this show. It’s full of crazy drama, and I am a woman. 🙂

Anyhow, Lexi Grey, one of the surgical residents spoke up and said, “The poor girl was struck by lightning today! She’s crying because everything changed now. She was just part of the team and everyone was friends, now all the sudden, lightning strikes and her whole world changed as she knew it.” (Well not the exact words, but similar)

What a perfect scene to go along with the spread above. We have the six of cups, representing the team mates as friends. Everything seemed perfect, and everyone was having a good time playing football together. The girl on the team was just one of the “guys.” Then suddenly lightning strikes and everything changes; the tower card. Because of the tower, this girl is now crying in a bed, wishing for everything to go back the way it was before.

In conclusion, Tarot can be read quite easily if one can link time and events to the cards while studying them. Now each time I do a reading, and I see these cards, my memory will be jogged, and I will be able to find meaning in the cards more quickly than if I hadn’t associated these cards with the Grey’s Anatomy scene above. 🙂