Desperate Planning – Thoth Tarot

By Odyn PenDragon

We humans (animals) tend to perceive structure (eye, ear, etc.), and from those, many tend to project from that a desire for some fantasy of “pattern”, and even further, the fantasy of “design”. Some passively accept this “design” model; but many others go further to then fantasize that there MUST BE A “DESIGNER”.

This Search-Desire for “A Designer” takes on many fascinating models, which unfortunately for many humans has produced the Fantasy of “A God”. Even my legacy-organization The Freemasons attempted a ‘renaming’ of that method by the term “The Grand Architect” — a desperate attempt to separate the “Great Designer” metaphor from the stupid ‘Control Freak’ monster they saw destroying the idea. But even they made a miss by clinging on to some ‘Grand Planner-Coordinator’ metaphor mixed in with some idea of centralized ‘control’.

Return to the ‘simplified’ method of ‘the’ YIN-YANG process: Enfolding & Unfolding. Sub-Atomic Processes enfold into Atomic Structure, and thereby unfold unto some ‘endurance’. Atomic Structure enfolds-combines into Molecular Structure, and thereby unfolds unto some further ‘endurance’ for those otherwise virtual sub-atomic ‘particles’. Molecules enfold into Cellular Structures, which even further unfold the ‘endurance’ of those very virtual sub-atomic ‘particles’ so deeply resident in the now growing complex structure. This “ladder” continues to cascade unto more complex structuring by serial enfoldings-combinations of the scale elements, and thus further unfolding of ‘endurance’.

Does this process describe “pattern”? Yes, according to our perception. Does this process describe “order” and/or “design”? Not necessarily ! The above described processes do not require any imaginary “Grand Planner”. Just because some “sentient being” perceives pattern and then projects a preconceived notion that such pattern MUST involve so-called “intelligent design”, is no proof of such a “Grand Planner”. It is simply proof of The Prover’s Obsession with their Model of Control. This all must, must, must make sense, yea?

This is where many make a miss in interpreting Atu III: The Empress. “She” is the Pure Happenings, which precede all considerations of the desperate attempts of all so-called ‘cognizant entities’ to make sense of the perceived patterns; and precedes the phase of Atu IV: The Emperor, who then attempts to configure his world as “Ruler” — ironically, “ruler” = “measurer”, “interpreter”. This newly-enthroned Emperor-of-one’s-own-empire MUST evaluate, coordinate, consolidate the vast array of otherwise non-sensical data into some semblance of order. The poor fool is now entirely dependant upon the ‘instructions-from-above’, to properly construct the empire.

This is here the danger of Atu V: The Hierophant. This figure has the awesome responsibility to properly instruct the Young Emperor on how to construct and conduct His Empire. If this figure-head has been poisoned with some Dæmon of Deception, the Young Emperor is now summarily cursed with the same poison, and the Empire is summarily distorted into that configuration. And this Hierophant does not get simple pass for ‘misunderstanding’. To achieve the Role of An Hierophant is not a light matter, and to bring poison to all the Young Emperors is HIGH CRIME. The simple Emperion of one’s own Empire is the business of that Emperor. Manipulation by the Hierophant deviant to the success of an Individual Empire, in favor of some Trans-Empire Poisonous Imagination is, again, High Crime in the Hierophantic Art.

All the “Priests of Plan” are Criminals, in the opinion of this ‘humble’ Mad Wizard. To promote the deception of any necessity for some “Grand Designer” to the Young Emperor desperately constructing one’s empire, is a direct violation of the time-honored Hierophantic Art. The tools of some ‘basic coordination’, and some hints at self-acceleration are the principal instruments — and then watchful instructions as the youngling stumbles.
And by the way, I would go so far to say that the Genuine Hierophants might be watchful of the Abberants who would poison the Young Emperors, and maybe take a blade to the necks of those Pretend Hierophants who would so joyously corrupt the Young Emperors into some Blind Allegiance with Their Dæmon. To be very clear — the “false path” is any ‘belief’ in some ‘Controlling Deity’.



  1. Friend Odyn- being an expert on yourself is all we can really aspire to, in truth. I don’t think your mind is messed up at all, LOL. (Anyway, no more than anybody else’s.)
    I’m not an “expert” on Crowley either- I’ve just read some stuff, and it made an impression on me.
    I just question everything- mostly out of curiosity about how you arrived at your conclusions, rather than in an intentionally challenging way. I know that I regularly infuriate people with this trait, but I simply can’t help myself- I want to know everything, and I want to know the whys, the wherefores, and all the pesky details that go with them.
    That is my apparent pattern, and if there were a God, s/he would probably be pissed about it.

    • “God” is pissed off with the like of us (the “Goddess” doesn’t care).
      If you ARE one of the annoying lot that questions everything, then you get a big swollen Thumbs-Up “Likey” from me. I am a thoroughly Practicing Agnostic (emphasis ‘practicing’, still catch myself “believing” some simple things).
      The puzzle with pattern perception, especially with “physical plane items”, is the deception of ‘its reality’. It is the most damnable paradox to cognize what is meant by the Maya=”illusion”,yet at the same time have all the sensory organs reinforce that sense of “it is really there”. The Grand Architect (i.e. one’s own mind) is in place to give a sense of sanity. Aside from the general contrast between either Perceivable Pattern or Pure Noise, just think of the confusion that would be engendered if That Tree kept changing shape every random moment rather than maintaining a similar shaping that endures in time. Imagine trying to walk a pathway that kept randomly changing its configuration. The key is that pattern consistency is necessary to not only sanity, but also to ease of sensory existence.
      In the sub-atomic physics, all the evidence points to the idea that “it is a miracle that anything maintains a constant form”. Perception of Consistent Patterning is rather a grand editing process on our own part — editing out all the otherwise annoying ‘wobbles’. We practice a kind of “active ignorance”, of “actively ignoring” the subtle variations. This is just the beginning of the magnitude of the Editing Power of The Grand Architect — but this will suffice for now. (Never mind the blood coming out of your ears.)

  2. Interesting. From reading various sources on Crowley, and several of the works of Crowley himself, it is clear that he believed in “Powers” or Beings that wielded great powers. Clearly, none of these were a “God” per se, but does that necessarily cancel out his belief in a “plan”? He certainly made plans, in that he planned and executed various fairly lengthy works, took trips using transportational services and scheduling, etc. Perhaps you distinguish “plan” as in “blueprint” from “plan” as in “orderly growth process”? If that is so, how do you explain the constantly recurring “golden mean” pattern found in so many natural phenomena?
    I ask this because it does seem that there is some kind of “architectural template” that most forms of life is based upon.
    Then again, it has often been said that “If you want to make [*the Universe] laugh, make plans.”
    [*my substitution]

    • I didn’t want to leave that observation hanging, but my quandary is How Do I Respond without Adding To Confusion. Most immediately, all I can say for now is that the gist of my rant was “against” “An External Planner”. Relative consistency of human pattern-perception amidst multiple human pattern-perceivers has been the very food and fuel for those who promote the myth of “Intelligent Design” and similar metaphors. I happen to work from a basically Daoist Ontology. In my “messed-up” mind, I can see how “things just happen” is not irreconcilable with “apparent pattern”. We Ourselves are “The Grand Architect”.
      (By the way, I must add that I do not pretend to be any “expert” on Crowley. My only “expertise” is with Odyn.)

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