Reposted from James Wells blog: Someone calls in a panic wanting a tarot session right then. Why do I say, “No”?

Evolutionary Tarot & Circle Ways

Once in a while, someone will call or email me to request a tarot session right then or on that day, preferably within the hour.  Their partner/spouse has just walked out, their kid has been tossed out of university, they’ve just been diagnosed with a medical condition they weren’t expecting, their court case is coming up that afternoon, or their stocks have suddenly gone belly up.  “Can I see you right now for a reading?”  My firm and gentle answer is, “No.”

My “no” is a compassionate one.  Anyone who is in a flap will not benefit from a tarot consultation.  Panic and attachment to specific outcomes will render them unable to engage in the interactive process I use and unable to hear what their inner teacher needs to tell them via the cards.  In my practice, there is no such thing as an emergency tarot consultation.  To say “yes”…

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