Under the Roses Lenormand, the Review & Layout Video!


The Review

Under the Roses Lenormand is one of the most beautiful Lenormands out there. You better run, because decks are disappearing! (I think that only 6 are left at the moment I write this review). Kendra Hurteau and Katrina Hill did a gorgeous job with this deck. A deck which is a great surprise itself: a deck which is three different decks!

Under the Roses Lenormand has 3 different editions right now: with words (describing the meanings of the card), without (just the title of the cards), and the minis (gorgeous mini decks). I have all three editions, and I must say that they are all gorgeous.

The paper stock is great (printerstudio paper stock), which is great for shuffling the cards. Colors are sweet and vintage-like. The deck has 36 wonderful cards and 2 extra consultants (a total 38 playing cards plus explanation cards.)


You are going to love this deck, and I hope as much as me. If you have no opportunity to get your hands on a mini, or any of these wonderful decks (I repeat: at this very right moment, in which I’m writing this review, there are only 6 decks left!!), you still have an opportunity because Under the Roses Lenormand is going to be published by a major publishing company. (But I do advice you to get one of the Indie editions, now that you still have time!)

Why do I have all the editions? With explanations, without and mini? Simply put: I love it! I love the manga-like artwork of the cards, the sweet vintage-like colors, its freshness and its sweetness! It’s a perfect deck to enchant any reader around. It’s a good deck for beginners, for pros, for those who collect decks, for traditionalist, for “unconventionalists”… In short, it’s a gorgeous deck for anyone who wishes to read the Lenormand.

You will find romantic cards, like the Locket or the Bouquet; sexy cards, like the Whip; shinny cards like the Sun and the Moon; and sweet cards like the Child. You will fall in love with each of the cards for one reason or another!

This is a must-have deck which will enchant you in a way no other deck will! It is modern and yet vintage, it is dreamy and yet realist, it is soft and yet hard, it is sexy and yet victorian, it is traditional and yet unconventional. I hope you don’t miss this one!

The Layout

This time I didn’t ask for a review. I asked to Kendra Hurteau to make something special for us. So, she recorded a gorgeous video with a layout!! You are going to love it because you are going to see her new deck! Kendra Hurteau is about to release her Vintage Lenormand.

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Reposted from James Wells blog: Someone calls in a panic wanting a tarot session right then. Why do I say, “No”?

Evolutionary Tarot & Circle Ways

Once in a while, someone will call or email me to request a tarot session right then or on that day, preferably within the hour.  Their partner/spouse has just walked out, their kid has been tossed out of university, they’ve just been diagnosed with a medical condition they weren’t expecting, their court case is coming up that afternoon, or their stocks have suddenly gone belly up.  “Can I see you right now for a reading?”  My firm and gentle answer is, “No.”

My “no” is a compassionate one.  Anyone who is in a flap will not benefit from a tarot consultation.  Panic and attachment to specific outcomes will render them unable to engage in the interactive process I use and unable to hear what their inner teacher needs to tell them via the cards.  In my practice, there is no such thing as an emergency tarot consultation.  To say “yes”…

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A Lenormand Game: Guessing Cards in their Houses – round 3

Vontage Lenormand by Rootweaver & The Deck of Lenormand Houses by Tierney Sadler

Vintage Lenormand by Rootweaver & The Deck of Lenormand Houses by Tierney Sadler

Continuing an exercise on Cards and Houses from ‘Learning Lenormand’ the course associated with Marcus Katz & Tali Goodwin’s soon-to-be released book of the same title, we continue the word-play game. I will give a few rhymes, see if you can identify the Lenormand Card and House that the rhyme refers to. Two Cards, one Focus Card and one House Card to provide context.  To make it easier, I have highlighted the clues (referring to the 2 cards) in bold. Answers below.

  1. “A bond formed in fidelity with Facebook friends across the sea
  2. “A choice must be made to live sensibly, if one hopes to achieve longevity.”
  3. “She found herself filled with doubt, to accept his gift or go without…”



  1. Dog in Ship
  2. Paths in Tree
  3. Clouds in Bouquet


A Lenormand Game: Guessing Cards in their Houses – round 2

Here are today’s 3 rhymes. Try to guess what the Card is and which House it lands on. The answers are below.


  1. “Place of comfort & retreat turns into a busy party street.”
  2. “Repeated conflict will ensure that what covers you will not endure.”
  3. “Your stoke of luck however brief will only end in loss & grief.”
Vintage Lenormand by Rootweaver & The Deck of Lenormand Houses by Tierney Sadler

Vintage Lenormand by Rootweaver & The Deck of Lenormand Houses by Tierney Sadler

*Rhymes by JbR


  1. House in Garden
  2. Whip in Tree
  3. Clover in Mice

Learning Lenormand: 4-Fan Spread

Here is a really terrific Lenormand spread to try called the 4-Fan Spread, and shared with very kind permission from Marcus Katz & Tali Goodwin.

One of my favourite features of this spread is the summary. As the cards are fanned out on the table the last card in each fan (also the top one before fanning them) is the summary card. The 4 summary cards together give an insightful glance at the reading, even before going into much depth with your client.

(Click on image to get a larger view.)

An old cartomantic method as given in 'Learning Lenormand' by Marcus Katz & Tali Gooodwin (Llewellyn, May 2013) and on the associated 10-week online course,

An old cartomantic method as given in ‘Learning Lenormand’ by Marcus Katz & Tali Gooodwin (Llewellyn, May 2013) and on the associated 10-week online course,

A Lenormand Game: Guessing Cards in their Houses

If I were to say “Beware the Snake posing as friend, a painful bite is how it’ll end.” Can you see that I am referring to the Dog card (friend) in the house of Snake (treason/wickedness)?

Let’s play a game. I’ll list a few of these (rhymes written by me – JbR) and you must try to guess what the Card is and which House it falls into. This is a great exercise for those of us flexing our new Lenormand muscles. Answers below (but guess first, don’t cheat!)


  1. Most excellent outcome shines from above, assuring you the greatest luck in love
  2. Your health is spent the end is nigh, ’tis time to say your final goodbye
  3. You’ve run face-first into a wall the video cam records your fall
Moon in the House of Fish.Vintage Lenormand by Rootweaver & Deck of Lenormand Houses by Tierney Sadler

Moon in the House of Fish.
Vintage Lenormand by Rootweaver & Deck of Lenormand Houses by Tierney Sadler


ɹǝʇʇǝl uı uıɐʇunoɯ ˙ᄐ
uıɟɟoɔ uı ǝǝɹʇ ˙ᄅ
ʇɹɐǝɥ uı uns ˙⇂

Well, I didn’t say I was going to make it easy to read the answers, did I? 😉

The answers are based on the following meanings:

  1. Sun = Positive outcome & great luck. Heart = Love
  2. Tree = Health. Coffin = End & death
  3. Mountain = Insurmountable & immovable obstacle. Letter = Record & recorded

Yes / No Spread with Lenormand (Video tutorial)

The fabulous Donnaleigh de LaRose has shared yet another awesome Lenormand tutorial, this time using the Vintage Lenormand deck. (Thank you Donnaleigh!)

See how to get clear “yes” and “no” answers to almost any question with Lenormand by watching Donnaleigh’s video. Enjoy!

Ready, Steady, Tarot!

An interesting question was posed on the Tarot Professionals Facebook group:

What do readers do when their client sits down for a reading with no questions to ask? Wanting only whatever you ‘can see’ for them?

For the shorter readings that I offer in my tarot practice I always tell clients that it is best to get to the point as soon as possible, seeing as we only have 15 minutes. When they don’t have specific questions (and they often don’t) it is difficult to tell them something about their lives that gives them clarity and answers in such a short space of time. Particularly as I am one of those readers that do NOT want a single client to leave my reading table feeling that my reading was as general or generic as anything their hairdresser or best friend might have told them. If I can’t give answers and clarity in those 15 minutes they have wasted their time and money; well, that’s my philosophy.

For that I need specific questions. This is a problem if the client has no questions at all!

I start my readings by telling them something like this:

I have been reading tarot for 15 years. Over this time I have discovered that the best approach is to get to the heart of the matter as soon as possible, particularly in these short readings. The way that I approach this is through a questions & answers session. I know that most people do not have a list of questions in their head, and even if they did, when I put them on the spot their questions often elude them. That’s okay. Over the years I have also discovered that most questions fall into relatively predictable categories. I’ll go over these with you and I guarantee that by the time I have, you’ll have at least 3 questions. This is not an exhaustive list, it is however a list from which most questions arise during short readings.

The most popular categories from which questions flow are:

Love, the romantic kind: Whether you’re stuck in a past relationship, enquiring about a current relationship or whether you’d like to know if you might attract a future relationship.

Family: Anyone from your dead grandparents to your unborn grandchildren, and everyone in-between.

General relationships: Platonic friendships, neighbours, colleagues.

Career: This includes ‘study’ for students and ‘business’ for business owners.

Finance: Not the same as career. This would cover investments, large purchases and sales such as property, also inheritance etc

Health: I am not a health professional and do not offer medical advice. I can however tell you about current health issues, future health issues and how to possibly avoid them.

Travel: Give me a choice of two or more places that you need to decide between and I can tell you which one will most likely offer you the best experience.

I also tell my clients upfront that they can ask me anything as long as it is not to ‘eavesdrop’ on somebody else’s life, the lotto numbers or exact timing. Anything else is doable.

I have yet to come across a client who cannot find at least 3 questions.

The key (as I tell my clients) is to ask very specific questions to which I can provide very specific answers through tarot. If the question is vague the answer is general. I help them to ‘tweak’ their questions so that they are as specific as possible.

I hope my approach helps those of you who have wondered how to read for someone without questions. This way you’ll always have happy clients who leave there with more clarity than they had walking in.

Happy reading!


TarotCon Australia: 16-17 March (Sydney)

Rootweaver (Vintage Lenormand 'Garden' card)Garden = Public gathering

Rootweaver (Vintage Lenormand ‘Garden’ card)
Garden = Public gathering

TarotCon (Tarosophy Tarot Convention) is almost upon us! If you have not yet reserved your seat to this historical (first) event, do so now without further delay. I want to meet you!

International Presenters: Marcus Katz (UK), Tali Goodwin (UK) and Carrie Paris (US), National Presenters: Russell Sturgess (Aus), Biddy Tarot (Aus)

Meet your Tarot Tribe face-to-face, learn groundbreaking Tarot and Lenormand reading techniques, and experience beautiful Sydney at its very best.

Hope to see you there!