Joie de vivre: blog hop ‘new deck’

joie de vivre ˌʒwɑː də ˈviːvr(ə),French ʒwad vivʀ/ 
noun: exuberant enjoyment of life.

What better way to start off 2016 than with a new deck! Hop along in this Tarot Professionals Blog-Hop by following the links below: Thanks to Fiona Benjamin for  organising the TP blog-hop, hopefully the first of many monthly hops to come.

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I am a deck creator, my latest deck is a fun Retro Lenormand. In the spirit of this blog-hop theme (new deck) I will share a bit of my creative process. For me it goes something like this:

  • Choose a theme to work in: This is an important step as it adds continuity throughout the deck
  • Create the artwork: I like to create my own either traditionally or digitally
  • Find the right typography to compliment the theme for the overlay of card numbers etc: This is another important aspect to consider in the overall design of the deck. The wrong font can ruin an otherwise perfectly good looking deck
  • Use Photoshop (or similar software) to put it all together
  • Print the deck & make it available for purchase once done
  • Tell everyone about it!

It was probably while watching Mad Men (TV series) that the idea to create a retro deck was born. I love the colour schemes, the bold patterning and sassy attitude of all things retro which led to an enjoyable creative process. A deck with joie de vivre!

Without any further ado, allow me to introduce you to some of the cards in this new deck, but be warned, they have attitude!

She is a sophisticated woman of the times.

She is smart and sophisticated

Suave and successful, this retro man is

He is suave and successful


And if things don't work out for them there's plenty fish in the sea (plus and extra gentleman & woman card in the deck)

They like each other but if all else fails there’s plenty fish in the sea

They are sexy and they know it



Guided by style and panache

Guided by style and panache

Even when faced with adversity

Even when faced with adversity


Nothing separates them from their stylish enjoyment of life

Nothing separates them from their stylish enjoyment of life

Because a little bit of retro goes a long way...

Because a little bit of retro goes a long way…



Add a bit of joie de vivre to your 2016 readings today. ;)

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Buccaneer Lenormand by Rootweaver – Arrrr!

Albatross feature on the Bird card. Sailors have long held a deep superstition about these birds!

Albatross feature on the Bird card. Sailors have long held a deep superstition about these birds!

Shiver me timbers! A pirate-themed deck, inspired by Black Sails and Pirates of the Caribbean. This is the latest offering from Rootweaver’s creative basket. Digitally rendered sketches with bursts of colour to bring this appropriately ‘dark’ deck to life and to delight fans of all-things-pirate.

Featuring our matey captain Jack Sparrow and a pretty lass at his side who looks a little lily-livered but she’s a tough lass who’s not afraid to use a cat o’ nine tails on a scallywag if provoked.

Don’t pay doubloons, save your pieces o’ eight by taking advantage of the pre-order price and beat the sprogs at it. Save a whole $6.00 – that be a mighty fine discount! So, beat ‘em scallywags to the booty and order your copy today directly from Rootweaver’s site for the discounted pre-order price of $22.95.

(This deck is already at the printer and is expected to arrive within 10 days.) Arrrr!

Crossroads - where will they lead you?

Crossroads – where will they lead you?

Product description:

A 36-card  lenormand deck that has been slightly modified to a pirate theme. These modifications include replacing the traditional Scythe (card 10) with a Sword, replacing the Coffin (card 8) with a pirate’s Grave,  the Whip (card 11) features a cat o’ nine tails, we have the Albatross featured in the Birds card (card 12), Rats instead of Mice for card 23, a Scroll instead of a Letter (card 27) and both the Bouquet (card 9) and Lily (card 30) feature ‘dark’ flowers.

These cards are 2.5 inches x 3.5 inches in size (standard poker size) and are printed on premium linen card stock by Printers Studio,  shrink wrapped and will be shipped in a luxurious velvet drawstring pouch.

A lighthouse Tower to lead the way. It's a dangerous place for pirates!

A lighthouse Tower to lead the way. It’s a dangerous place for pirates!

Mystery Grand Tableau – Solve April’s whodunit lenormand mystery.


Starting in April 2014 we will feature a monthly Mystery Grand Tableau. This is a ‘solve the mystery’ kinda reading, a ‘whodunit’ as it were. Here goes:

You have been assigned to a special Lenormand Police Force task team to solve this crime/mystery. A body has been found in a park. Upon initial inspection it looks like foul play. You need to find out the following: Who was the victim? Why was he/she murdered? Were they in fact murdered?? If so, who did it, and what was their motive? Once you have a suspect find both motive & opportunity. Who can you trust to assist you in your investigation? Who can you not trust? Why? Your findings must be supported with ‘evidence’ (i.e show us how you tie things together in the GT.) As you examine and re-examine this GT throughout the month of April, coming back to it with fresh eyes, add additional insights. It’s perfectly okay to change your mind, to re-examine evidence, and to interrogate new ‘suspects.’

Use any and all lenormand reading techniques that you have learnt to ‘solve the mystery.’ If you’re new to lenormand (a European system of fortune-telling using cards) or want to participate within a closed and safe environment, join us over at Lenormand Toolbox on Facebook. A closed group for enthusiasts of lenormand from beginners to advanced. The Toolbox is a supportive learning environment for readers of all levels to participate in with heaps of exercises, tips and lessons. All welcome!

What happened to Malaysian Airlines missing Flight MH370?

Like so many other people around the world I am completely confounded by the mysterious disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 that went missing without a trace 5 days ago. In an attempt to uncover what might have happened I did a lenormand reading on the topic. The conclusion I reached is merely a theory and not based on facts or knowledge of what transpired. My thoughts & prayers are with the missing and their loved ones.


The first things that stood out for me were the cards in their own houses: Dog, Tower, Sun, Letter. I also noticed Crossroads in the house of Cross, and my focus card Coffin (for the contained ‘box’ that an airplane is) in the house of Clouds. It was also interesting to note that Key landed in the house of Ring, and Ring landed in the house of Key.

The Letter card concerns me as it is flanked by Cross and Scythe and therefore speaks of painful news. I cannot imagine more excruciating agony than what the loved ones of the passengers onboard Flight MH370 are going through right now. Letter can also refer to flyers or more literally (in this case) fliers.

The very first card in the GT spread is Mice, indicating possible theft. Theft of the plane, i.e hijacking. A quick theft at that as Mice lands in the house of Rider who delivers with speed. Clouds in the house of Crossroads tells me that there was (probably deliberate) concealment of a change in direction or course that this plane took. I think the plane landed safely (Crossroads/Paths in the house of Cross) indicating the end of the journey. Also, Ship in the house of Garden indicating that the plane is now grounded/landed.  I don’t think it crashed.

I believe a large organisation (group, corporation or government) was behind the theft of this aircraft (Tower in the house of Tower) with a strong (albeit misplaced) sense of loyalty to their ‘cause,’ (Dog in the house of Dog.) 2 men onboard were responsible for the hijacking, one of them quite young still or on his first ‘mission’ (Scythe in the house of Man & Child in the house of Scythe.)



In mid flight the plane changed direction and immediately descended to below radar so that it became undetectable, landing and thereby bringing the journey to an end. The hijackers were prepared (knowledgeable) and knew exactly what they were doing, the new route had already been mapped out to bring the aircraft ‘home.’ This was carried out by a branch (Tree) of the ‘enemy’ who went to great pains to ensure that recovering the aircraft would be an insurmountable obstacle for officials who are searching for the plane.

Having plotted the new course they ‘whipped’ the communication system into submission and reverted to old (obsolete?) technology (Star in Lily) to communicate and navigate the landing. They were very careful to shroud the whole ‘operation’ in obscurity keeping it clandestine until the end for fear of exposure and to ensure their success (Sun in house of Sun.)

The ‘enemy’ is a recognisable ‘authority’ who has successfully infiltrated and blended into the general populace.

The first 3 cards, Mice+Stork+Bouquet: Speaks about a theft and the delivery of this ‘gift’ which was stolen. Bouquet – being in the house of Ship prompted me to find the Ship card in the layout, this card landed in the house of Garden (20.) Onboard were 20 employees from a company called Freescale who (amongst other) has been working on making electric cars a viable option for the public. Finding the Garden card in the layout I see it has landed in the house of Snake, implying that there is treachery and betrayal at play. Is it possible that the reason this aircraft was hijacked was to steal Freescale’s technology or to prevent it from reaching the public? The Snake itself could symbolise oil pipelines, and we all know that the one industry that does not want viable hybrid alternatives to hit the market is the oil industry. With Sun landing in it’s own house I am inclined to give more credibility to the suggestion that this whole ‘disappearing plane’ drama centres around Energy, be that oil or renewable.

It seems money was exchanged involving this well-known (recognisable) authority who presents itself in this reading as the ‘enemy’ (Mountain.) Mountain landed in the house of Coffin – the card I chose as my focus card to represent the missing aircraft.

The Key card landed in the house of Ring, and the Ring card landed in the house of Key. I therefore reached the conclusion that the ‘key’ to this mysterious disappearance lies in the agreement/contract between the ‘enemy’ who acted to ensure the good health of its own interests, and the hijacker/s who acted swiftly when the opportunity presented itself.  They were paid ‘good money’ to deliver Freescale’s employees (Anchor) who most likely have been passionate about their renewable energy project. Hijacking the plane brought an end to the project, diverting it and the employees linked to it, elsewhere. It is possible that  technology belonging to Freescale for whom the 20 employees work was used on the aircraft,  ‘cloaking’ it from detection (Clouds) so that the concealed plane could be diverted without fear of being caught. This clandestine (Fox) operation took place as a small window of opportunity (Clover) presented itself, ‘wrapped up’ in the passenger manifest of this aircraft. Cross in the house of Book informs me that the group behind this hijacking probably wanted to ‘end’ the project that these 20 employees were working on, or to prevent the technology they are developing from being used.

I am puzzled that Woman landed in the house of Mice, indicating perhaps that there was an additional hijacker – a woman – or that a ‘woman in charge’ gave the orders for the illegal interception of this aircraft, or it could simply be referring to the ‘partner’ of the hijackers, being the aforementioned group or corporation. Perhaps the corporation is named after a woman.

Whip in the house of Birds tells me that there was probably a serious argument or violent disagreement, and Rider in the house of Whip makes me wonder whether a threat was made to Freescale who is responsible for this new technology. If so, it may be a clue to who is behind the hijacking. Also it would seem that violence was threatened if any attempts at communication was made from those onboard.

Looking for patterns I decided to search for a hidden message based on the flight number, MH370.  M=Mountain, H=House, 3=Ship, 7=Snake, (1)0=Scythe. These cards landed in the following houses: Mountain(21)>Coffin(8)=29, House(4)>Tree(5)=9, Ship(3)>Garden(20)=23, Snake(7)>Stork(17)=24, Scythe(10)>Man(28)=38 (or 0>28=28.) Entirely unsure whether these numbers could mean something concrete I do wonder whether it could accurately predict (for example) the aircraft’s coordinates? I typed these numbers into Google and curiously enough the search results came up with Al Butnan, Libya: I am however not convinced and I am not suggesting that this is where the aircraft was taken, only that I was ‘playing’ with numbers and looking for patterns. Maybe if I explore more patterns I’ll find something more feasible.

Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 5.46.53 PM

Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 5.48.40 PM

What happened to Flight MH370? My best guess – based on this reading – is that the aircraft was hijacked and landed. Like the rest of the world I can only pray for the safety of all onboard and hope that they will soon be reunited with their loved ones. Sooner rather than later.

Side note: I located a news report claiming that ‘it is conceivable that the Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 is ‘cloaked,’ hiding with high-tech electronic warfare weaponry that exists and is used. In fact, this type of technology is precisely he expertise of Freescale, that has 20 employees on board the missing craft.”


Review: The Essential Lenormand, by Rana George

‘The Essential Lenormand’ by Rana George, due for release in March 2014 by Llewellyn Publications.


Reading this book is like experiencing a chocolate explosion in the mouth! Deliciously surprising and comfortingly familiar all at once. Rana George is our undisputed Lennie Guru, our Divination Diva. Just like Rana, her book is wholly unpretentious and patiently clear in its meaning. Finally! Lenormand demystified in a language and approach that speaks to even the most novice of readers. For those amongst us who have never read lenormand before, fear not. Armed with nothing but a deck of regular playing cards and this book you will have everything you need to begin immediately. Rana George is the fortune-telling ‘aunty’ we all wished we had, you know, the one that gives us the ‘inside scoop’ on outrageously successful fortune telling through years of authentic practice and divination. She has taken us under her wing!

With patience and in plain language, demonstrating real-life events with examples, Rana effortlessly steers us through these essential lenormand lessons. ‘This is Lenormand on steroids’ was what came to mind as I dove in, page after page. Where others have tried and perhaps not quite succeeded, Rana has waved her magic wand to create light at the end of the lenormand tunnel! Eureka!

In these pages she takes us through the benefits of reading lenormand and the process toward approaching our readings, to the correct way of structuring our questions. Along with her sagely advice on the importance of consistency in which she advocates the necessity of sticking to one system, allowing it to eventually evolve into our own personalised system, Rana guides us in an unambiguous manner that instils confidence in our abilities to replicate her expertise with ease, by steering us away from overwhelming confusion toward becoming confident and expert readers.

The detailed attention Rana George gives to each of the 36 cards in The Essential Lenormand is a treasure trove of wisdom and knowledge! As with words in any language (the meaning of which is dependent on the context in which they are spoken,) Rana goes through different meanings for each card in context to many different areas of use. These include: Predictions, mannerisms & personalities as described by the cards, work, love, health, finances, the ever elusive question of timing, advice or action oriented readings, negative & positive cards, finding lost objects, traditional meanings and she very preciously shares her personal anecdotes for each card too. This is truly a vast volume of in-depth and relevant meanings for each card which will greatly expand our lenormand vocabulary. Therefore this chapter alone makes The Essential Lenormand the most valuable English book available on this subject to date, in my opinion.

But, that’s not all! There is a whole section dedicated to spreads and techniques. I felt like a kid in a candy store! Anyone serious about lenormand will drool over this section of her book! Jam-packed with so much useful information that it serves to mentor each of us; taking us from beginners to masters of this art! Readers could not wish for a more practical, down-to-earth approach that keeps on surprising with jewels of knowledge and countless ah-hah moments! Rana’s chapter on the Grand Tableau, a spread that has intimidated many a reader before, is possibly the crown jewel in this priceless treasure. In the same charming style that gives absolute clarity and in-depth understanding throughout the book, Rana shares with us her personal approach to reading the Grand Tableau. This is huge! This is the mother-load of Grand Tableau tuition (minus the fear factor.) Finally there can no longer be an excuse to avoid becoming an expert lenormand reader, it would be almost impossible to miss the mark with this essential guide at our side.

Generously illustrated and expertly detailed without losing her readers, The Essential Lenormand is notably the most valuable book currently available to lenormand readers in the English speaking world today. This is more than just another book on lenormand, it is an absolute necessity for anyone who is considering lenormand as a divination tool, equally so for those readers who are already proficient in this system of fortune telling as even expert readers are guaranteed to learn something new!

Fair warning though, have a box of kleenex handy. Rana tells us about her lenormand beginnings in war-torn Beirut. Her tale reads like something from The Book Thief; richly embroidered with the romance of old-school family-taught divination during the angst of a bloody war that revealed both the best and worst of humanity in a very personal manner to this young impressionable girl. She tells us the tale of her humble beginnings as a child and hereditary fortune-teller who was at first almost surprised and apologetic about the accuracy of her predictions, and who then later was haunted by the same as the horrors of war brutalised her nearest and dearest. She lived through the horrifying effects of war not once, but twice as she first saw these events unfold in the cards before they manifested in a cruel savagery that deeply impacted her life in Beirut before immigrating to the USA with her remaining family. Rana shares her painful memories of these difficult years and tells how lenormand was a stabilising influence that comforted and empowered her. In later years she passed her astounding gift on to her 3 young sons who have each become gifted readers in their own right. Furthermore, in sharing her experience and expertise with lenormand though this beautiful book, our Lenormand Guru is passing the same on to us. We thank you Rana!

388 pages of pure genius. That is what you will get once you own a copy of what is sure to become the best-selling book in this genre for years to come. I give it 5 stars! Rana George wins the ‘Lenormand Oscars’ with this book. It will take nothing short of a miracle to surpass what she has shared in these precious pages.

Kinda like Rana’s darling red-lips trademark and her keep-it-simple-sweetheart approach, this book gets a BIG RED KISS of approval!


 Pre-order your copy here: Llewellyn Wordwide

BYO Lenormand, the Review


The BYO Lenormand (Build-Your-Own Lenormand Deck) by Jera-babylon Rootweaver is a great Lenormand “à la carte”. This is the first Lenormand ever that lets you customize your deck, using 180 different cards. Each card has 5 different variations. For this review, I got a BYO Lenormand of 75 cards! This characteristics lets you use this Lenormand in a traditional way, or also in a less-traditional way.

It has been made with Mokuhanga App. Mokuhanga (木版画) is a Japanese technique of woodblock printing. Usually, artists depicted ukiyo-e drawings, but Jera has produced a mixture of Japanese and Western feeling in her deck. This balance between West meets East, makes of this BYO Lenormand an exquisite pleasure to read with.

This artistic balance reminds you of vintage memories. While being vintage, it is so new at the same time. So you can find, easily, the yin-yan balance in the cards. Not only the colors are reminiscent of a great meeting of cultures (East and West), but also of epoques (vintage and new).


The cards have smooth colors, they are elegant, and they all fit perfectly one another. Whatever the mix of cards you might choose, all of them fit perfectly one another. So, you will get the perfect GT, or the perfect layout of your choosing with this cards. So, don’t worry at all when choosing the cards, all 180 cards match perfectly one another, creating a great vintage-new atmosphere.

They shuffle perfectly too, since they use Printer Studio card-stock. Easy to shuffle, nice to see, and comfortable to read, this deck has more than meets the eye. You can meditate while mixing these cards (literally), since linen card-stock is a pleasure to shuffle.


If you choose to have two cards of each card, or two cards of some key cards, you can play further with your Lenormand. I used all the 75 cards that I got (yes, you read correctly: all the 75 cards) and I made a reading. I got two male consultants, two female consultants, two children (a girl and a boy), two stars, two houses, etc. Having two of each of the human cards enabled me to read more than usual with a formal Lenormand deck. Thus, reading the children in the house, might be easier if you have different cards to portray the kids (to give an example). Cards can be extremely accurate when using their doubles! However, take in mind that you must decide who is who before making the reading.

A massive GT can also be made. However, take in mind that, more cards also mean more time reading. It can be a mammoth challenge, but it can also enable you with the tools needed to read a normal 36-card GT. This, however, can help you take in all the meanings of the cards, along with the Lenormand techniques to do so. You will need lots of space on your carpet, though.


This is the only deck that enables you to play with such flexibility, and with so many options, due to have so many card duplicates. And it is a pleasure to experiment with it.

You can go as far as to choose the rider: male or female, looking to the right or looking to the left. You can really be very “picky” with these cards, and use duplicates because duplicates are also different from one another (so different that they can give you extra info, when using all of the cards).


One of my favorite cards are the stars (I write “are” because I love the cards that I got!). Each of the versions triggers different emotions in me, bringing me to read them slightly differently. And this is one thing I do love a lot about this deck!

Another pair of cards that I love are the bouquets. Originally there are 5 different versions of each card, but I love these two versions. I guess it is because of the different colors depicted in them.

I cannot take a pic of all the cards here. To check the cards you can choose, please go here and take a look. This deck is perfect to be used as a regular Lenormand deck, or as a balanced challenge in which you test your Lenormand abilities.


Do not be fooled: this is a great deck for both tradition lovers and transgression lovers. For me, this deck allows me to go beyond what the traditional Lenormand is and lets me test myself using more cards than a 36-deck has. The challenge can get as difficult as I want, and in doing so, I can go deeper and deeper into the Lenormand. 3×3 layouts can easily become 9×9 layouts! You put your own limits!

This is an exquisite, challenging, loving-vintage, East meets West, gorgeous Lenormand deck that you can easily make your own. Think about it: you have 180 cards!! Each card has 5 different versions. You can choose one, or more of each card and build, not only your personalized deck, but you can also a deck that your clients might like a lot. In choosing different cards, you are also giving the opportunity to your clients to choose which cards they might like the most! And that is amazing.

In short: you need this deck in your collection (with lots of extra cards).

Find the original post here.

Lenormand Reader’s Flowchart

How to determine whether you're a Lenormand reader, or not. Image © Rootweaver

How to determine whether you’re a Lenormand reader, or not. Image © Rootweaver

Click on image for larger picture.

What happened to Madeleine McCann?

What happened to Madeleine McCann? A reading by JbR Deck: Zingdoodle Lenormand © Rootweaver 2013

What happened to Madeleine McCann? A reading by JbR
Deck: Zingdoodle Lenormand © Rootweaver 2013

Little Madeleine McCann, eldest daughter of a British couple, disappeared days before her fourth birthday on May 3rd 2007, from a holiday resort in Portugal. Her parents and their friends were enjoying dinner at a nearby tapas bar while the children slept, during which time Madeleine disappeared. I did a Grand Tableau to find more information surrounding her disappearance.

*Disclaimer: Nothing here is presented or intended as fact or actual knowledge of what happened, it is merely how I interpreted the cards in the spread above.

Method: Grand Tableau using a Chaining/Linking technique.

The Child was told that her parents reputedly ‘gifted’ her to them by invitation, and possibly for financial reasons, when she was stolen by a repeat offender, a man who was part of a circle that pretended to be her extended family. There were discussions to confine her under lock and key until the dust had settled. The network (syndicate) responsible for her abduction operated under obscurity and secrecy to finalise the kidnapping. Under the guise of ‘caring relatives’ they took her (relocated her) to a woman, transporting her by sea, and delivered her disguised as a boy with forged documents to be passed off as someone else’s child.

The abduction was premeditated as it happened after repeated discussions with a man, connected to a human trafficking ring that has been in existence for many years. They have an extensive communications network that is tightly contained, accessible only through a deep underground movement where such abductions are plotted. Shrouded in obscurity and with the aid of secret documents they were able to see the abduction through to its conclusion, ensuring no trail was left. This abduction was emotionally motivated by ‘family connections’ ensuring the child was delivered to a woman abroad who then transported her by car to a hidden location where they wouldn’t be exposed. Documents were exchanged regarding ‘parental’ rights (possibly with inside help from some official) ensuring the child would not be recognised. This child was specifically chosen for her appearance (beauty) and money was exchanged for the abduction.

It appears as if they kept the child in a fortress that had several exit routes to make their quick escape if necessary. The venue is possibly in a mountainous terrain or near a large mountain range, and/or behind high walls.

If you’d like to know how I saw what I did in the cards, or if you’d like to learn to read the cards too; join me at my free lenormand study group Lenormand Toolbox on Facebook. A group for beginners and advanced students of Lenormand.

FREE Lenormand deck!

9 BOUQUET miniSince originally blogging about this free (public domain) deck, I have cleaned it up somewhat by created ‘uniformity’ – resizing all the cards to just a little smaller than a standard ‘mini’ sized deck. Most of the images weren’t available in high resolution, which is why I opted to resize them all to this size. Download and print these cards for personal use. It’s a beautiful deck, and perfect for newcomers to Lenormand who do not yet own a deck, or for those of us who want something a little more old world.

There are many other valuable resources available in my study group on Facebook where Lenormand enthusiasts gather to learn & teach all things Lenormand. Join here: Lenormand Toolbox

Lenormand 1892-1931 Altenburger Spielkarten & Co

1 Rider

2 Clover

3 Ship

4 House

5 Tree

6 Clouds

7 Snake

8 Coffin

9 Bouquet

10 Scythe

11 Whip

12 Birds

13 Child

14 Fox

15 Bear

16 Stars

17 Stork

18 Dog

19 Tower

20 Garden

21 Mountain

22 Crossroad

23 Mice

24 Heart

25 Ring

26 Book

27 Letter

28 Man

29 Woman

30 Lilies

31 Sun

32 Moon

33 Key

34 Fish

35 Anchor

36 Cross

Lenormand in 5 easy steps

Something exciting is afoot. After 18 months of treading water, trying to come to grips with how to read Lenormand, I finally experienced my big lightbulb moment! In that moment of clarity everything I had learnt about Lenormand suddenly slotted perfectly into place. I am so excited to share what I have learnt that I started a study group on Facebook called Lenormand Toolbox. If you’re still treading water on your Lennie journey, or if you’re totally new to Lenormand and would like to learn more about it, or even if you’re an ‘old hand’ at it; come join me and a great community of other like-minded Lenormand enthusiasts where you can learn to read Lenormand in 5 EASY STEPS. Absolutely free of charge!

One of the Group Activities available on the Lenormand Toolbox Facebook group. Deck: Zingdoodle Lenormand © Rootweaver 2013, available at

One of the Group Activities available on the Lenormand Toolbox Facebook group. Deck: Zingdoodle Lenormand © Rootweaver 2013, available at

I know what it’s like to stumble and fall, over and over again while trying to learn this fascinating system of European fortune telling. Therefore, if I can share even one little thing with you to make your learning experience easier or less frustrating, I’d happily do it.

For this awakening I credit Mary K. Greer, she was the right teacher at the right time for me. I had enrolled and participated in many Lenormand courses before signing up for her fabulous Le Petit Lenormand Course. All of them were good, yet it was in Mary’s class that the penny finally dropped for me, and now I want to share my insights!

If you would like to learn to read your own cards, or if you’d like to add Lenormand readings as an extra service to your existing tarot practice, hop on over to the Lenormand Toolbox. Looking forward to seeing you there!

JbR xxx


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