A wonderful review of The Vintage Lenormand by Le Fanu. Deck can be purchased at http://www.rootweaver.com

My Curious Cabinet

??????????????????????How times have changed. The New Age mantras of self-help and inner healing part like seas to usher in a new tendency in cartomancy. Well, maybe not new (though there is much in it that is new), more full circle, reinterpreted perhaps. And yet it was the arrival of this deck that got me wondering about just where we might be heading in our card-reading, what we might be leaving behind, what might imperceptibly drift downstream or simply have other forms of reading laid on top like sediment, imbued, assimiliated and absorbed. I like how this deck, The Vintage Lenormand (not any old vintage Lenormand), describes itself as a “Fortune Telling Deck”.  I like how we have started being unashamed about this, how we now proclaim, yes, it’s alright to read fortunes. I am intrigued by the current Lenormand phenomenon – I am reluctant to think of it as a fad – and I find myself…

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