Learning Lenormand – Legal Lenormand

Vintage Lenormand by RootweaverCard #19 - Tower

Vintage Lenormand by Rootweaver
Card #19 – Tower

From the groundbreaking Learning Lenormand course by Tarot Professions, and shared with kind permission from Marcus Katz.

While it is tempting to learn as many card combinations as possible, it is not practical or even possible if truth be told. Instead it is far more effective to learn the card keywords and to then combine these into meanings that suit every situation for readings.

That said, here is a wonderfully insightful list of card combinations about legal matters. Enjoy!

Tower + Book = Law (private)

Tower + Park = Law (public, common)

Tower + Rider = Legal Precedent

Tower + Tree = Existing Statutes

Tower + Bouquet = Appeal

Tower + Birds = Class Act Litigation

Tower + Book + Snake = Slander (Libel)

Tower + Birds + Snake = Slander (Defamation, particularly if the Moon card is troubled)

Tower + Child = Minors

Tower + Bear + Bouquet + Birds = Court of Appeal

Tower + Snake (if not troubled) = Arbitration

Tower + Ring = Contract Law

Tower + Mice + Snake = Fraud

Tower + Book (troubled) + Letter = Misrepresentation

Tower + Heart + Ring = Marriage Law

Rider + Key = New Evidence

Rider + Key + Ship = New Witness

Bear = Judge, Official of Authority

Tower + Mountain = Adjournment of Case

Tower + House = Domestic Law or Local Action (a ruling only applying in one place)

Snake + Moon = Unreliable Witness

Dog + Moon = Reliable Witness

Tower + Ways = Open Verdict

Tower + Bear + Fish = Financial Settlement Imposed

Tower + Bouquet + Fish = Financial Settlement (see also Tower + Bouquet, if Garden close, then out-of-court settlement, if House, then in-court).

Further to this depends so much on cards, layout, question …

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