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Please follow the link above to the wonderful blog of Matt Williams, as he too shares his thoughts on this Beltane TarotBlogHop.

“The fire tends to all” is the subject of this TarotBlogHop in which you can hop from one blog to the next, a bit like wildfire.

Like wildfire… That’s how fast a tarot reader’s reputation spreads amongst her community.

Armed only with a fiery passion for the cards and a creative approach that the element of fire promises, I gave up my private home-based tarot practice, taking the plunge to expose tarot in a very public environment to the ‘masses’ instead.

When I moved to regional Victoria two and a bit years ago I immediately fell in love with an old, unused historical building. The Cobb & Co Stables dates back to the 1870’s when the growing town needed a coach link to Melbourne. Located in a prime position in the main street of our town, I often used to peep through holes in the heavy locked wooden doors, trying to get a glimpse of what used to be the old stables inside. If I had half a million dollars to spare I would almost certainly have bought this old building to open it as an indoors undercover market instead, the building lends itself to exactly this.

It seems someone else shared my vision. About 6 weeks ago it was opened to the public as – believe it or not – an undercover market! It now proudly hosts weekend markets and over 20 permanent mini-shops, of which my new tarot parlour is one.

I have enjoyed unexpected success and support from the public since opening my salon which got me thinking about what happened and why this is proving to be so successful. Undoubtedly the location plays a large role but why, I wondered, is the public so generously supporting a tarot reader in what is considered to be a relatively conservative country town?

Being stables back in the day, none of the mini-shops have doors. With no doors to ‘hide behind’ and nothing to conceal what I do, I have completely exposed myself, coming across as the very ordinary girl-next-door that I am, who reads tarot. My tarot deck lies on my reading table, open, friendly, non-threatening and welcoming to all passer-by’s. There is no air of mystery surrounding me, what you see is what you get. Every day I hear words like “I’ve never had a reading done before, but I’ve always been rather curious.” which leads me to believe that people, once they see that there is nothing to fear, are willing to explore this unknown. I have concluded that it is not the reader with the biggest pentagram, or blackest robe, neither the one with hundreds of certificates on her walls or the largest collection of tarot decks who attracts the interest of the public. Well, certainly not in my case as I have none of the above. It is most likely my ‘ordinaryness’  that ordinary people, with ordinary issues can relate to. “She’s one of us, so she’s gotta be okay” you can almost hear them thinking.

Like wildfire on the proverbial grapevine the word has quickly spread that affordable and accurate readings can be obtained from a professional tarot reader (accredited by the Tarot Guild of Australia) between shopping sprees or at lunch breaks in a non-threatening environment and approach. Here are a few things I’ve learnt since opening the salon:

  • Find the right setting
  • Dominate your niche market, come to an arrangement with management that you will be the only tarot reader in the market
  • Print lots of business cards, ask customers to refer you to their friends if they are confident in your abilities as a top tarot reader
  • Keep an appointment book available so that interested customers can book a time-slot for readings if you are in session when they visit
  • Seek complimentary services out amongst other shopkeepers, and come to a referrals agreement with them
  • Do not engage in gossip with other shopkeepers, focussing instead on building your business with a positive attitude
  • Offer a guarantee to your customers; mine goes something like this: “If your reading does not resonate with you on any level, you don’t pay for it.” This demonstrates a level of confidence in yourself as a reader
  • Approach each new day at your reading salon with an attitude of gratitude, exactly as you would the potential parking space that you just KNOW will be available for you in the busy city when you need to park your vehicle. Simply rest in the knowledge that spirit will send the right people to you and that you, in turn, will channel the messages that your potential customers are ready to receive

When we are authentically ourselves and offer our readings from a place of service rather than insecurity or uncertainty, the Universe will comply. What’s more, the public will champion our cause as word of our readings spread like wildfire.

Here’s wishing all readers more quality readings and referrals in your own practices.

Please continue hopping blog to blog by visiting the talented Arwen Lynch‘s blog next to see where ‘the fire tends to all’ takes her, on the following link:

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  1. This is a wonderful post. You don’t find much information on building your own tarot practice. It’s true that once you begin exposing yourself to the public, to strangers, you really can create a nice clientele, just by word of mouth!

    I’m happy that you are doing what you love and really opening peoples minds 🙂

    All the best!

  2. Wow, I love your space, so colourful and bright! What an incredible place to read, and it’s great that you’ve been so well received. Wishing you continued success – may your wildfire mellow into a warm and lasting blaze 🙂

  3. what a beautiful and talented woman.such a treasure to our comunity.Well done my love.xx

  4. Congratulations, a dream come true.

  5. Really liked this quite a bit. The open door policy is something I wouldn’t have thought about. Thank you.

    • Rootweaver says:

      Until this opportunity presented itself to me I too had not considered an ‘open door’ policy 😉

  6. Rootweaver says:

    You’re very welcome Alison, glad that you enjoyed the article, xxx

  7. alisoncross says:

    Some very useful ideas here – thank you!

    Ali x


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